Fendi and Moncler Spy Handbag

The Fendi Spy Handbag has been arm candy hit since it’s arrival, being seen on A-list celebs, fashionistas world wide, and me of course ;-). Recently Fendi paired with super luxe French skiwear company Moncler to create a new Spy bag. The Fendi & Moncler Spy Handbag has been labeled the ‘ski jacket bag’ and is available in fire-engine red, emerald green and black. Designed from water-resistant nylon and filled with top-quality down, this bag looks more like plastic to me than a hit design. But as supply and demand goes, with only 500 of these bags being produced, you may hope for a Holiday miracle to track one of these high demand low supply bags down at Fendi stores, Barneys and Sak’s Fifth Avenue’s two licensed Fendi boutiques, in Manhattan and Troy, Michigan. Buy it via Barney’s online for $2,100 while supplies last.

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