As for the rest of you, please go get a paper towel to mop up the drool before we go any further.

Ready? Great.

I have a little theory about exotics that I’ve postulated around these parts before, and it goes something like this: if I’m going to pay a premium for crocodile or python (or, in this case, both), then I want the skins to be featured in the most glorious way possible. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the Carlos Falchi Caiman and Python Oversized Shoulder Bag is pretty much the definition of “glorious.”

What first caught my eye is that this bag is so slap-full of texture that I want to try and touch it through my screen. Predictably, that didn’t work so well, so I zoomed in on the pictures instead and things just kept getting better, the closer I got. Not only does the color variation highlight just how luxurious both the python and Caiman crocodile are, but it makes the bag far more interesting to look at than your average brown tote. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $3995.

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  • Dee

    I just wiped up a puddle of drool. That bag is gorgeous!

  • Jenn

    Wow, this is really beautiful. A work of art. I love the texture, and the chunky square rings on the handle are so cool.

  • mochababe73

    While I don’t like it, I can appreciate the craftmanship and the beautiful exotic skin. It’s a great price, too. I was expecting it to be alot more expensive.

  • annabelle

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…i want it! the price is not bad!!! (fb)

  • MAX

    Oh Shut Up! the first word came out of my mouth. Python+Croc+woven handle no need to say It’s perfect+ reasonable price for durable leather Love Love Love

  • Katydid

    Nice! Love the details. This would look great with khaki and gold…and matching python print heels, of course!

  • fufufox

    Indeed! This bag is breath taking! So beautiful!!!

  • Stacy

    Falchi does it again. Kudos to you sir for making a truly beautiful, breathtaking, awe-inspiring bag at a great price. Yes, Margaret there is a bag god and his name is Falchi. (little joke, not meaning any disrespect).

  • Christine

    mmmmmmmmm. this bag is perfect! I see it with dark skinny jeans/annkle boots/fabulous structured blazer, for fall. so lovely.

  • Bagolicious

    $3995. for caiman? I have a gorgeous caiman handbag, bought in Singapore, in a Kelly bag style with shoulder strap and gold hardware. It was around $500. around 2002. I then bought top of the line alligator, in 2003, at the same warehouse company in Singapore, for less than $850.

    I don’t get why alligator, crocodile, and caiman prices so outrageously expensive in the western world. It’s ridiculous. I grew up around plenty of these types of products, as a small child, early 60s, as my grandparents had them and they weren’t outrageously expensive then. It was similar to having leather, just more luxurious.

    • Old Bag

      No doubt dear, that in the early 60’s, as a small child, you yourself would have cost $500.
      So would a studio apartment in Manhattan.
      As far as your big bargains in the last decade? Well, perhaps you’re comfortable in an exotic skins “warehouse” in Singapore, but not many of the rest of us are. In fact, as long as you were in that part of the world, you probably could have picked up a nice “Hermes” bag in a night market for absolute PEANUTS, if that’s what you’re happy with. Puh-leeze.

  • linz

    dear oh dear… this one’s absolutely gorgeous!

  • sosti


  • Jelita78

    well hellllloooooo python and caiman !
    come to mama!
    this is smokin’ hot ! (ipad)

  • eflenard51

    Hello lover….

  • BagFanatic

    Superb. Simply superb. I LOVE Carlos Falchi!