Fendi Ivory Spy Bag

On the hunt for a totally clean white bag, Fendi has added another option into the mix. The house of Fendi has been riding the enormous Spy wave trying to find the perfect Spy to appease any and every client or possible client. My Fendi Honey Spy was the perfect Spy for me and I have never really seen another Spy that I had to have (ok, take that back, the simple Fendi Blue Spy made my heart skip a beat). What about an ivory Spy, more white than ivory? The Fendi Ivory Spy Bag looks stark white but embodies the stunning Spy shape we all know and love and the woven handles the Spy is notorious for. I want a white bag, but not sure this is the one. Any of you Spy lovers have to have this bag? Buy via Net-A-Porter for $2100.

Yay or nay for the naked Fendi Ivory Spy Bag?

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • couturelovesme

    :razz: lovvvve the ivory!!!

  • Fiona

    Ivory is better than pure white when it comes to leather.
    I am just not sure spy look good in this color.
    I still prefer a darker, vintage look spy, like you honey spy :razz: .

  • Katie Hart

    YAY!!!!! this bag is gorgeous :lol:

  • lee

    i love love love the fendi spy!

  • Hart

    I’m personally not a fan of the ivory version of the “classic” spy bag (it’s scary that bags turn “classic” nowadays), even though the black Spy bag is still one of my top favorites.

    But then again, sequels rarely top the original…

  • gizmo

    Please help – I am looking for this bag but not sure whether I am checking on fakes. what is with the site bagarama.net or diabro.net. are these real???????? :lol: :sad:

    • carol

      I am also looking for a Fendi spy bag and all the sites seem to be taking me around the block. I am hoping to find a knock off, factory sample,sale anything that will alow me to look and purchase.

      Thank you!

    • carol

      I have not been able to find a site with these bags they say Fendi Spy but they take you to every thing else. The knock offs I have to find a site yet to purchase them. Hope to find out soon !!!!!!!

  • lucy

    dear megs, i am looking to buy a white bag and am trying to decide between the fendi spy and the jimmy choo kasia lattice. i personally prefer the kasia for being more distinctive, but am thinking that for the price perhaps the spy would be better for being more timeless. what do you advise?

  • chinyere

    were can l buy the original in London? :sad: :???:

  • girl houston

    love it :grin:

  • Laurie

    I own a white one and I love it!

  • miss minkette

    i own this bag in ivory and i LOVE it! favorite bag i own. i live in FL so it’s always great to have a nice white summer bag.

  • Mary Music

    If there is another handbag as versatile, classic, and iconic as the Fendi Spy Bag, please email me a picture. I have a butter-soft gold/silver metallic—-I still smile with pleasure when I take it out of the dustbag. Just absolutely gorgeous handbags!

  • Tammy

    This bag is nice. But I got the white FERI MOSH bag, similar style and has more compartments so you can organize your items you put in the bag. The BEST IS I GOT PAY TO WEAR IT, ASK ME HOW, it’s definitely beautiful!!!

  • Naggy

    It like doesn’t matter what version they come out with; I dislike this bag. (ipad)

  • Inquiz!

    What makes this bag SO GREAT! Does it have a lot of different compartments that R available? Who is the best Designer you have ever purchased a Hand Bag from?