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Which Brand is Making the Best Bags Right Now?

I'm putting FENDI first, do you agree?


“The best” anything is a very particular phrase, and in many cases, is somewhat subjective unless you’re reviewing hard evidence or data that cannot be argued. And when it comes to designer handbags and fashion in general, the best of anything can often be argued, even if you do your best to evaluate it in the most objective way possible, which often means putting personal taste or opinions aside. But even still, the possibility for debate is often what makes it all the more interesting and fun. Today, we’re here to discuss which handbag brand is making the best bags right now, and my answer may surprise you.

Fendi is Making the Best Bags Right Now

While there’s no denying the Bottega buzz of the last few years, of all the high-end designers known for handbags, Fendi‘s current lineup is the one that stands out to me the most. Under the creative direction of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the handbag offerings from Fendi have blossomed in the last two years since Venturini Fendi’s righthand man, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away, leaving Venturini Fendi at the helm of the brand.

Fendi has done an incredible job of merging classic House codes with modernity, offering stunning color palettes, luxe detailing, and a wide variety of shapes. In recent years, each collection has been more stunning and interesting than the next, and while I don’t own a Fendi bag (yet) and I struggle to identify if it fits my aesthetic enough to warrant the addition of a Fendi to my collection, putting my personal tastes aside I have to name Fendi as the best of the best right now.

The brand’s overall aesthetic is perfect for tons of women looking for sophisticated luxury that’s upscale but not overly fussy. The current lineup is broad enough that it does include something for bag lovers of every age, whether it’s for the more classic shopper or the trendsetter. Yet, at the same time, all of the pieces still feel uniquely Fendi, which is another point of many in Fendi’s favor.

Check out some of our favorites from Fendi right now, and let us know if you agree!

Our Picks

Fendi Croissant Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman

Fendi Touch Bag
via Bergdorf Goodman


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  1. Marcy697 Avatar

    The current embroidered First bag is to die for! Now to justify yet another blue bag in my closet.

  2. psny15 Avatar

    Fendi had the peekaboo and then the first bag – Im a fan

  3. Sandy Avatar

    Perhaps I just happened to get a lemon but the only Fendi I have ever purchased was very disappointing. I purchased a Fendi 2Jours when it first came out and the finish on the bags handles peeled off. The only redeeming factor was the fact that I purchased it from Nordstrom and they let me return it. I baby my bags so having something like that happen makes purchasing another Fendi unlikely.

    1. Joy Avatar

      I have same exact experience. The same bag and my first fendi bag. I don’t even know what to do with it 💔😭

  4. Aspen Avatar

    The Fendi first they just released in velvet with a marble print is TO DIE FOR

    1. Souhaila Ismat El-Souki Avatar
      Souhaila Ismat El-Souki

      Yes, from the Winter Capsule Collection! So gorgeous..I was excited about that collection the second I saw it..The bags just released from that collection are to die for! I also adore the Fall bags. The Fendi First is a gorgeous bag. When it was first released with the Fall collection I knew I had to purchase it-(thankfully I hadn’t purchased in a while and I was able to!) And the one you are talking about it just..WOW. The Baguette is iconic of course and the current iterations of it are beautiful(the first I ever purchased) and i love the Fendi Touch as well. I love the entire Fall/Winter collection and the Winter Capsule is just a gorgeous continuation. I do think that Fendi is making the best bags right now. Silvia Fendi is just incredible. Take a look at the Fendi Hand in Hand feature(which is now an exhibition–you can also see it virtually) I think that Fendi (with Kim Jones, who has just done a brilliant job) is the best example of a heritage brand that is able to bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas while truly honoring and respecting the House Codes..It still feels like Fendi. Fendi is the epitome of what we love the beauty of heritage and luxury and glamour-the specific artistry and craftsmanship that makes it so distinct. They have stayed true to that. You can introduce new styles but if you don’t honor the heritage of the house and the brand..what is it? I think that there are a few houses that haven’t gone too far off course.

  5. Naila Avatar

    We have baguette and croissant, now I am saving up for the upcoming brioche and French toast! (Btw love that touch bag, Fendi may come up with designs I don’t like, but the quality is always there.)

  6. Jasmine Avatar

    Agreed! I bought a canvas baguette this year and I want to add the Fendi Way bag. I love how they’ve incorporated the monogram as the handle. If they make the sunshine tote without the massive logo, I’d get it too.