Marc Jacobs and Fendi

While Fendi has recently released an atrocious line, their B Bag has been making many fashionistas smile for a few seasons now. Marc Jacobs seems to think he can take the shape of an already made bag and make it his own. But who does the double front pockets/buckle better? Would you go for the Fendi Caviar B Bag or the Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah Shoulder Bag? They are both very different, but upon quick glance they look similar. One is super cheap (and looks it too if you ask me) and one is super expensive (but still may look cheap with the ‘caviar’ finish).

Would you go for the Marc Jacobs bag ( $328 via NAP ) or the Fendi B Bag ( $3550 via NAP ) or say heck no to both?

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