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  • Valentine

    Their simplicity is refreshing!

  • lori

    I’m a fan of Mansur Gavriels simplicity and beautiful leather. I quite like the new lady bag especially after I realized it was a satchel and not a backpack as it read that way from the instagram post. It did look like a no hardware, less structured version of Alexander Wang large marion bag. But no one should be fooled that any designer is reinventing the wheel. I think it’s more important to at least make it look good and to add your own voice. And I think this bag succeeded in that.

    • When I first saw the bag in the showroom, I thought it was a new backpack, too–because the handle attachments (which are hardware, allowing the strap to be removed) are completely on the back, I think it reads that way from the front when it’s not on someone’s arm to provide context.

      • Winn

        are you guys talking about slide #6? not backpacks?

      • lori

        yep, that’s the new lady satchel. sounds like the long shoulder strap is connected from the back not the side. I love it more as a satchel and not a backpack but that’s how I first saw it when I saw this style on their instagram

      • ebun

        You mean it’s not a backpack?! I feel like that changes everything completely! Literally went from scrolling past it to ‘hmm this could possibly work’. But I do agree that the top handle seems really long..

  • katrina

    Heavens! Here’s to hoping that the buckets would not sell out before I get my hands on one of those gorgeous pink beauties! Simplicity personified. Congratulations on a lovely collection.

  • Love almost al of their bags. I really want one and I’m on the hunt for one of their bucket bags. But it’s impossible to lay my hands on one (in the Netherlands).

  • Katerina

    That medium pink is seriously calling my name!

  • Megan

    Is this their whole stock? It seems like it because of how hard it is to get your hands on a freaking bag! :)

  • Sparkletastic

    I’m the lone wolf here. I don’t “get” these bags. I love great leather and simple lines but, these still are a meh for me.

    • Cami

      I feel the same!

      • Y Ajayi

        I feel the same, quite boring bags

  • Sandy

    Maybe if I actually held this bag IRL because just looking at pics I just do not get all the fuss everyone is making. Simple yes…and boring!

  • Jamie

    WHEN?! anxious for them to take my money in exchange to one of these beauties!

  • HerrRaccoon

    I really do love the simplicity of their bags. Even more so, I love that despite their simple facade, you can still see a high level of craftsmanship in both design and construction. Overall though, i do kind of get that “meh” feeling as well. I’m in love with the Lady Bag though. It reminds me of a custom bag i made not too long ago, that, since then, I have obsessed over. I wish i could see the back of it. It’s not hard to tell why MG has been taking over, just look at that leather! Beautiful.

  • buffmom33

    Have to get my hands on the black bucket with royal blue lining!!!!LOVE

  • GoBears95

    It does not matter. There is something seriously wrong with Mansur Gavriel’s supply chain. Meanwhile I see copycats everywhere….. (including Michael Kors which has no design talent but copy)

    • I don’t think that there’s anything “wrong” per se. The way they have expanded their product line, their colors, sizes, etc. shows that they are doing this thoughtfully and carefully. The fact they have kept prices low, is also worth noting. It seems to me that they have made the conscious decision not to expand just for the sake of it, to simply meet demand. The brand are of course framing it in the context of their commitment to quality, but it could also be a very effective marketing ploy. Also, from what I understand (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong), MG are still a relatively small, independent company, without the deep, deep pockets of a conglomerate. So that could also be a factor as to why they haven’t upped production.

    • HraSpun

      In case you didn’t know, Mansur Gavriel (the brand) has just 6 full time employees, two of them being Mansur and Gavriel themselves :)

  • uncertain

    These are BEAUTIFUL. I’m honestly happy they’re sold out until March because it means my wallet can rest until then

  • FashionableLena

    I like hardware so these bags have no appeal for me. However, that pink is a very pretty color. Pink can sometimes go so wrong.

  • mary

    love them but considering how hard to get my hands on one of these, I’m out

  • Kathyjazz

    I bought the small bucket in black, lined in gold. I tried to love it, but didn’t even like it after carrying it for a couple of days. It’s now at the consignment shop. And just about every designer has an iteration of this bucket style now.

    • Luisa

      why didn’t you like the bag? I want to buy one but i’m afraid that happens to me..

  • cee

    how do u even carry the Lady Bag??? seems slightly awkward on the hanger, but maybe looks nice when carried?? wish i could see on an actual person. trying to see if i should get wait-listed for the min backpack or wait and take my chances on this Lady Bag. lol

    • waseema

      I managed to get my hands on the lady, i can fit everything my bayswater has in it and can use both straps over the shoulder. It feels more secure than the bucket as you thread through the top of the bag and into body of the bag ????