Every member of the PurseBlog staff has counted themselves as residents of New York City at one point or another, and that means that we all appreciate a tote bag that’s both stylish and functional. For our fourth National Handbag Day handbag reveal, we’re proud to present a bag that’s just that: the Diane von Furstenberg Large Sutra Ready to Go Fringe Tote.


The tote, which is part of our special series with Bloomingdale’s in celebration of National Handbag Day, is everything we look for to liven up our dark city wardrobes. Not only is the vibrant red color totally gorgeous (and, not to mention, difficult to achieve in leather), but the fringe adds a bit of texture without adversely affecting functionality.


The cherry on top, of course, is the contrasting pop of fuchsia that peeks out from inside the bag. When combined with its large size and lightweight construction, this bag is a perfect option for showing off a bit of your personality at work or toting your kid’s essentials on the weekend. That the bag can work for such a range of needs is one of our favorite things about it.

Pick up one of your own for $498 via Bloomingdale’s.



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  • chris

    I love a good tote bag and can’t wait for dawn to rise on the second National Handbag Day. Here in the UK there was a feature on BBC Radio 4 yesterday about Handbags and Dementia – how important it was to the elderly to hang on tight to their handbags when they go into care homes as the handbag represents so much about independence and empowerment and style. It’s a space to roam in the imagination and memory, full of relics and talismans from the past of work, family, love – all aspects of an elder woman’s life. Sadly an elderly friend of mine whose mind is going awol is convinced she lost her favourite handbag on Victoria station, and now searches for it and its contents everywhere. But now she’s convinced it’s found again somehow after all this time. Can this be? Happy National Handbag Day everyone!

  • Rosa Lily

    I’m not a fan of fringe but on this bag it looks quite elegant.

    • LizzieHollowaybot

      My Uncle Micah just got a new red Fiat 500 Hatchback just by working from a laptop… over here -> FREELANCING WORK <-

  • missarewa

    at such a great price it may be time for me to finally get my fringe-fix!

  • EarnestOrphan79

    A handbag lost on Victoria station and it has been found? I have heard that the bag had been lost but not that it had been found. It’s one of my designs, a one off, pretty much my masterpiece it has to be said, my Sistine Chapel, my Ulysses. If it has been found then I must know. The fate of my heart hangs in the balance. I confess to an interest not only in the bag, there is a girl of course (there is always a girl).

    • MissyP1895

      Can I ask what was in the bag? Years ago I lost a black and white handbag of mine on the Brighton to Victoria line. I mean, chance would be a fine thing – but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!
      The reason I’ve been hunting for it all these years is I lost something very precious inside of it. The bag, you can keep, but if you have the contents – I can describe them to you if you please? – then I would pay handsomely for the reward!

  • Renee

    I want that bag sans the fringe. So not necessary

  • shueaddict

    very reminiscent of Valentino – but very good, nevertheless. I cannot bring myself to get on the fring trend, I guess I AM getting older.