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Forgive me for a moment while I indulge in a bit of Internet vernacular: I am disappoint, PurseBloggers. For the past few seasons, I’ve thought that Fendi was on something of a roll when it came to runway bags; Spring 2011 was of particular note, and I had high hopes for what Fendi Spring 2012 handbags would look like. Well. Let’s just say that those hopes were summarily dashed by what happened at the actual show.

I’m not here to critique the ready-to-wear, but I think it’s relevant to say that the entire thing made me think that Fendi really, really wants to be Prada when it grows up. Karl Lagerfeld made a lot of overtures to the wearable, intellectual, modernist quirk that has become Miuccia’s signature, but the final products felt like the designs were reaching for something they didn’t quite accomplish. That’s doubly true for the multicolored studded bags and all the totes that look like they’re birthing suede hobos. Maybe these bags are just so different that I need to give them a chance to grow on me, but right now, I simply don’t get it, with the exception of the couple clutches with the extra-short fur trim. Those can stay. Cathy Horyn disagrees with me, though, so I’m probably wrong.

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  • Jennifer

    The studs remind me of the Coach polka dots from 2005ish.

    • Sakyie

      I thought the same thing when I saw it.

  • Reina

    The silvana’s look gorgeous though!

  • Mama M

    I knew I should have kept that Bedazzler….
    These are definitely not my style. The bedazzled ones look cheap.

  • Lucinda

    I really don’t like these at all and they don’t exactly say ‘Fendi’ to me.

  • Fiona-Brazil

    Way too trendy , they will be outdated before hitting the stores…

  • Laiyi

    #2 and #7 looks OK

  • lula

    the striped, the perforated, and the studded ones look great. and of course the clutches. Love the collection (not so much for the clothes)

  • mochababe73

    I like the first one. It’s cute.
    The perforated ones are okay as well.
    However, the ones with the candy-colored studs look cheap.
    I think that maybe they should bring back some of the classic bags in different fabric alliterations. I’m still coveting that peekaboo.

  • Sandra Rowley

    The Silvana, which for fall is lovely, took a turn for the worse in this collection.

    • The Silvana is such a lovely bag in leather and exotics, but I’m not digging the picnic bag makeover either.

  • Lianne

    I *like* the ones with colored studs. Especially the one in black. I would carry it.


    I LOVE all these new bags…..I think they are great! and am actually wanting to by the coloured one bad as well as the grommet ones!!!!

  • boperea

    Amanda: I totally disagree with you on both parts; fashion and bags. Karl Largerfeld and Fendi are so not trying to be Fendi, I think it is the other way around. Karl and Silvia Venturini Fendi have always stated that the Fendi woman is the “future of Italian fashion”. I certainly think that Prada and Fendi in no way can be compared. If anything, Prada as of late is copying Marni the house’s take on a modernist twist or even Helmut Lang… but not Fendi.
    As for the bags, LOVE THEM!!!! I think they will take awhile to grow on you and I can guarantee you that the next couple of seasons, we’ll see proiferated leather bags, bags with colored studs, and birthing hobos in all of the major designers! Fendi is certainly ahead of the game.

  • elice

    I love Fashion,when i see this bags , i was so exciting ! I want to get it and then take them to show ! Big love !

  • louch

    I tend to agree with boperea – Fendi regularly surprises me these last few seasons and I think this collection hits the mark. These bags have good clean lines and just enough interest so they aren’t boring. For once, I give them the thumbs up.

  • Mak Maria

    They are cute & trendy, but, not my cup of tea.

  • Bir

    Hmmmm I just do not love their style. I see no definition no path. It’s a mix and Im lost in the many elements.

  • klynneann

    I really like #1-3, but I don’t like the same bag in its different iterations (#28-35)

  • Rene

    I’m with you in this one. I love last season’s collection with all the color combination and classic styling (Silvana, Peekaboo and even the penguin bag is starting to grow on me).
    But this 2012 collection is way beyond my comprehension.

  • Subbz

    I like some of them but only as runway bags.