Fendi Ivory Spy Bag

On the hunt for a totally clean white bag, Fendi has added another option into the mix. The house of Fendi has been riding the enormous Spy wave trying to find the perfect Spy to appease any and every client or possible client. My Fendi Honey Spy was the perfect Spy for me and I have never really seen another Spy that I had to have (ok, take that back, the simple Fendi Blue Spy made my heart skip a beat). What about an ivory Spy, more white than ivory? The Fendi Ivory Spy Bag looks stark white but embodies the stunning Spy shape we all know and love and the woven handles the Spy is notorious for. I want a white bag, but not sure this is the one. Any of you Spy lovers have to have this bag? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2100.

Yay or nay for the naked Fendi Ivory Spy Bag?


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