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  • Kiddo

    I love handbag on slide 21/21…very unique!

  • missarewa

    I love slide 19!

  • kindled

    In general, I love Kate Spade’s unusual and literal bags, but the frog one is just creepy looking (the snail is cute, though!).

  • FashionableLena

    I haven’t been interested in Kate Spade in a long time. This time is no different. However, I do love the sandals in slides 5,6,9,and 10.

  • yikes…the creature-shaped bags are giving me goosebumps!! esp the snail and the frog!

  • Colleen Michelle Amos-Mezinze

    Shoes are awesome. Bags..some I did not like.

  • anon

    I don’t really buy Kate Spade, but I really like how the designs at least make an attempt at being original and appealing *cough*Micheal Kors*cough*

  • shueaddict

    I see that irrevent bags are out in force … I guess it would be OK to buy the cute snail for a garden party. The Saint Laurent golden gun????? … not so sure it’s worth the $$$

  • p

    What a sick thing to let those models stnad there like living statues while people look at them, kinda weird :S

    • LIVee

      It’s called “Presentation” in fashion world. Apparently it’s cheaper to run shows like that. I guess Kate Spade knows that they prefer to stick with their own retailer store rather than spending thousands of money to invite famous buyers and bloggers and that.

  • LIVee

    Where is Kate Spade going really? It looks like its a target line

  • Jena

    The creepy animal bags are actually inspired (I think ) by the wicker animals the peoples republic of china used to produce in the 1950s 1960s. Cool in that respect. I like the crab

  • Cassandra Smith

    Kate Spade has this simplicity in color but goes over the top in terms of style and design. I have always loved their handbags.

  • Irisjetaimeonfragrantica

    Encore plus glamour que le style parisien…