Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin Tote, $2751 via Luis Via Roma

“You can’t wear white after Labor Day or before Easter!”

Is there actually anyone out there who believes that anymore? I mean, besides little old ladies. Even I, as a daughter of the South and a woman introduced to pearls, slips and “proper dressing” at a young age, think this rule is beyond tired. Winter white is a beautiful thing, and if you’re not entirely convinced, this gorgeous Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin Tote is here to talk some sense into you. When Ferragamo speaks, you listen.

Why would anyone adhere to a rule that limits the number of days one might be able to carry this beautiful bag? I can’t think of any reasons. Although this bag is graphic white, which is the last bastion of the No White After Labor Day Movement, it would look right at home with a grey sweater and a pair of dark wash jeans, particularly in the fall before the giant, dark coats of winter come out to play.

Don’t get it too close to your denim, though. The one caveat of wearing light leather in cold weather is that you have to be mindful of color transfer, which would be an utter pity if it happened to a piece this pretty. The solution? A long, fluffy cardigan to provide a barrier between your bag and your pants. As if you needed another reason to wear one of those in late October…

Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2751.

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  • rose60610

    Gorgeous! I love white, and especially “winter white”. It stands out and marks you as a person who’s unafraid of the elements. The dirt factor is a big deterrant, but I think wearing white in cold weather looks very chic. This bag is very pretty, Ferragamo is a nice brand.

  • nnenna

    i heart….i love all things ferragamo

  • lintmag

    Ah, white! I thought the “last great taboo” might be nearly copying another major designer’s style. It’s a nice bag, but without saying Ferragamo, it reads rather Hermes to me.

    • Silversun

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read the title. I’d never even heard of the Labor Day/Easter rule. Is it an American-ism? Or maybe I’m just terribly uncultured. :D

    • 19yearslater

      Me, too! It looks like a mock Hermes.

    • Kat

      I thought the exact same thing. One look at the bag and I thought “Hermes” so I thought the post was about Ferragamo copying Hermes.

      Anyway, I don’t know if it’s because I live in a country without winter, or if it’s because I’m too clumsy/unlucky to keep a white bag clean, but I’ve never been drawn to white bags. They’re too… stark.

  • Sandra Rowley

    Very nice bag…on the subject of white has anyone logged onto and seen the white bag that pops up front and center under new arrivals. Oh my word, this is a pretty bag.

  • J Umm

    i am actually loving this although you can see where the inspiration comes from (hermes, blates)
    but if i had the money I would probably still buy this

  • Linda

    This stark white bag screams summer to me but then I’m an old lady. Winter white to me is an eggshell white with a lot of color depth and that I would happily carry through the slush and snow. That said, I think where you live has a lot to do with the colors you feel comfortable carrying during the winter months.

  • PhotoGirl

    I’ve tried for years to ditch the “no white after Labor Day” rule, but somehow this always seems much too transgressive for me. And I’m neither old nor a lady. :)

    And, of course, there is also the fact that white bags petrify me. I own two and almost never carry either. When I do, I spend the entire time worrying about it. So while this bag is pretty, I’ll have to admire it and all of its kin from afar.

  • MizzJ

    Totally agree, this rule is sooo tired! I think how you’ve pictured wearing this bag is just perfect. It has a really elegant, structured look to it that would look so nice with chunky knits.

  • Louch

    That bag is just DIVINE – would have it in a heratbeat.

  • Megan

    I love Ferragamo and I’m glad to see you covering one of their bags.

  • Geraldine Looker

    Hi I have an LK Bennett winter white bag bought in the Uk. Seriously I have literally worn this bag out! As I am English (albeit living in the USA) this ‘rule’ doesnt apply to me!! so will be able to go shopping for a replacement

  • Lorie

    Love it! Gorgeous! Who cares about some old obscure rule! I wear white whenever I want.