Finally, after a good year of being inaccessible to the average female human being, Fendi has released three new Spy Bag models, which to our surprise, happen to be openly available to spy-craving masses via Saks Fifth. We’re talking that rare that they might have been featured on America’s Most Wanted for months now, without any successful sighting whatsoever. Actually, we strolled into the Bal Harbour Fendi store about 2 months ago, inquiring about a golden Spy bag, and the sales lady just called Megs last week. Her exact words voiced like “better come within the hour, or I’ll hafta put it out there and it’ll be gone within ten minutes”. They’re wanted, alright.

Fendi Spy Velvet Bag

The Spy bags for fall are not of your usual kind, these creations are unique and distinctive. Firstly, the Fendi Velvet Squirrel Spy Bag for $3,318. The sumptous velvet bag is embroidered with sparkling rhinestones and features woven velvet double handles. As much as I have come to personally dislike squirrels in the past few years, this bag does not do it for me. I prefer the regular Spy Bags, in either woven or plain leather form. But taken that the online pre-order from a few days ago has already been pulled off the Saks site, the demand was definitely there.

Fendi Mink Spy Bag

With a hefty price tag of almost $10k, this luxurious Spy deviation will certainly be up for grabs for some time to come. The fluffy white Danish mink fur, along with the silvertone mesh metal double handles and the fine satin lining scream over the roof tops of the tallest building in town… if you’d like your bag to steal your attention you’d be getting from your friends instead, I advise you to pre-order this weasel bag through Saks.

Fendi Embroidered Spy Bag

The Embroidered Spy gives off a very homespun appeal, indeed. A little too homespun for my taste. No offense to any of our readers, but with all of its embroidered patters and beads, the bag just looks like really old ladies would look gorgeous with it. And most certainly not young, fashionable ladies like Megs and yourself. But who am I to judge that *snicker*. Yet again, let me emphasize my point. If I were to spend a few grand on a Spy, it’s be 4-some g’s on a regular leather Spy (along with the waiting time) and not $6,000 for this embroidered spy.

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