Fendi Wisteria Velvet Spy Bag

And for the last Spy of the day, Fendi brought in two power tools to make a bag that could be one of the most gorgeous fall bags I’ve seen yet. In my opinion, Velvet can either look amazing or look tacky. In the case of the Spy, velvet looks amazing. The Fendi Wisteria Velvet Spy Bag shows off soft and sultry black velvet along with leather floral appliqués. While I would not consider this bag a bag for all seasons, I do consider it a bag that would make you have the most stunning accessory for fall and winter. Since this is the 3rd Spy of the day, you know all about the extras the bag has. Only difference is that this bag as satin lining. This seems like the most divine combination ever. I want one so badly… Vlad is going to get whined at in about 5 minutes time. Anyone else in lurve with this beauty?? Available to be pre-ordered through Saks for $2990 (I loveee how the price is just under $3000 which helps me justify it more!!)

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • strawberypowder

    i loooooooooooooove this bag omigod i want it *drool*

  • southernflowers

    What a cute bag! A must have!!!!

  • LVaddict!

    WOW,I never understood the spy thing, but now I know! What a lovely bag.

  • Purseloco

    This bag reminds me of a black furry spider.

  • arlene

    i’m not so sure about the velvet.just for the fall and winter seasons.i don’t want to spend that kind of money on a seasonal bag

  • Naggy

    This is not one of the worse or best designs for the Spy. (ipad)