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The Ultimate Bag Guide: The Goyard Saint Louis Tote and Goyard Anjou Tote

Many luxury brands are secretive when it comes to pricing, availability and selection, but even among the cagey elite of high-end handbags, Goyard is the quietest. The brand, which dates back to mid-19th century France, provides no product listings of any kind on its websites and sells its wares in only a handful of locations worldwide. In spite of that, the Goyard St. Louis Tote is one of the most recognizable bags in the world, beloved by busy moms, frequent travelers and anyone who needs a lightweight, functional tote that can hold a ton.

Because helping you research the things on your shopping lists and make the best, most informed purchases possible is our whole reason for being here, we did a deep dive into the Goyard St. Louis Tote (and it’s newer, more expensive sister, the Anjou) and its sizes, prices, colors and availability. Check out all of our results below and let us know in the comments if you have some information that would be useful to add!

The Goyard St. Louis and Anjou Totes

Year Created: Unclear
Sizes Currently Produced: PM and GM
Availability: In-Store at Goyard boutiques or Goyard leased departments in Bergdorf Goodman or select Barneys locations.

Goyard St. Louis Tote PM

Dimensions: 11″ W x 19″ H x 6″ D (including handles)
Prices: $1,200 in Classic Colors, $1,560 in Special Colors

Image via Vestiaire Collective
Image via Vestiaire Collective

Goyard St. Louis Tote GM

Dimensions: 13″ W x 23″ H x 7″ D (including handles)
Prices: $1,375 in Classic Colors, $1,795 in Special Colors

Image via Heritage Auctions
Image via Heritage Auctions

Goyard Anjou Tote PM

Dimensions: 11″ W x 19″ H x 6″ D (including handles)
Prices: $2,080 in Classic Colors, $2,450 in Special Colors


Goyard Anjou Tote GM

Dimensions: 13″ W x 23″ H x 7″ D (including handles)
Prices: $2,700 in Classic Colors, $3,180 in Special Colors



Goyard offers painted personalization on all St. Louis and Anjou Totes in a variety of color combinations and aesthetic configurations, including monogramming, stripes and stars. Prices start at around $150 for up to six letters, $150 for stripes and $600 and up for stars or other custom-ordered additions. Personalization services are all hand-painted in one of three workshops (San Francisco, Tokyo or Carcassone, France), which means they take at least 3 to 4 weeks for completion.



Classic Colors

With either black or tan leather trim
With either black or tan leather trim

Special Colors



All St. Louis Totes are made out of Goyardine, which is a colored textile made from cotton, linen and hemp and then coated for durability, which gives it a leather-like look. Both St. Louis and Anjou totes are reversible, and with the Anjou, with one side is Goyardine and one side is solid-colored leather, which accounts for the difference in price..


Size Comparison




Goyard in Action

Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM
Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM
Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote GM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM
Goyard St. Louis Tote PM


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  1. Lori Avatar

    You gotta love the Godard St. Louse Tote. it always looks good and is so light and versatile.

  2. TheBagHoarder Avatar

    I prefer the design of the St. Louis over the Neverfull. But I heard the quality isn’t as good. Does someone has experiences (good or bad) with this bag?

    1. FrenchBulldog Avatar

      I owned a first generation Neverfull that I recently sold on EBAY. IMO I would guess the Neverfull to be more durable, given the canvas is thicker. However, I much prefer carrying a bag that is much more exclusive. Goyards are not nearly as commonly seen. If you can wrap your mind around the fact that both of these bags are canvas/leather and by no means meant to stand the test of time, you will enjoy either regardless of which one you choose. Good luck.

    2. Sparky Avatar

      Take a look in PurseForum. There’s a thread where people talk about the quality. From what I gathered from the thread, the base of the handle cracks and the corners wear out fairly quickly. I decided not to get the Goyard based on that.

      1. TheBagHoarder Avatar

        Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll take a look at tpf.

      2. Sandy K Avatar
        Sandy K

        I own 3 and have never had a problem with the handles or the corners. The issue of worn corners on this and other bags is how you take care of them. Mine never touch the floor or ground…ever.

