Salvatore Ferragamo Llama Leather Puff Bag I’m starting off with a warning right now; any of you who are not fans of baby exotic furs, don’t read on! But for those of us who appreciate handbags designed from different animal furs, this bag may be a supple secret you were searching for. The Salvatore Ferragamo Llama/Leather Puff Bag is crafted from luxurious baby llama (I know, having to say the word ‘baby’ in there even makes me cringe just a little bit). I can’t help but notice that even from the picture, this bag looks so soft I think I could use it as a small pillow, doze off to la-la land, and not even need to count sheep/llamas to fall asleep. The bag crafted from a structured frame style with a zip top closure and double strap handles with adjustable buckles. On the inside, you will find nylon lining along with a zip and open pocket. Measuring 14″H X 18″L X 5″W, I think this handbag may cause quite the controversy. Don’t shoot the messenger; I can’t help that I think the llama fur looks oh-so-soft! For the bold and daring that can stand up against PETA, buy this handbag via Saks for $1850.

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