Introducing the Fendi O’Lock Swing Bag

Finally putting a name to a face...

Earlier this year, Fendi presented its fall 2022 collection, and once again, it wowed. Designed by fashion’s favorite duo, Fendi’s fall collection is Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones’ exploration of House history. The inspiration for this collection is rooted in Kim Jones’ rediscovery of the Fendi Spring/Summer 1986 collection. Jones’ love for the collection reignited as he was researching House archives.

Jones lamented that despite these collections being from the past, they still somehow feel very much relevant for the now. Relevant they are, oozing a romantic softness that also felt strong. As for the bags, the collection largely focused on Fendi staples reinvented, which serve as a compliment to the ready-to-wear.

There was one new silhouette presented on the runway too. Unique and intriguing, that bag is finally here, and today we’re taking a closer look at this new little lady.

The Scoop on the Fendi O’Lock Swing

Fendi’s latest bag is part shoulder bag, part pouch, designed to be clutched in hand or worn under the arm with the bag’s shoulder strap. This bag is petite—offered in one size only it is designed to make a statement and make a statement it does. What it lacks in size and function, it certainly makes up for in style.

The Fendi O’Lock is going to be huge for the coming season; offered in a wide variety of different versions for fall, Fendi fans are sure to delight in the many options offered. There are solid leather versions, chenille with the iconic FF tapestry motif, python leather, and even fur-trimmed leather. Each bag is finished with a maxi O’Lock logo on the strap, packing a major punch in style; this bag is certainly a statement-maker.

While some versions feature a removable leather strap and a novelty strap that alternates the O’Lock logo in metal with tortoiseshell plexiglass, other versions feature one leather strap with an O’Lock logo hardware detail. Overall dimensions are 4.3″ L x 12.6″ W x 2″ D. There is a top zippered closure, and the interior is lined in suede.

Prices range from $2,490 for the leather and logo options to $3,190 for the python. What do you think of this new hybrid shoulder bag/pouch from Fendi? Let us know in the comments below!


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