louis vuitton diaper bagWhen I have a baby I intend to travel with him/her/the whole family clan. All over Europe I have seen families on vacation and baby in tow. What I realize from carrying my Chloe Paddington Tote is two things: a) it is heavy and b) poor moms having to carry the diaper bag. I will hunt down the perfect man diaper bag when the time comes, because there is no way that I will carry the baby and the bag at all times. But you know me, I will travel in style, just like the rest of you Purse Bloggers should. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Diaper Bag is trimmed with grained calf leather and features all the hoots and whistles needed for a posh and practical diaper bag. You are guaranteed to need to change your tot, so there is a washable embroidered changing mat. Then the list just goes on and on, and I can’t think of anything LV has forgotten to make a mother happy. There are flat handles that are adjustable, a removable padded shoulder strap, an address holder which can be stamped with baby or mother’s initials (never put your full name, initals works perfect!), and a key ring holder. But then there are the compartments, TONS of them. On the outside you will find two pockets for baby bottles, one large front pocket with two interior flat pockets, one zip pocket, and one flat side pocket for mat. And on the inside you will find two flat pockets for diapers, two interior compartments, and an elastic band on each side for baby bottles. So there you have it. A posh perfect pair. Measurements are 17.7″x 11.8″x 6.7″ . Available for the stylish mom in you via eLuxury for $1870.

Edit: I must have mid worded myself; I am not a man, but I intend to have my man carry a diaper bag so I am not the only one carrying something! :lol:

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  • valentina

    I am soooo happy you chose to blog about this great bag!!! I am about to have my third child and the pink version (I am having a girl) has stolen my heart! Reading that it has caught an expert’s eye reassures me that the cost won’t be a folly considering it’s a diaper bag! Thanks!!!

  • Haleh

    Wait… You’re a man?

    • No! I meant that I will find a bag for MY man to carry!!! :wink:

  • Haleh

    Thanks for the correction! I was so confused — I was like “all this time I’ve been reading her wonderful taste in beautiful, feminine bags and I never knew it was a man behind Purse Blog!”

  • No worries!!! I am a female indeed!!!! Thanks for telling me to correct that, because I may have confused a ton of people!

  • Lisa

    I am not sure what I am having what color do you recommended I really like pink everything i have is pink but what if i have a boy. And i dont like the brown one….or does it matter

  • love.itbabag


  • Neriessa

    I bought this bag the minute it came out!!..and I am very happy with my purchase!!
    I had a baby boy and wanted the blue one but Karan, the asst. manager at the hollywood and highlands store suggested that the brown one is more practical!!!
    all moms should have this for a diaper bag!!!

  • Kendra

    :smile: I just love this bag …I wish i could afford something like this one day :grin:

  • Mama Tin

    I have the brown one and never used them… yet!!! i’m due on december and i can’t wait to use it! with all those compartments and the baby pad, i can’t ask for more! and aside from that, when my baby grows big and doesn’t need a diaper bag anymore, i can still use this cause it’s not as diaper-bag-looking as other diaper bags are! oh and a good tip, my sister bought it for me in France and it’s a lot cheaper, the regular price just ended up at around $1400. it’s an LV store, not just some store so i’m sure it’s authentic!

  • Mercedes

    Hi all I just received the brown one as a gift. I’m so excited, I love it and can’t wait to use it. This bag is awesome, I will definately have everything I need. I don’t have to carry a cheap nylon bag that they give you in the hospital. I will be usually it as long as I can as a diaper bag, after that I can use it on my travels.

  • Vlo512

    I got this bag from my husband who knew I’m a big time LV lover. When I got pregnant with our first baby, he just knew this bag will make me very happy. Of course it did. I have not use it yet. My baby will arrive in May, can’t wait to use it!

    • mikepho

      hey whuts sup i read ur comment and my grl is also a LV lover and im dying to get this bag to her u know how and where i can purchase this bag and how much it is and im from canada 1hr away from toronto so please lettme know asap thnk you very much and congrats on ur newborn

  • Olivia

    This is great. When I have a child I will definitley be getting this. Louis Vuitton is one of my favorites!

  • Melissa

    I have to say this is a very attractive bag, but at the same Time think of the Price……Anyone could settle for a bag under $100.00 it’s for carrying baby stuff for God’s Sake… The amount this costs you could help put food in many families mouths and help a lot of people.

    I am not trying to put any of you down for purchasing your luxury bags but just sometime stop and think what could I invest my money in that is not just to serve myself……

    Just food for thought

  • victoria from sweden

    Oh my god. I’m in love with a diaperbag. That’s what makes me wan’t to be a young mom!!! hahaha:D gorgeous.

  • sandy

    hey found it on this site http://www.luxurybagsdirect.com it awesome and there all different colors.. and its not very expensive!!

  • Michelle

    I bought this bag 6 months ago. Now with my 2nd i can barely pay my rent and other bills but at least i have a stylin bag. I may be broke but i dont have to walk around and look like i am :)

  • jaque

    does any one want to sell their LV bag??

    • Audrey

      Are you still interested in a LV diaper bag. I have one in brown that I would love to sell. I rarely used it.

