Fendi Squirrel Denim Spy Bag

Don’t blink too fast, because you may miss the next Fendi Spy release. Fendi releases new eclectic Spy bags as often as you had your diaper changed as a toddler. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Honey Fendi Spy, but the rate that Fendi churns out new Spy’s is ridiculous. New to the Spy block, is the Fendi Squirrel Denim Spy Bag which resembles a pair of 80’s acid washed jeans with ornate embroidery and rhinestone accenting. As always, the handles features braided leather, there is a signature hidden coin purse, and a fold-over flap closure. This rock hard Spy is not for me, but may be the Spy of your dreams. Via Saks for $3090.

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