The newest trend from high-end designers is posh bicycles. And the best part about all of these bicycles is they are cruisers. Because a $17,000 cruiser makes more sense than a $17,000 road bike, right? First we introduced you to the Hermes Bicycle, a dressed up 3-speed Batavus bike with Hermes stitched leather accents for $3,500. And then there was the ultra pricey Chanel Bicycle, which features two quilted flap bags and a jewelry roll behind the seat, all of which are detachable and can be used as individual shoulder bags for a whopping $17,000 (though the two flap bags and jewelry roll is a nice addition).

Gucci Cruiser Bicycle

So now I introduce you to the Gucci Cruiser Bicycle, a bike whose price range fits in between the Hermes and Chanel bikes. This is another cruiser sporting Gucci accents all over. The bronze metal frame does look nice with the chocolate Guccissima leather seat, handlebars, seat pack, and pannier. And the price on this bike, a whopping $6365. I am thinking. This is a bicycle, right? Does Gucci placing some leather on it make it a collectors item? Where would you ride this precious bike to? I totally understand spending money on a racing bike or mountain bike, because there is a seemingly understandable point behind it. But a cruiser. I will tell you what, I am not running out to splurge on this bike. And of all of the designer bicycles, I would opt for the Hermes, because it is the CHEAPEST. But I will stick to my $350 cruiser, which gets me around our neighborhood perfectly. Buy the Gucci Bicycle for $6365 via Gucci.

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  • coach4me

    “And of all of the designer bicycles, I would opt for the Hermes, because it is the CHEAPEST.”

    That’s got to be the most ironic statement of all time!!! Hermes being the cheapest anything!!!! LOL!!!!

    I seriously would never, ever consider dropping that kind of dough on a bike… ever!!!

  • ^ I know, right? I am shocked as well….

  • BLynnT

    Megs, I agree. I would go with the Hermes bike as well. Not only because it’s the cheapest (and that’s a big reason), but because they make saddles… wouldn’t that mean the seat would be the most well-made/most comfortable. I should hope so!

  • Being a bicycle enthusiast myself, I could – theoretically – justify spending $6-10,000 on a bike. It certainly would not carry the names Hermes, Chanel, or the likes, but be adorned with light titanium, carbon fiber, magnesium parts and be the lightest, strongest, most performance-oriented machine man could make.

    I don’t buy into the whole fashion-branded, daily-life accessory hype.

  • ^ You don’t!?!?! What are you doing at Purse Blog then Mr? Ha :)

  • luvhautecouture

    The Gucci bike is quite cute!

    I’m guessing these bikes are made with the same base materials as the $350 bikes and then are adorned with their respective accessories. hmmm those couture houses are a clever bunch!

  • ^Bags and accessories I love and appreciate. Over-priced bikes… not so much.

  • mc

    That’s ridiculous.

  • Kelly

    Umm would it work out the same if i ride my $300 bike with a nice hermes/gucci/2 chanel bag(s)?

  • Free

    This makes me want to go out and buy a bike. I haven’t owned a bike since I was 12… not that I’ll be spending that kind of dough on one…

  • Burberryaholic

    Um, I have a turqouise beach cruiser sitting by my front door with 2 flat tires that I will sell for $10….

    Seriously though, who are they marketing this to?

  • karolynka

    come on…you need a bodyguard for that or a super sophisticated alarm otherwise you have to carry those in shops with you! bahhhh i guess this is just insane…17k for a bike? you can buy a decent car for that over here in Europe!

  • Nancy

    Next..LouisVuitton is gonna make one for lets say..$20,000..their prices are ridiculous..but i think Chanel is more expensive than LV..If Chanel’s back is $17,000 than i think LV will be like $15,000.

  • Nancy

    ^^ i meant if Chanels “bike” is $17,00 lol..

  • sarahrarah

    I nearly hurt myself laughing at hearing a Hermes ANYTHING being described as the cheaper option.

  • Diana

    i think fashion house should just stick to what they are FASHION! they shouldn’t venture into the sporting world with imprints of their logo on it and then slab on a ridiculous figure, supposedly just for the rich and famous. totally absurd.

  • Shannon

    I think the Gucci bike is adorable! Brown is my fave colour so it makes it extra amazing… but the price is absolutely ridiculous! I will stick to a cheaper no name cruiser as well!

  • hazel

    I actually like the gucci cruiser, its a little mannish, but really cute in it’s own way. It looks old fashioned but in a good way

  • Carolyn

    You can’t ride that bike anywhere. I would be stolen in 2 seconds if you tried to park it.

  • Nina

    Finally… Hermes is the economical option!!!! Love that :)

  • chirpy_gal

    Senseless product !

  • Merve

    I would feel like such an idiot riding a chanel/hermes/gucci bike. All the other kids would laugh at me :)

  • michelle

    I can totally see one of these on the bike racks at the local jr. high chained up with a $5 chain.

    (I’m kidding, btw) I’m all for great accessories, and I can appreciate a well made bike, but seriously?

  • Ji

    This is insane… and it doesn’t look that great to me either.

  • stella

    Pretty, but I’ll just go to the Boutique and admire it from there.

  • eorchid

    What a gorgeous idea. Like the Chanel surfboard before it, Gucci takes us on a dream. A very luxe dream.

  • Cats

    I just love these bikes. I won’t buy one, but I sure love them.
    Burberryaholic, I’ll give you $20 and buy you a latte to boot for your turquoise cruiser! LOL

  • arm candy lady!

    I totally agree with you on this bike Vlad! I mean a designer handbag is one thing but a bike too & the price…YIKES!!! I think bikes should be made by companies that deal with this all the time, since I am sure they will make the best bikes for performance & comfort, NOT just for designer sake.

  • QueenMAB

    LOL The pictures of these bikes are fantastic. And I suppose that as works of art they’re great. But who would want to actually RIDE them? I can’t see them getting dirty, or rained on, or left outside a Starbucks while the owner went inside for a latte – anymore than I would leave my purse outside or my car unlocked.
    CRAZY – but thanks for letting me look :)

  • Cathy

    Maybe Minkoff should come out with a nice cheap version of the bike, so that we can all partake in this new fad :D

  • Julia

    Yikes have someone hit you and find out how much damage to the bike is ;) if you insure that thing! Haha thanks for sharing these bikes!! Love seeing the different designers takes on bicycles. Too cute, but not practical.

  • TH

    If someone decides to buy it, I think you need to hire a police to ride his bike or horse next to you.

    And I thought $400 Hermes towel was insane.

  • alexandre

    I have one, and…its crazy!!!! my friends r saying me that I drink to much champagne….I told them sex toOoo!!!!

    in Portugal we have 3, on e for me, and the othes to my chicks.

    love life

  • Kevin

    “Where would you ride this precious bike to? ”
    I get the same confusing…LOL
    And maybe I will hire a police,too,Ooo!!!!

  • jade

    omg i have this bike,, i brought it for my mum lol.

  • B

    The bike has a beautiful shape. I’m very attracted to the color. I think this is the more attractive of the bunch, and if I were rich I would buy it :)

  • beanyce126

    i like bikes and gucci but ill keep gucci for accessories. (ipad)

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