      • Jackie

        I realize that it’s been a while…do you still have the bag? I’m due in 4 weeks! Thanks.

  • SR

    Hey Sandy I checked the above mentioned website. http://www.luxurybagsdirect.com. Are you sure it’s not a scam? Where are they based ? Did you use that bag ?

  • linzjohn

    whar other designers do baby bags? x

  • Momma

    i love this bag… it has tons of pockets, zippers and compartments. it’s just a little heavy for me. the bag itself is a little heavy…

    yessssss, i’m broke too… i don’t have to walk around looking like i am :)

  • gabriella

    I have this bag in the blue and love it! It works well with all you need to carry and is the best bag on the diaper bag arena….I live in NYC and rarely see anyone else with it! One correction though you listed the price on eluxury as 1870, but the bag retails for much higher then that….if your getting a price that low I would be slightly suspicious that something does not seem right…but anyway it is the best diaper bag around!

  • Milly Mom

    Can you still buy this in 2009? Although my baby is out of diapers, I travel constantly. Would love it for a travel bag! Help me LV friends

    • Audrey

      I have a barely used brown LV diaper bag. I am interested in serious offers only. Thanks and let me know if you are interested. Retails for $2200.

  • Donna

    Hi there! Is anyone willing to sell their pre-loved Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag? I would love to get one but I can’t afford the price tag of a brand new model. Thanks!

    • Audrey

      I have a 2006 LV Brown Diaper Bag. Rarely used. Sold for $2200. I would be willing to sell immediately for $1500.

      • heather

        Did you sell your LV diaper bag?

  • MumToTwo Angels

    My husband bought this for me; we ended up having a girl, but even if I had a boy, the bag is for the mum, nit the baby, so why would you need to match the color with the child? The pink is gorgeous and can doble as a spring travel bag when the kids grow up. No matter boy or girl, the pink bag is perfect for the feminine mum!

  • Bev

    Anyone out there willing to sell their LV diaper bag!? I am really interested!!

  • Elaine

    Looking for a used LV diaper bag……..anyone!

    • nataly

      I’m Desperately looking for the authentic LV diaper bag. Bleu or brown/
      Do you have one?

  • bagfashionstyle

    Anyone out there willing to sell their LV diaper bag!? I am really interested!!

  • LD

    Where can I buy this bag??

    • sandra M.

      As of now, Louis Vuitton is not making any diaper bags and has retired the last bag.

  • Cris

    I am really interested in purchasing a brown diaper bag! Anyone willing to sell please contact me at romabella51@yahoo.com.

  • Jennifer

    Looking to buy an authentic LV diaper bag. Anyone selling?

    • sandra M.

      I have a mini lin brown authentic Loius Vuitton diaper bag. I love it, but I could use the cash. are you still looking to purchase one?

      • saira

        Do you still have the LV diaper bag available?

  • Lori

    Hi Ladies, I’m looking for an authentic LV diaper bag, particularly the older style that comes in blue or khaki. If anyone is interested in selling theirs, please contact me at lori_elise@hotmail.com.
    Warm regards,

  • Naggy

    It looks like you can carry a lot in it. (ipad)

  • Tahnee

    I love it…love it….love it! But I don’t know if I’d pay that much, especially with carrying around bottles, cream, snacks, juices…i would be afraid something would spill and mess it up!! (ipad)

  • Crystal

    I am ready to sell my Lv diaper bag, its in brown. I can send pics if anyone is interested, let me know

    • Gabrielle

      I am interested! How much and is it still available, due in September.

      Thank you!


    • nancy

      is your bag still available?

    • jaime

      is it still for sale

  • Esther Teo


    I have the brown mini lin diaper bag for sale if you dun mind a pre loved one.

    Can contact me at tulips02@hotmail.com.

  • Jill

    Hi-I have a pink mini lin for sale that I recieved from my husbands business partner when our daughter was born. I had already purchase a Gucci diaper bag so I only used the pink mini lin once and just listed it on ebay. I am trying to find the date code but can’t locate it…..does this mean it is not authentic? Where would it be located? Thanks!

    • Hollie

      Is the bag still available?

  • guci

    love mini lan,which was bought in eonyes.com

  • cheap miu miu bags

    That was a great interview. And I’m looking forward to the bags.cheap miu miu bags

  • Melanie

    I am looking for a used brown diaper bag. Anyone selling?

  • Esther Teo

    Mine brown one is still available for sale. Anyone interested do email me at tulips02@hotmail.com

  • Renee

    I am interested in purchasing the brown mini lin. Please contact me if you have an authentic bag to sell.

  • Kisha Wrightk

    I am looking for the brown diaper bag please contact me at kishag212@gmail.com

  • Andrea Schulte Sbarro

    If anyone is interested, I will be listing a used pink Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Diaper Bag (just like the one pictured) on ebay. Or email me if interested asbarro@sbcglobal.net

    • shreya

      Hi Andrea, do you still have the bag available? Thanks!

  • y

    I am interested in purchasing the pink diaper bag – email me at ypfallon@yahoo.com