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  • Sandy

    Such a fan of Givenchy but unsure of the Horizon bag…I guess time will tell.

  • FashionableLena

    I could go for any of the pouches. I love the patterns and bright colors.

    The Horizon bag is nice but doesn’t look very Givenchy. Seems like the brand is jumping on the structured, ladylike handbag trend (Prada Saffiano, YSL Sac du Jour, Fendi Peek-a-Boo). I like the edginess of the design house which makes it unique. This one doesn’t seem very unique or edgy.

    The fact that the body of the Shatk Tooth bag and the flap doesn’t line up still bothers me.

  • Misty

    I LOVE you my Antigona – I have the small in smooth leather. And I’m so impressed – the leather is hard wearing (minimal scratching) and I can pack a ton into it. It’s like the TARDIS. I live in London, and commute to work on the train. So it goes thru so much wear and tear, and obviously we have those days where we have 3 seasons in one day lol. And it’s like brand new.
    And it has a zip.
    Which is the reason why I’m going to give the Horizon a miss. No zip?
    I mean what working women who uses public transportation would use that!?

    • Aurore de La Gorce

      Yes, cheers for the Antigona !!!!!
      My Antigona and I went on a bad start since Givenchy did not make it waterproof and forbade me to put waterproofing on it. So once it rained on it and stains appeared. I was so depressed. But then they faded (my Antigona is made of goat skin, and the colour is between gold and nude) and I was determined to be able to use it even when it rains.
      So a nice lady gave me the waterproofing Hermes uses and I gave it a try. It was perfect. The bag is so well-made and so, yes hard wearing. And yes, it can hold so much, and you feel secure when you use it, thanks to the zip. It is really a nice bag, easy to travel with.
      I share your doubts about the Horizon bag. I do not even understand the lines, and the zip is a crucial problem.

  • psny15

    i usually like givenchy but this bag is comical and no matter how much glossy croc skin you add – ugly is ugly

  • Camila

    I want the old Nightingale back

    • Ditto. I totally get why they have this version. Some people will definitely prefer the cleaner aesthetic of this, but I, for one, prefer the original Nightingale. The detailing on it is just enough to make the bag distinct, but not flashy.

      • Maya

        I do love my old Nightingales! And that’s exactly it regarding the detailing, making it distinct but not flashy, spot on! It’s that discreet edge I miss!

  • Jerri R


  • kindled

    I actually quite like the suede horizon bag, but I had to look it up on NM to see it from more angles to really understand how it works.

  • Sara

    It looks like a mental bag with a stray jacket around it.

    • katrina

      That is such a stigmatizing statement:(
      FYI It’s called a straight jacket (or strait jacket)
      Mental illness isn’t funny- these are real illnesses suffered by real people.

  • Maya

    Givenchy, you’re losing your edge!! Although I don’t dislike the Horizon bag, I feel it’s too lady like, very classic-ish, but I guess they’re targeting a new market.

  • klynneann

    The croc versions are beautiful, but I guess croc can make anything beautiful because otherwise the Horizon bag doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  • Jess

    That bow bag is cute, I don’t mind it. I’ve seen it in a few different styles. The Horizon bag not so much. Waaaay too structured.

  • Stella2007

    The prints are lovely and the Givenchy Horizon bag looks amazing in the emerald green croc print.