    3. STYLEanthropy Avatar

      My experience is the opposite. I own both St. Louis and the Neverfull (but exchanged shortly after). I’ve used the St. Louis for travels and have thrown everything in there from heavy makeup bags, water bottles to medicine bags, aside from all the wallets, coin purses, card cases, etc. I keep in my bag. I even put a heavy SLR camera and it hasn’t cracked or anything. It’s so durable yet so light. I’ve had it since 2009/2010 and it still looks great. The neverfull, specifically the damier ebene, on the other hand, I used one time – not even filled it. I just put my wallet, phone, keys, and a pouch. An hour or so of using, I saw the handles crack. I went back to the store the next day and complained. Thank goodness they accepted an exchange and I got something else.

    4. Crystal Avatar

      I have the PM. About a year or so after using it the painted chevron pattern started to come off in places. Also the corner got very worn and developed holes. I called Godard about refurbishing the bag. They asked for some pictures and then asked me to send to them so the quality department could look at it. They determined the material was defective and sent me a brand new one. Great customer service. I am just hesitant to purchase another one because afraid same will happen

    5. janels1 Avatar

      The St. Louis is one of the very few Goyard bags with resin (breakable like plastic) inside the bottom of the handles where it meets the bag. I had mine for a few months and folded over the handles, causing the handles to crack at the base, and also caused the leather to crack there. I was told by Goyard that I wasn’t supposed to fold over the handles on this very flexible bag, and it cost me over $200 to have the handles replaced. I stay in Paris a lot, near Goyard, and they have told me on many occasions that the St. Louis was designed by Goyard as a beach bag, and not meant to be a purse. They also said that most of the other styles do not have resin inside the handle base and can be bent. Since then I have owned 6-8 different Goyard styles, and feel that for those who want that basic shape, the Artois is a much better choice, as it also has leather reinforced corners, foldable and longer straps, and zips across. I have had both sizes in the Artois, and find the larger size to be too long across the top, and the smaller size to be too small. I’m still looking for my perfect Goyard bag, as I do love Goyard, and am considering the Voltaire next.

  3. Smithy Avatar

    Give me an Akris AI medium tote over this bag any day.

    1. Yoshi1296 Avatar

      YES!! I have one and I’m in LOVE with it!

  4. FrenchBulldog Avatar

    I have owned my St. Louis GM in black/black for about 4 months. While I cannot yet boast durability and longevity, I can say that for my needs the bag is perfect. I also have received many compliments. Do not regret one bit this purchase and am planning to add another Goyard to my collection in the future.

  5. psny15 Avatar

    love mine!

  6. Adam Avatar

    Love the brand! I don’t have a tote, but thinking about getting one for my wife. I love my St. Sulpice card holder in grey color. Out of all the colors, I like grey the most. It’s very understated, classy and neutral. It has yellow pebbled leather in the center slot. It also has yellow pebbled leather in the side card slots. Very nice touch!

    Why are the special colors more expensive than the classic colors?

  7. FashionableLena Avatar

    It’s funny to see this article because I just saw two of these on the streets last week. To me, it looked cheap and plastic-y.

  8. VRMD Avatar

    I purchased my Anjou GM in Chicago. The SA told me that they send their bags to either San Francisco or New York for monogramming. It took 6 weeks to get the bag back from San Francisco. I was told that if the bag was sent to New York, it would be 8 weeks. This is just an FYI for those in the market as foolishly I thought it would be done instore and quickly. I really like the bag. The handles are very sturdy, and the detachable pochette comes in handy.

  9. multipolarity Avatar

    Millennials seem to have transferred their loyalties en masse from Longchamp to Goyard totes (and LV Neverfulls). In the East Coast city where I live, they are ubiquitous! I have a hard time seeing the appeal of a tote made with coated fabric, but the luggage in the same material is TDF.

  10. Alice Avatar

    well done best description on Goyard since ever. Thanks!

  11. Scottsdale Kim Avatar
    Scottsdale Kim

    My favorites – Goyard Sac Hardy and Sac Hulot. My husband travels extensively for work and we always bring our four pound dog. The material that Goyard uses is perfect for luxury pet carriers. I use the Sac Hulot for her on the plane and the Sac Hardy cat bag for around town. It folds nicely and fits into my carry on.

    Fingers crossed that I do not see cracking over time.

    1. Real Authentication Avatar
      Real Authentication

      The material used on the Sac Hardy pet carrier is more supple than the stiff leather used on other styles like the St. Louis. You should be free from cracks for sure! 🙂

  12. Cat Jones Avatar
    Cat Jones

    I own this bag (St. Louis, large), and I despise it in cold weather – it loses all pliability and gets so stiff, verging on brittle, it’s like crunchy plastic and I fear it might crack. I also find the squareness and hardness of the handles to be uncomfortable. The *only* reason I have kept it is for summer use; it is light and roomy. Otherwise, I would never recommend. I consider it one of my worst bag-purchase mistakes.

