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  • Smithy

    Hard to fully see the Rag & Bone bag while it is being held in such a silly way….but it looks adorable.

    • joele keilso

      the model is anorexic. She needs to hold it like that because it’s obviously too heavy to hold it naturally. ;)

  • ruru

    Nothing is consistent with Kors, he has no consistent aesthetic, he just makes replicas of whatever style of bag is popular which is at the moment the minimal look. slides 13/14 looks like they came from two different designers .

    • Smithy

      I find the same thing at a lower price point with Rebecca Minkoff bags.

      • ruru

        Yes i agree, the “regan” bag by Rebecca Minkoff is basically a direct copy of the Balenciaga city bag

      • Regina Ridley

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      • joele keilso

        all of Rebecca’s bags are a direct copy of other designers. She’s a female version of Michael Kors.

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    • Chelsea Girl

      You are bang on right about MK – I cannot agree more!!!

  • pinkngreenpurse

    Love the new Coach saddlebags!!!! They had several of them online last week for purchase…but they are now all gone!!!!

    • joele keilso

      You can thank the eBay resellers for that. LOL.

  • Michelle

    I want that Rag & Bone bag!!!!!

  • Maya

    I want that “see through” Rag and Bone bag!!

  • Melanie Hayden

    The 3.1 Phillip Lim bag made me catch my breath. I normally wouldn’t even think of a khaki coloured bag, but this one is making me think otherwise.

  • Martha

    Overall, very uninspiring!

  • Dylan Propst

    Love that Ralph Lauren Boston bag. So chic.

  • Stina Sias

    Love the Proenza Schouler, glad to see a cool bag from them that doesn’t look like a satchel- I’m a sucker for a good flap bag.

    • joele keilso

      Glad to see you’ve crawled our of your rock. You know, PS made bags like plain totes before. I saw one at the Nordstrom rack in Ontario Mills outlet. Where have you been all this time?

      • Stina Sias

        Not shopping in outlet stores!

      • joele keilso

        Have fun shopping at walmart.

  • Jdii Mughal

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  • Jess

    I was certain slide 18 was going to be Gucci. Designers copy each other so much!

  • Jdii Mughal

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  • Jerri R

    I am actually impressed this time with this Tory Burch.

  • Katy ;P

    As expected, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors are my faves! So classy and beautiful!

    • joele keilso

      The unoriginal MK having ‘classy and beautiful’ bags? Blasphemy!

  • Amy

    I can’t stop looking at the mark on the suede on slide 10!

    • joele keilso

      Looks like their doggy urine stain. Funny how the staff at Mansur G. didn’t notice it.