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  • shueaddict

    thank you Vlad … looks like NY is truly cold .
    The last slide just got imprinted into my memory – lovely almond eyes, huge chuncky scarf, kitty purse – all meant to be together.

  • as

    european street style is just so much better than american imo. what is see here is just a few expensive, flashy pieces thrown on top of some mismatched outfit. fashion week will always be more thrilling in paris and milan

  • FashionableLena

    Love the bag in slide 9

  • ladida

    Does nobody care that slide 15 is a fake?

    • badbitch

      i care, lets find and stone her, lawl

    • We didn’t realize it was a fake, we’ll remove it for sure!

  • Karin bag4bag

    I do love NY Fashion week in Fall. The pics are fabulous and give a lovely snippet into the event. To me there is a definite ‘trying too hard’ as opposed to ‘effortless definitive style’. Slide 14 and 17 are big winners to me.

    • Winn

      You can smell who’s cool and who is trying so desperately.

  • D

    Most outfits are just horrible…unfortunately

    • VividTexas

      agree……just awful….and kind of embarrassing :/

  • Justina

    Does anyone know the name of the bag or designer for slide 17? I love this bag!!!

    • VividTexas

      ummm…there’s only 16 slides…..

    • I think they removed one of the slides, but it looks like Charlotte Olympia to me, they have super cute slippers with the same cat motif…

  • VividTexas

    LOVE the boots in slide 3….everything else is just “meh”.

  • I am usually not too fond of the Chanel backpack, but here it actually looks quite cute! I’m ambivalent about the Chanel canvas/graffiti line just because it seems a lot of money to pay for canvas…

  • Hanakimi87

    Omg what is the bag in slide 1?

    • Kiara

      It’s the Coach Rhyder

  • SPA

    Love slide 16. I don’t think I will buy this bag simply because I wont be able to carry it off, but it looks perfect the way this lady is wearing it with her outfit and make-up.

  • beachbumsta

    What a dreary selection!

  • Alexa

    can someone identify the studded bag in slide 6 please!?

    • kaly

      Yes please, love that little bag!!!

  • kaly

    Love looking at these, whether I like the bags or not, so THANK YOU for sharing these pics!!

  • Mlle. Kat

    Can anyone ID the bag in slide 9?