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  • Shazwan Mutalib

    I’d love to add the By The Way bag! It’s a statement piece that you can dress down or up, take it to downtown or to a chic high-class dinner. And the monochrome combo? it screams VOGUE! Or maybe a Peekaboo? LOL

  • anon

    To me, it sounds like you really like the By the Way bag. I’ve read you talking about how much you like the bag several times throughout some posts and never really mentioned the 2jours or 3jours. I also think the By the Way is a pretty unique but great looking bag (which is difficult to find with the plethora of options for handbags), while the 2jours and 3jours are similar in style to other staple handbags. Lastly, I think it just suits you really well. Judging from what you’ve shown in you collection and pictures you’ve shared of yourself-this seems like the kind of bag that looks really good with your style and its a bit different from what you’ve shown us in you collection so far. I’m not sure on which By the Way model of the two you should go for, but I’m partial on the white w/black croc tail. It looks pretty outstanding, it would definitely catch my eye over the taupe color. This was long, but I hope it helps! Please keep us updated! I LOVE these “which handbag should I get” posts from you guys, it feels like I’m third-person shoppingXD

  • My favorite is the bag in Slide 2, it’s everything Fendi, chic, classic and a little bit of edge with the tail. I also like that it has a top zipper, the 2 jours is an open bag and I’m not greatly fond of those. Good luck deciding, you can’t go wrong with Fendi or Gucci leather bags!

  • sarebear

    I LOVE the mint green 2Jours. Such a beautiful color, and the style is so classic. I also like the pink-ish By the Way if you are looking for something a little different, although I’m not sure how I feel about the lizard-looking tail. As for the 3Jours, seems to me more of a trendy item that will not seem current in a couple of years (referring to the things sticking out the side, like on the celine totes – not sure what they are called).

  • Dylan

    The By the Way in the pinky-taupe for sure! I know you have the pink Antigona but that bag is GORGEOUS!

  • FendiLover

    I had the EXACT SAME dilemma when trying to choose a Fendi bag over the holidays. I like the price point of the 2Jours more than the 3Jours, but ultimately I loved the 3Jours so much more. Then, after circling the Neimans floor for about 2 hours, I saw the By the Way. It was so unique and unlike anything else other brands have right now…I fell in love with it. And the colorway options are much more appealing than in the other two styles.

    I bought the large By the Way and couldn’t be more pleased. I use it everyday for work, and it surprisingly larger than you think at first glance. I constantly get compliments on it and find myself reaching for it over and over. I think a lot of brands have boxy look of the 2 & 3 Jours currently, that it’s almost overdone. Also, you can wear the By the Way as a shoulder bag, top handle, or crossbody! (so nice for NYC) I couldn’t be a bigger enthusiast for the BY THE WAY! Good luck choosing ( :

  • PJGambler

    They are all nice looking, my fav is the Mint bag because of shape, size and color-go for it!

  • I reallyyyy love the 2Jours in Mint. It’s such a beautiful pastel for Spring Meg!! xx

  • wudge

    As the proud owner of a medium 2Jours I can’t recommend it highly enough and that mint green is spectacular. It’s such a versatile bag. Just imagine one of your monsters on the 2Jours! Perfect!

  • SueMid

    Go for the By The Way as it is so unique. I bought the small red last fall and have not regretted getting it. Not big enough for work but great for “out and about”. I think your Givenchy is too close in style and structure to the 2Jour and 3Jour.

  • shanna

    go for a by the way. you can use it in many different ways. it think the crock leather is very nice. but you also should buy them in a boutique. believe me it gives you a better feeling than online shopping. in real life you might fall in love with a bag you didn’t wanted in the first place.and also the 2 and 3jours i find quite boring. and not really exclusive, you always can get them in a sale.

  • Neen

    I have the 2Jours mini in grey and I die for it. I absolutely love it and am so happy with my purchase. I most definitely feel it is refined elegance in a contemporary way. Really works as a great neutral against my wardrobe. To me the size is just perfect as well. My vote is for the grey bag. You will love it.

    BUT that mint tho…..

  • Jack Oberle

    By The Way for sure. The shape is so classic, but the styling is so unique. Truly gorgeous. I think it’s a showstopper for sure, especially with the tail pull. Both colors are gorgeous too, and very versatile without being pedestrian.

  • Guest

    I am not embarrassed to admit that I have one of each: a petite 2jour in brick, a medium 2jour in chocolate brown and a BTW Grande in black and I enjoy each of them in different situations. You really can’t go wrong with either bag! Good luck and please let us know which one you decide to go with.

  • StylishMD

    I am not ashamed to admit that I have one of each: a petite 2jour in brick, a medium 2jour in chocolate brown and a BTW Grande in black and I enjoy each of them in different situations. You really can’t go wrong with either bag! Good luck and please let us know which one you decide to go with.

  • StylishMD

    Here’s my Fendi ‘family’


      • StylishMD

        Thank you

    • FendiLover


      • StylishMD


      • bnbl

        i wish i owned one!

    • Mel

      Epic. Bag twins with your medium 2Jours I have it in black and I ADORE it!! Your red mini 2Jours though.. So amazing

      • StylishMD

        Thanks Mel, I try to plan my outfits around them

  • A.C.