    1. Kokonuts Avatar

      thank you for your feedback. I was considering purchasing one, and you are not the first to say it changes character in the winter. For the price of the bag, not sure I want a bag that feels like it will crack. But I sure do love the look of the St Louis GM.

    2. Sharina Avatar

      Same thing happened to me with my St. Louis PM in the cold. Also, the goyardine ended up wearing out in certain spots where light was shining through. The most fragile bag I ever owned and now I’m afraid to even use it. Though it sure is pretty and always gets me tons of compliments, but in the end NOT worth it.

    3. M Naima Avatar
      M Naima

      Thank you for your honesty. When you live in four season climate, this what buyers need to know.

  13. belle129 Avatar

    ugliest expensive bag ever.

    1. Gigi Avatar

      beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
      I love it!

      1. Karen Avatar

        Why do you love it? I’m just curious.

  14. Gigi Avatar

    The appeal is that is very lightweight and casual vibe. While still being handcrafted, with history, and a luxury brand. Just be cause I want lightweight doesn’t mean I want to comprise to a crappy vinyl tote from Target or Zara. No offense to the shoppers who carry those bags.

  15. Tanya Cepero Chapman Avatar
    Tanya Cepero Chapman

    Quick question I just purchased my first goyard tote from the San Francisco Boutique vía mail. Should the the tote have a stamp on the front bag which indicates Made in France?

    1. gt66 Avatar

      If the bag came from the SF store, then I suppose whatever it says on it is what it’s supposed to say. Mine says the same.

    2. Sandy K Avatar
      Sandy K

      San Francisco is (now) one of only 3 Goyard stores in the US. There are 3 or 4 other stores (Barney’s, Bergdor’s) that carry it as well). If you purchased a Goyard item from the San Francisco store, it is absolutely authentic. All of mine pieces have come from Maison Goyard San Francisco (the old location on Powell Street).

  16. gt66 Avatar

    I love the St. Louis. It’s so light and kind of casual (especially with my initials splayed across the bag!!). It probably isn’t the most durable bag in the world, but it will last for a long time. The best part about it, I think, is that Goyard (for better or worse) doesn’t change its bags, so the bag never goes out of style! It will look as effortlessly elegant in 10 years as it does today. So unlike those Fendi baguettes and Chloe paddingtons that we all may have bought with our hard earned money, this bag never fades away. To me, that’s a real plus. You can wear it forever.

  17. Katrina Avatar

    For those looking to get these from France, the St. Louis PM in special colors is 1,055 EUR. The Anjou PM is 1,990 EUR, if I remember correctly.

    My St. Louis PM from 8 years ago is still going strong. It’s such a great bag for work since it’s so light and fits so much. However, I probably would not buy the bag in today’s prices. I think it was a good buy eight years ago, but the price has almost doubled from then and I don’t think it’s worth the price they are charging now.

  18. Adam Avatar

    Why are the special colors more expensive than the classic colors?

  19. Sara Young Avatar
    Sara Young

    So there are affordable handbags available ? if available how to collect in my area Denver

  20. Mandy Avatar

    I don”t understand the appeal of this tote. All I see is a bag covered in “V’s” which is visually ugly and tacky. I know that LV’s totes are covered with their logo, but it doesn’t assault or offend my senses like this tote does. The pattern also has a Salvador Dali-esque surrealist look to it which creates an almost dizzying effect.

  21. Kim Avatar

    We honeymooned in France years ago and my husband bought me a St Louis with my new initials inside. This was 2014 and the version that I have has a structured bottom and red threading at the base of the handles. They told me at the time that it was exclusive to that store. Has anyone heard of this? In any case, It was a much different experience from shopping in the States. I was caught up in the history of the product and the location. In the States they bring out the bag flat, wrapped in plastic, and it does feel cheap.

    I also live in AZ and Goyard is not super common. I would be sick of them if I lived in a city where they are everywhere and probably a lot of knockoffs to boot.

  22. Jessica Willow Avatar
    Jessica Willow

    Hey ladies, could you please tell me 1) what is the width of the GM St. Louis straps? 2) …thickness of straps? and 3) distance between the strap ends?
    Trying to figure out how comfortable they are.
    That would be very helpful.