Matt and Nat Bags

Last week we brought you the information that Hermes would have its own farm to breed crocodiles in Australia. PETA did not like that and neither did many of you. It only seems fitting that today we feature a socially responsible vegan line.

Matt and Nat Bags

Matt & Nat handbags have long been on our radar and today we must tell you why they are buzz worthy. Matt & Nat goes beyond making Eco Friendly bags, the premise for the company and brand is social responsibility. You will read about ‘Duality 21’ on the Matt & Nat website which is the drive for the brand to explore eco fabrics on a whole new level. They have two full collections as well as the lining in each of their bags being made of recycled plastic water bottles. I am guilty myself of using water bottles rather than re-using the same container. But it is somehow plausible, that one of my recycled plastic water bottles has gone into the design of a Matt & Nat handbag. The number 21 is used because on average 21 bottles are recycled to produce the lining while as many as 55 bottles are recycled when the shell is included.

Matt and Nat Bags

The paragraph above does not read as one that would follow a brand that can be found in major stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, CUSP, and Bluefly. The bags are stylish. I would actually wear one and I can not say that when it comes to many Eco Friendly lines. The price point is amazing, most bags between $100 to $200. The main question is how the bags feel in person and this I should be able to tell you soon! We are going to have a batch of Matt & Nat bags to review in he office soon. The duality of environmental consciousness along with a design centric focus, Matt & Nat is a handbag line you should not disregard. Learn more and shop Matt & Nat bags via their website.

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • sheana

    I’ve yet to see one of their handbags in person but I absolutely LOVE the fact that its super ecofriendly AND Vegan! yay!

  • Mandy

    I have looked at Matt & Nat a lot but have not taken the plunge. Still not sure if they are for me, but I will say they have made great strides with their styles and the look of their faux leathers in recent years.

  • 19yearslater

    They don’t look like eco-bags, they look good. Very cool.

  • Loquita

    Megs, I am interested to hear what you all have to say about these bags once you study them more in person…the designs and colors are great (especially the magenta!), I am just curious about the feel of the bags themselves.

  • wongy74

    I like the Zen bag, the gray bag in the first picture. But it is so big! That is my only problem with Matt and Nat bags – I can’t find one in a size for me, they’re either too big or too small!

  • Sarah @ Salescoop

    Fashion and the environment protection can go together! I think I have a slight favoritism towards this line already. I actually really like the stylish design of the bags (two grey ones in particular), and the bold colors only add to it. With such a friendly price, I might become an owner of one and redeem for my sins of drinking out of plastic water bottles…


  • dacs

    They’re absolutely great. They established this line in the early 90’s. It’s nice to see all these designers join the eco friendly bandwagon but it’s even better knowing that this has been Matt and Nat’s design philosophy for many years.

  • kitty kansal

    I recently met nancy personally at harrods. I was one of her guests invited for lunch. nancy is the most down to earth person i ever met at her caliber. She is very friendly, warm and adorable. her character reflects on her bags. The most expensive material used to make simple, elegant and classic bags!! I loved her bags before i met her but now after meeting her i have great respect for her.

  • Otter

    These bags are nice. My sister bought one in Toronto last year and she quite likes it. The faux leather looks and feels quite real.

  • Denise

    I’ve seen there bags in person and they’re really nice! As Otter said, the faux leather does look and feel real. Plus, the bag designs are really nice. I would like to purchase one sometime in the near future.

  • Ashley

    I have 3 of these purses and 2 wallets…while I haven’t had much luck with the wallets (I must be hard on them or something) I love my purses, as they are slightly different then your standard purse. I always get compliments when I wear one. And people never believe me when I say it isn’t leather and that it is made by a vegan company. I’ve gotten so many of my friends hooked on the purses! I always look forward to their new collections


    very pretty, but i’d be curious to see how they feel!

  • Jay

    I have the Malice in grey and love it. The online picture does not do it justice as it is fully stuffed. Also, it came with a strap so I can wear like a messenger bag.

  • Kasia

    I have seen (and touched!) many Matt&Nat bags. They are indeed lovely.
    I have a black wallet with tan trim that I adore. It holds a lot of cards and paper money, but doesn’t allow me to keep too many coins, which is fine by me. There are also M&N bags that are grey wool/felt with “leather” details and great large zippers. Haven’t bought one yet, though the temptation is strong. My big concern is always that everything manufactured in China has a hidden environmental and social justice cost that makes me shudder……….