    Of those, I vote 2 Jours. Is the Peekaboo not an option for you? That’s my hands-down favorite right now.

    • justa9url

      +1 (2Jours in Mint)

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  • Cara M

    Really love the 2jours bag. That mint green is really pretty and a great spring color.

  • Laura

    By the way! For me, I like a bag that works equally well with a suit or jeans, and this bag does that. I’ve been carrying mine nonstop for weeks.

  • lisa

    My vote is for the 2jours tote in mint. It’s such a cute spring bag. Love it. Good luck with whatever you choose.

  • Ateet

    I don’t see anyone advocating for the 3jour…why?! I own almost the exact same one posted (the barley color but without the green peeking out) and it is honestly an amazing bag! It fits everything I need and can function as a designer bag to dress UP any outfit or even as an everyday tote to take and run errands. I really think you should consider that one a bit more because I adore mine!

  • Lori

    I would say the By The Way in that lovely light grey. Though the other bags are beauties, I think you probably have a few that are similar in size and shape. And I swear the shoulder bag is coming back big time. It’s so freeing to have a decent sized bag and still be hands free! (P.S. That bag wasn’t on my radar and now it is!)

  • T Tara Bagnista

    If I’m restricted to the choices you posted, I vote for the By the Way in light gray (the shape reminds me of the puzzle bag from Loewe that caught my eye). Or if it came in charcoal, that could also satisfy your need for a gray bag. The 3Jours reminds me too much of Celine. I find the Peekaboo elegant; however, that was not one of your choices. If you were dipping outside of Fendi looking for a spring bag, I saw a gorgeous Tod (cape medium abstract patterned satchel–beige-multi) featured on the Saks website in its floral section. It’s sold out though.

  • Aoedele

    #’4 and 5, and I usually hate white bags.

  • Rashmi

    Megs, I think you should get the By the Way but not the black & white. I also recommend you to get the larger size as the large itself looks small so imagine how small the small size will be. It is very light, fits a ton of things and has compartments and above all very practical!

  • guest

    My vote is for #2 – By the Way

  • ElainePG

    I adore my Petite 2Jours, Megs, and the grey is a terrific color (though I must add that I’m drooling over the mint, especially for Florida). I do have two cautions, though. First, it’s perfect for my height (exactly 60″), but you’re a lot taller than I am, so it might look a bit TOO “petite” on you… unless you know for a fact that mini bags work for you. Second, and this is more serious, it only has one zipped compartment: the one in the center divider. Where I live, in a tiny coastal town, that’s not a problem: I use that compartment for my keys, put my wallet on one side of the divider, my pouches on the other side, and I’m good to go. But for city dwellers, it’s not safe to put a wallet in an open tote… and the zippered divider isn’t wide enough to fit most wallets.
    Hope this is helpful… keep us posted!

  • Sophie Proust

    My vote is for the By the Way!

  • FashionableLena

    I love t he By the Way bag. It’s not easily recognizable, and you won’t see it coming and going. I look at it every time I go to Neiman’s.

  • cbl

    my fave is the grey by the way but i’m also a sucker for pretty mint green bags!!

  • mary

    don’t go for the white bag unless you want to baby it. i find the 2 jours is a tad heavy. my shoulder hurts after carrying it for a while and i don’t even carry a lot. just wallet, keys and a lipstick or two

  • essvick

    The gray/taupe BTW bag is lovely. It’s a unique shape that looks so modern and chic! The color combination sees really fun and different, but close enough to a neutral that you could wear it with anything :) love it

  • eyda

    i have the mini 2jours and its truly my fave bag ever (beats my classic flap). it’s lightweight, very durable and spacious for its size. however the 3jours silhouette is a stunner i must say. it looks more sophisticated than its other siblings i think. i love the colour that you picked. but its not a crossbody bag so thats a minus for me who has a toddler on tow :)

  • khm

    By the way gets my vote – Slide #2 – with a new Fendi bag bug or pom pom in a bright contrasting color! I love my Fendi bags : 2Jours, Anna Selleria and Sylvana – my next one: mini peek-a-boo…with another pom pom! I’m crazy for Fendi too!

  • Yoshi1296

    I vote for the croc-tail by the way bag, because, judging from all of your other posts, it seems like you LOVE exotic skins a lot, Megs. And the By The Way is very simple but also has that touch of something special with the exotic croc tail.

  • Vientje

    I have mini 2jours grey with gold hardware. But my recommend will be fendi 3jours petite. The fendi by the way has comfortable strap but if you put lots of stuff then the shape will change while you wear it. The 2jours looks nice but it only has zipper in the middle, so it feels not safe when you’re in the crowded area. Beside that its not easy to pull out thing with the strap on while wearing it. The 3jours the perfect one, the bag very light, roomy inside, has zipper & the strap has perfect width & length, the downside just the prize comoare to others. But as we are older, its better buy the right bag otherwise the bag only sit in our wardrobe. Thats my personal opinion. ????????

