Gucci 1973 Python Bag, $2900 via Net-a-Porter

I wrote a post on this topic approximately 800 years ago, which I cannot find at the moment, but I think it’s a topic worth revisiting in light of the handbag world’s continuing trends. A commenter over at TalkShoes mentioned late last week that she didn’t care for the shoes that match the Gucci 1973 Python Bag because she only likes natural-colored python, and I used to be the exact same way. Clearly, that’s changed.

With Women’s Wear Daily reporting that we can expect to see rainbow reptile accessories well into 2012, you’re probably either full of joy or disappointment at the prospect of seeing more candy-colored python on store shelves for at least six months. Even though I was a naysayer in the past, when the colors are as well-chosen as those in the current Gucci collection (and this bag in particular), I’m glad this trend came about.

I like this combination of shades so much that any material or design that could make it happen is probably cool with me. In fact, it was one of my favorite fall runway bags from the very beginning, and Gucci isn’t usually a brand that jumps out and grabs me with its catwalk accessories. The interior, lined in blue leather, is neatly compartmentalized to make the most of the modest amount of space inside this ladylike bag, but it’s not the interior that I care about. With so much pretty going on outside, how could you? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2900.

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  • Kat

    When I first read the title of the article, my answer was a big NO. But then I scrolled down and saw the Gucci, and I changed my mind right away. THIS is how to do colored python well. It’s gorgeous.

    I still wouldn’t buy it even if I had the money, but I still think it’s gorgeous.

  • edoardo

    Yeah I love them, I find that python in these way is even better!

  • marinaharbour

    love the color!

  • rose60610

    It depends.

  • Mary

    Any python or snake skin gives me the creeps so no.

  • lintmag

    Python is banned in Calif., so no.

  • Sandra Rowley

    This bag is beautiful…to small for me…but beautiful.

  • Leah

    I think that these colors actually cheapen the python and make it look a little more embossed from afar. Just my 2 cents!

  • Bir

    I love the effect because it makes the bags look exotic both in texture and color it’s what I would imagine an exaggerated view of the amazon would look like at dawn and I find them very well dyed so yes I love them !!!!

  • Silversun

    I love it! I think python and green is a natural fit (maybe because I grew up on Harry Potter and it reminds me of Slytherin, hee). Gucci does such a fabulous green python, here and also in the small shoulder bag with horsebit detail. Chloe has a highly covetable small green python paraty on NAP too, more of a mossy green. I love them all.

    A little ways off handbags, but I also love the bright blue watersnake Louboutin pumps that were out a wihle ago. There is just something so luxe and compelling about a bright snakeskin.

  • Papertiger

    I have seen this bag IRL and it is the most beautiful bag in the world, totally irresistible!

  • Barbarossa Leather

    Natural colors do look better in python patterns. But i like this bag. The colors are beautiful.

  • Islamic Clothing Designer

    i love this brand. But this is beautiful texture with python color.

  • zuly

    gorgeous gucci, i’d say!

  • Lilise_Designer_Resale

    Python in this color is absolutely beautiful! I love how it goes from dark to light towards the middle of the purse really showing the detail of it. I’m in love with this bag!