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  • FashionableLena

    I really like the bag in slide 15. The good thing about the puffy bags is that they can double as pillows.

    • Immodest Goddess

      Perfect for flying!

      • Loretta Gilbert

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  • Babs


    • Elisa

      Ha! Cute. Agreed, we don’t sleep on our bags.

  • Vicky

    The first one and #12 look good. I can use it as my travel bag and double it as a pillow. :)

  • crescent

    Those pillow bags look like the rejects from the Coco Cocoon collection of Chanel.

  • molls37

    Where is Loewe at? One of the most important bag brands hasn’t been recognized.

    • Sparky

      Loewe was really strong a few years ago. Past 2 years I don’t like the direction. Very few styles and what they have isn’t interesting. I hope they step up their game because I really want to start shopping their line. Great understated brand.

  • Immodest Goddess

    Slide 23 – my money’s in the mail

  • Joline

    the atrocity.

  • carefulincole

    Like the #20 black bucket

  • Finem Lauda

    All I see are those inflatable bath neck pillows.

  • Jess

    Slide 15 is a fave. That colour. Need more of that in my wardrobe.

  • The “puffy” bags are like salpas the pre sample bags made up to assess the appearance and functionality of a bag before manufacturing the final item. Very weird.

  • Tammie Reed

    not a fan of the puffy bags at all but some of them are really cute


    Quite frankly, I never got into the whole Céline thing. We seem to forget that Kors was a predecessor to Philo many years back.

    From logo overkill, to “too cool for school” minimal chic, the brand has completed a 180-degree turnaround.

    Alessandro Michele at Gucci is the star of the season, and his depth of passion for research and a solid feel for his “story” positions Gucci at the top of the Tree for this season.

    Dior and Loewe are the two leaders in the LVMH stable, alongside FENDI, when it comes to creating lust-worthy accessories. I still drool over the Miss Dior.

    Recently I purchased the Marmont wallet on a chain / Clutch, as well as the Dionysus shoulder bag by Gucci. I am utterly obsessed. Next, the Webby in Chocolate Brown leather – the second it hits Australia!

  • Jess

    I would not carry any of these.

  • kate


  • lavinia

    To me Celine is now the most innovative bag designer on the market. They go straight ahead they do not look at what the others do. Like or not I love it, this is to me what every designer should do (and stop copying each others :).

  • Elisa

    I love slide 23 and even like the shape shape of some of the other structured pocketbooks/purses but I’m not a fan of studs or motorcycle themed leathers. The down comforter purses are just not practical. I love innovative form as long as function is considered equally. Who needs all of that bulk? I agree, the puffy bag could be a pillow, and if I bought one, I’d lose my home and be forced to sleep on the street and thus use it as my sidewalk pillow. :)

  • JaneH

    So eclectic I love it.

  • Sparkletastic

    What. Is. That. Puffy. Crap????

    • Can’t say I want one of the puffy bags myself… But def as a travel bag! Ha

  • Dwightinha

    The lilac coco bag in slide 23 is just beautiful.