  • rodzep17

    My vote goes for the light grey BTW bag with light green and pink details. Looks amazing and so versatile!

  • Dewi

    I have 3 2jours (large & petite) & a large 3jours. I think petite 2jours is gorgeous & spacey even spacier than nano luggage. There’s something about by the way that makes me think twice before buying it. It looks cute & edgy but when you carrying it, it’s just so-so for me. I’m eyeing petite 3jours but haven’t found the right color for me. So my vote goes to petite 3jours. It’s even more elegant & gorgeous than 2jours yet edgy.

  • Rita Fernandes

    I like number the colour on number 1 it is really pretty and the number 2 is one of my favourite bags but without the tail :)

  • Atika

    I vote 3jours. Apart from the bicolour feature I’m pretty sure it has a zip in the middle which would help secure your items. Plus I’ve got my eye on it as well. I love the thick strap too.

  • Sherrie Snipes

    Meg, I started my collection with the medium 2Jours and I have never regretted it. I have a couple of their smaller fun bags which are necessary for a good sense of humor but I rarely use them as a bag. My third bag purchase was the Grand Bauletto. The moment I saw the SA unpacking it at Nordstrom in Nashville I knew it was mine. It was the first one they received, The color is turtledove I think. My most used bag is my grand bauletto which is the larger By The Way. I adore that bag and if starting over it would be my first choice in the color you have chosen. Light weight, easy to carry and an eye catcher for such a simple bag. It says “quality and chic” whether in business dress or jeans. I will be purchasing another boleti or by the way this year.

  • Lulu

    It’s got to be the By The Way – beautiful, yet not ubiquitous.

    Ps. What about the peekaboo??? And could you do an ‘ultimate bag guide’ feature in the future on the peekaboo?

    • Imgoingbroke

      By The Way, by far. That is my favorite bag and it’s new enough so that not a lot of women are carrying it. My By The Way is the small satchel in blush pink. I adore it.

      • Sparkletastic

        Oooh! Pretty. Such a nice classic in a great color!

      • Imgoingbroke

        Thanks Sparks!!

  • Rashida

    I like the first one

  • Samantha

    2jours get my vote! I’ve wanted one for a long time and sad I didn’t get one while I was in Vegas in 2013.

  • Nappy

    The By The Way would be my pick but not with the croc tail. I mean it looks great when you carry it with by the top handles or as a clutch, but when you attach the strap, it looks a bit wonky coz the strap doesnt attach straight instead goes either left or right because the croc tail is standing in the way of it being straight. Maybe i just like a balanced look thats why i dont like that part. But its beautiful, though.

    My second pick would be the 3jours, i mean, its more unique than the 2jours but the downside though is that i think the flared gussets have been too overplayed already and might look dated. The leather looks so beautiful though.

    Have you considered a Peekaboo? I mean, its cute and a Fendi Classic already.. I love the monster iteration of it..nthe one with the yellow eyes just make me want it sooo much..

    The mint Peekaboo just says Spring to me!

  • Passerine

    I am surprised that the 2Jours is priced at $1900. I looked at one after work today and it was 1625 francs. At today’s exchange rate, that would be $1660 (actually $1658.11). Even allowing for a little extra profit for NM, it shouldn’t cost more than $1700 or at most $1750. Charging almost $300 more (plus any applicable sales taxes) seems like price gouging to me.

  • LuxBagLVr

    2Jours mini.

  • lavinia

    I vote for the Fendi medium 2jours tote but in grey. The mini one is nice but is up to date right now and tomorrow? The medium one will be there next year after year…

  • Cynthia Santillan

    I just bought my very first “expensive” bag, it was a purple medium 2Jours. I am absolutely in love. It’s the perfect size for me and it’s just so elegant! 2Jours all the way!

  • Shelly

    Get the By The Way. The second you said.. my favorite.. I think that one has a lead above the others. I also like that one best. Or the small croc is a distant 2nd. I’m not a fan of green at all, and mint.. meh. Good luck and post what you decide on!

  • Colorwise, I’d definetely go with the mint 2jours, it is perfect size for spring staples and spring itself! I have to admit i am the greatest fan of the 3jours though. It’s shape is just so classy and elegant while still maintaining some edge via the gussets and it looks so versatile.
    I am torn basically :c

  • MP

    The mint 2Jours. It’s gorgeous!

  • Jery McKinney

    I very much favor the Peekaboo, but of the ones you listed would definitely go with the white By the Way bag. The croc zip is delightful and would be even more so with a Buggie next to it.

  • Chanel4Life

    2Jours! Keeps the shape very well, and that mint color is perfect for spring and summer. It’s a sensible bag in a playful color. Good combination ;)

  • Irene

    My first Fendi was a large peekaboo which I quickly sold a few years ago because it’s so heavy thus I can’t take her out that often. Since then, I’m very careful not to choose overly heavy bag. My current baby now is By The Way grande in turtle dove color, and I have not looked back ever since. It is light weight, and I love to adjust the strap length to my daily mood and outfit. The leather is heavenly soft yet sturdy enough to hold its shape. And it’s also not prone to scratches. Perfect!

  • Mel

    2Jours !!!!!!!!!