Fendi Spy Fur Handbag

I am not even here to advocate or not advocate this handbag and its use of animal fur. Rather I am here to question why a store like Barneys give an elementary description of a handbag that equates to the the down payment for a brand new BMW (or any other $44,000 car). Barneys New York advertises the highly pricey rendition of the Fendi Spy Fur Handbag as “The best selling spy bag updated for Fall in grey fur. With metallic silver woven leather handles and lining. 16″x10.5″x6”. Okay, thank you for your time and serious care in describing this handbag. Seriously? I end at this page realizing that all I have learned is that Barneys carries a grey fur Spy bag that is just like all the other Spy bags; except for the fact that it indeed has grey fur and costs over 4 times as much as the leather Spy’s. Love it, hate it, want to know more about it, want to puke on Fendi for using fur, this bag is available for a whopping via Barneys for $8,800.

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