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  • Mimi K

    I can’t help but like the quilted bag but probably for the right reasons (i.e. obvious Chanel similarities) and definitely nothing to do with Moschino’s influence.

  • Irene

    I like how nobody went on a tirade over the quilted shoulder bag… If that isn’t the ultimate dupe on a bag I don’t know what is.
    Funny how tpb bloggers go on a self righteous rant about Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff for producing trend inspired bags that actually do a service to most women by offering a financially attainable fashion forward product.
    But when Moschino deliberately and blatantly copies Chanel, then no one has anything to say.
    It’s easy to knock the “cheaper” product but when MOSCHINO does it, it’s totally justified.
    Just shows how ingnorant and delusional people tend to be.
    I’m done with this stupid site for good
    Signing off

    • Daniella

      This is so true. Saying this got me pitchforked out of a thread once.

    • Stina Sias

      But this is a new bag! Give it some time and everyone will hate it :D

    • seres

      I am sorry you feel this way. There is definitely a place for “the look for less” brands just as it is room for valid criticism when a designer seems to lack original vision. This criticism was recently directed at Gucci’s runway bags so it not just targeted at lower priced brands.
      I do think the reason Moschino’s bag escapes copying criticism is it clearly declares itself as parody (which “the look for less bags do not”).

    • Daniel Wong

      There’s a difference between counterfeiting which is what Korrs is doing as opposed to parody which is what Moschino is doing. They are making it fun, for laughs and not taking everything too seriously. Korrs is just lazy, slapping everything on trend and sell it to poor people.

      • Michelle Birchfield

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      • Katharina Wonaschütz

        excuse me but last time I checked, Michael Kors (you spell it with one r) was not a brand for poor people. Poor people usually don’t have 300$ or more to spend on a bag. Don’t be so condescending! Sure, it’s not as expensive as Chanel but it’s still a solid, good quality brand. My MK bag has lasted me for five years!!

      • Irene

        Do you know the definition of counterfiting? You are truly delusional. MK definitely produces the same style as many brands, true, but also produces his own. That Moschino is an exact copy of the Chanel flap. Even the clasp is deceiviing. There is no denying it no matter what you want to say.

      • Katy ;P

        so true!! like the Selma xo

      • Florence Cunningham

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    • Mya Wilkes

      Girl bye!

    • Lily

      Ummmm…look at the hardware. Those are vices. I think the intention was a parody/mock on Chanel.

      • Irene

        Ohhh, a parody/mock. Yes that certainly Claire’s things now.

    • ruru

      Moschino historically mocks Chanel, it always has in it clothes and bags…thats Moschino’s schtick, through that it has brand identity as fun and less than serious, Michael Kors however has no identity so he borrows from others, and his own premium line bags are NOT cheap and they suffer the same problem. seems to me you either love Michael Kors or own his bags and are pressed that some people don’t like him, thats the point of this blog for people of all view points to express them about a common interest, if you don’t like that then maybe the internet isn’t for you, and no one here is stupid, they just have opinions…like you.

    • FashionableLena

      PREACH! I’m still going to read the blog, but I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Michael Kors and other lower priced designers for years. I guess that it’s okay for only some designers and not others.

  • seres

    I had to look at the SHOP one twice. Wouldn’t buy JS/Moschino but I like the sly irreverence.

  • FashionableLena

    Love the quilted bags, and the price is right!

  • I guess Chanel will stop them from selling the quilted bag. I can’t believe how stupid Moschino management are to allow this out of the studio. It’s a great prank but should have been for internal consumption only.

  • Unapologetic

    I apologize in advance for my wild and crazy rant.

    Please “designers” stop doing your version of the Chanel flap bag! LV now this! The flap bag has become so stale and overated it is like replicating an old shoe. Yes flap bags are (were) great but the are becoming so boring. You see them everywhere. Please come up with something new! Yes I know the flap bag is a classic but I am so tired of seeing it. It’s like the new LV Speedy! Classic but needs a break. Should we talk about how boring and stale the Birkin is now? It’s like the holy grail bag that is about as old and dated as the actual holy grail. Haha! New money! I crave new innovative fashion!

  • Lisa

    Personally, I wouldn’t drop $1,100 on a joke bag but it’s a clever idea… once. Surely something you would get tired of very quickly. I’d rather buy the real thing than everyone else’s version of Chanel. Chanel is Chanel… come up with a new idea!

  • kristin

    Jeremy Scott is really obviously influenced by the trajectory of artists like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons — manipulating the media, asking questions about authorship and appropriation, taking the mundane and making it iconic/taking the iconic and making it banal. The flap bag with the new hardware with vices forming interlocking CCs is absolutely a pop art statement. The detergent backpack is straight up Warhol. I think he’s even mimicking the career of Warhol by choosing specific ‘taste-maker’ celebrities to be part of his coterie, which is exactly what Warhol did. It’s kind of fascinating to watch unfold, and it’s hilarious and disorienting to walk into Neimans and see a gigantic quilted nylon purple backpack the size of a small grizzly bear among the Bals and McQueens. It makes me question my ‘role’ as a consumer. This work is supposed to be disruptive. Although for Warhol and his sycophants it didn’t end too well…

  • Vicky

    I like the backpack. Sure to contrast with the gym stuff I’m thinking about if it’s big enough to be put in. :)