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  • Tiffany H

    While I still hate the new logo (and yes I am aware it was a logo used in the 70’s), Gucci is totally killing it right now!!

  • eee

    I love the leather handbags—bamboo I find uncomfortable to hold. The bags are beautiful. LOVE them!!

  • FashionableLena

    I really like the bag in slide 2. Very classic Gucci. The bag in slide 34 has a vintage feel that I like as well. There seems to be a little bit for everyone with highly embellished to classic styles.
    And, the jacket in slide 44 is AMAZING.

  • Sandy

    I love most all of them..the interesting 3 bag thing maybe not for everyday life! I love the Egyptian feel to some of the bags, I even like the scarabs!

  • Gigi

    Only Gucci could make me want a fanny pack

  • Charlie

    Oh good God, far too busy for me

  • Kristoffer

    I love the craftsmanship that goes into the manipulation of these bamboo handles. These designs are so Gucci. Some designs may be too much, but only Gucci gives these bags real authenticity. There is no doubt a Gucci bag is recognizable from a distance.

  • Maya

    I gotta get a Gucci bag this year! I love the insanity plea they have taken!!

  • Kaylah

    The designs are crazy but i definitely love some of the bags, I’m not a fan of the bamboo, will make me get bored of the bag easily. Loved the collection at MFW. Big ups Alessandro

  • uadjit

    I love the look of all those brass fixtures but they are so heavy–especially when the handle is (uncomfortable) bamboo. Practical, these bags are definitely not.

  • Sofia Papastamelos

    Obsessed with the clutch in #33! Such a cool design.


    They are wonderful and artistic but as a designer handbag salesperson not practical. They look great on the runway, but most of the Gucci handbags that I have sold over the past ten years were without the uncomfortable bamboo handle. It is a killer to wear for most woman. What good is a Gucci handbag design if it is not wearable. Woman want the handbag to be easy, practical, sensible and beautiful. Most of these designs are silly from a selling standpoint. If you have not already, try resting a bamboo handle inside your forearm and the crease of your elbow all day, let alone not resting softly on your shoulder. Even with an extra strap, the bamboo gets in your way. Alessandro be creative, but test them first on real everyday woman.

  • kaly

    Although most of these aren’t for me (although I adore #2!!), the pictures are FABULOUS!! Love the close up’s, particularly with all that these bags have going on!!

  • Lala

    Gucci has lost its shit, in a totally good way. Bravo!

  • MissDemeanor

    Stunning! Some are a bit much e.g. The ones that link up to form a long bag but there are some works of art in there.