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  • guest

    PRADA?! Really?! I’m not too big of a fan of the D&G bags either.

  • Inquisitive Girl

    Purseblog, I went on to the other post about the Gucci box bags and seems that many people like me wanted to know how much the bags were but you didn’t have an answer. I would have expected an answer from you by now since so many people had the same questions. If you don’t know, just say at least how much you think it will cost or when it would be available.

    • Anne C

      No wonder why you haven’t gotten your question answered. Megs is so good at writing back to readers! But apparently she’s gone?

      • I’m here! Sorry, I’m out of town. Looking into it now :)

      • Anne C

        Thanks Megs! You always save the day :) This is why I love Purseblog. Even though you have so many readers, you still reply back and reach out to the audience. What an amazing editor! Welcome back Megs!

      • Thanks for the sweet welcome back! I shared in a post today that my grandmother passed away in January and I was gone most of that month, then catching up and Fashion Week, but now I’m back! Love having such sweet readers :)

    • I reached out to the team at Gucci, they don’t have prices yet. Once they do we will let you know! Sorry we didn’t get back to you sooner

  • Rashmi

    Gucci is the best!! I also am looking for info on the price as well as when they will be available. Thanks.

    And where on earth is our MEGS? is she hibernating? or too focussed on watching House of Cards? :) Anyways, not that we don’t like Amanda, but we miss our darling Megs and her blogs. In the voice of Rose (Kate Winselet) in Titanic, I want to say “come baaaack megs, come baaaack” :)

    • I’m back!!!!! Fashion Week always pulls me crazily and then I went out of town. Happy to feel missed :)

      • Rashmi

        good now get into action Megs :) heh heh. Hope you had a great vacation. Would love to read your overall thoughts on the fashion week, the bags you carried, some more pursonals too.

      • Purseonals will be coming back soon! Just catching up with everything and letting things get back into the right flow :)

  • Rashmi

    btw, Amanda, I know you used to do a recap on certain shows and it was always fun to read the reviews. Can you please start one on the HOuse of Cards? It’s an amaaaaazing show that I can’t stop watching! I’m on Season 2 episode 11!!

    • I know much of the PurseBlog team is loving that show! Not sure if we are going to add new recaps, but we might consider it!