Gucci Handmade Leather Top Handle, $4200 via Net-a-Porter.

We spend a great deal of time around here telling you guys what we’re loving and hating. Season after season, bag after bag, we’ve got lots of opinions. But so do you! So now’s your turn – tell us what bags you’re coveting for spring. What would you buy if money were no object, and what bags are actually in your budget for the season?

My ultimate Spring 2011 lust object finally arrived in the mail a few days ago – a Celine Luggage Tote in lipstick red. And if money grew on trees (and if I had any idea how to properly grow a tree), I’d also be picking up the bright blue Gucci Handmade Large Top Handle. Why don’t more brands make bags in this color? Can someone out there get on that? Kate Spade, I’m looking at you. What bags are you stalking lately? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4200.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • rachael

    so i’m usually a designer bag snob, so i’m in LOVE with my new YSL Roady in ocean blue, but I have to say that the Kate Spade Essex Scout is the best thing EVER. I got it in bone and I seriously am obsessed with it!

    • I got one too, in yellow, and can’t praise it enough. A fantastic bag. Kate Spade, if you’re reading this, make the Essex Scout in this color of blue! I’LL BUY ANOTHER ONE!

  • lumkeikei

    I love this colour! This bag looks really “Birkin inspired”.

    • Ninel G

      I do agree with you :)

  • Max

    Much better $4000 than that of RL bag. luv it !

  • cca.

    Marc Jacobs Bamboo would be my pick

  • Lulugurl

    I would be ordering a customized Belen Echandia New York Satchel. This bag is just simply amazing!

  • Mellie

    I looked at this bag in purple a few weeks ago. While it was lovely, the leather is extremely delicate. It was also a chore and a half just to get into the bag – no way could you grab something out of it quickly. I adored the color (and this color), but it’s not a very practical-use bag.

  • edoardo

    I love this bag, is so so so so so cool!!! i love everything, the details, the color, the overall aesthethic wow!

  • mga13

    First pick would be the Large Cartier Marcello in Dark Caramel, second would be the Valentino Jaguar Print Ponyhair Rockstud Tote.

  • Bea

    I only have one Botkier bag, but a really long list of bags I would LOVE to have. The bag I’ve wanted for years, is a midnight medium PS1! I’d also love an A. Wang Kirsten Satchel in dove grey, aaand a Balenciaga Twiggy in Rose!

  • em101

    I want a louis vuitton speedy 35 mnogram canvas and 2 louis vuitton speedy 30’s one in damier ebene and one in damier azur and I would LOVE a black baleniaga city bag and a red snakeskin jimmy choo purse<3!!!

  • Purse Pixie

    #1 on my list right now is the Balenciaga Papier Flap Bag in Framboise/Vermillon. It makes me swoon!

  • Carol

    On my wish list is the PS1 medium suede in saddle or smoke. LOVE!!!

  • LGS

    I am eyeing 3, 1) Balenciaga Velo in Old Rose with RGHW, 2) Charlotte Olympia Pandora clutch and 3) Proenza Schouler PS11, not sure what color yet! That’s all! :)). Ohhhh and always on my lust list, Hermes Birkin in Gold Togo leather or Black with palladium hardware.:)

  • Shopping Lady

    Celine lugguage tote ( bone white and brown?) is my top choice. Unfortunately I have not find one in the main stores or sites. I would like to see it in person before making the buy.

  • Cathy Fitz

    I’m thinking about my first B-Bag, in a lovely spring color!

  • mochababe73

    Have you gone to Gucci to actually hold this bag because I found it to be extremely heavy. So much so that I asked the salesperson was there something already in it.
    I love the color.
    Lately, I have been a little disenfranchised with current bag offerings. Nothing is catching my eye or making me want to spend my hard earned teacher money on it. Mostly been getting oldies (Kooba Sienna/Kenneth Cole Easy Piece-y) from eBay or resale shops.
    What I want is a hot pink bag. I already have two but neither are shoulder bags. And it has to be reasonable price.

  • Maggie

    This color is just soooo pretty!!!

  • Chade

    …looks like a birkin…nice color though…

  • Hope

    I am lusting over this Gucci bag.. Have been for weeks. The only negative is the interior lined with linen. In any other color, for $4200, the bag is lined in suede. I guess since it is a net a porter exclusive, they can charge an extra $400. Too rich for my blood, will have to settle for a PS1

  • lisa

    so many bags to lust after and so little time. right now it’s a tie between the new tod’s tote and finding a bottega cabot in that orange color, and then there is the bottega clutch, and really any one of those with the exotic skins. and now i have to keep going! a henry cuir bag from barneys is also at the top-an easy tote for every day…and lastly, the prada luxe tote is another must have and as long as i am rambling, the ysl tote at bergdorfs…too many to lust for???

  • Chels K

    Ideal list would be a PS1 in orange crocodile or kelly green regular leather and a Bottega Veneta Large Intrecciato Hobo in light brown.

    Realistically, I’m awaiting for my personal ideal spring bag: a Tano Disco Decadence (due into my hot little hands tomorrow) and hoping for a Coach Madison Leather Sophia in lilac. If I come into a little money I’ll up the Coach to embossed python Sophia in taupe.

  • rose60610

    I like this style, but the color isn’t me. At that price, I lean toward brands/styles/colors that will likely garner a respectable resale value down the road.

  • Emily

    I’m currently crushing on the Nancy Gonzalez Croc Dipped-Top Tote in blue denim! And also anything from Ferragamo’s current bag collection…they’re all SO amazing!

  • belle

    For the last year or so I’ve been longing for a Celine luggage tote (cobalt or ink blue, or maybe in green) and the 3.1 Phillip Lim ‘Pashi’ bag from their fall 2011 runway show.

  • nappy

    i want the following:
    1. a Celine Boston bag in black and white (kinda like what Nicole Richie was wearing)
    2. a Mulberry Tilly bag in Tan
    3. a Blue and Black striped Prada boston bag
    4. a Neon Green PS1
    5. and a Miu Miu neon green sling bag just for fun!
    but a Black Pororsus 30cm Birkin won’t hurt either… hahahaha

  • Pris

    I’m lusting over a Mulberry Oak Alexa Bag and the Reed Krakoff bags! in gray leather. Also I really want nice chanel bag that will last me through the ages!

  • mingherlina

    i’ve been flirting with a purple hermes kelly for a few months now. but i have a feeling that getting into hermes is much like when one gets into chanel: afterwards everything else seems so…blah.

  • Shakeandbake

    If money were no object, I would LOVE the LV S/S11 Besace as my S/S Man-Bag. I love that green denim canvas.

  • jason

    hermes makes a blue similiar, its called Mykonos

    • nappy

      yeah, i saw that one and it’s gorgeous… but still prefer the blue jean over it

  • mandy

    Current lust list includes a Chloe Ethel tote in Ladybird or Nutmeg, a Tory Burch Robinson tote in basic black, and a classic Prada shopper in a fun color.

  • AW

    Rawwrrr loving this! So put it on my list along with the Celine Totes, any and all MbMJ bags plus the Furla piper and ALL alexander McQueen knot clutches