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  • Aliza Zibkoff

    Not Coach, not at all.

  • lavinia

    It’s not increasing suddenly prices that they can “from yesterday to now” change the brand image and the disaster they did (they created). The fringe one seems a Ralph Lauren copy, the second one is still Coach but now with a too high price. For me to regain the customers trust they so badly lost they have to do much more than this…sorry :)

    • mhtncoh

      The fringe bag is inspired by a 1965 piece from the Coach archives called the “Krazy Klutch” — the idea that it’s a RL copy is totally wrong!

      • darlenecprovince

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  • kindled

    These pieces may be more trendy (although the Rhyders look similar to the Ralph Lauren Ricki bags), but they’re a lot less classic. I don’t find them appealing.

  • Jen

    Well, my wallet just took a sigh of relief, she knows money will not be spent on this. Coach used to have undeniable quality at a reasonable price point. Over the years the quality and their style have subsided.. instead of hiring people that don’t get it, ask old fans, we will tell you what we want, and wont charge millions in a salary to “revamp” the company,

  • Uadjit

    I like the Edie studded shoulder bag and the Tatum tote. But that’s it. And that’s a lot to pay for Coach.

  • weaslgrl

    I’m not excited over these. I don’t see anything particularly original or unique or creative. I see hints of Gucci, Balenciaga, and Ralph Lauren, but not as well executed. IMHO, there’s nothing that moves the brand forward or justifies the higher prices.

  • Yazi

    I think this new designer needs to quickly establish the aesthetic and image he has for the new Coach line. This cowboy-inspired look isn’t original enough to warrant the new high prices.

  • Eve

    I don’t like any of Coach’s new offerings – I would even go so far as to say I hate them. I’m really surprised that these are the bags that Coach put out, every single one of them is unappealing and very overpriced. I think the only good change Coach has had lately was changing from the orange and white bags to the brown ones!

  • laura

    I actually like it but I agree with the other comments, it doesn’t look like Coach at all.

  • PJGambler

    I kind of like the Black fringe one for wearing jeans, etc., but the others look rather cheap to me. The fringe one is like a Gucci knock-off but with different quality leather.

  • Marl

    My husband will be happy because there is not one bag in this collection that I like.

  • twirler

    i just don’t see how this price point will attract ANYONE. the young teenage girls that probably make up the majority of coach’s customer base won’t be able to afford it, and higher-end customers won’t justify $1,000 for a coach bag that’s of seemingly lesser quality and attractiveness than other brands. these designs just don’t elevate the brand enough to warrant the prices.

    • Shavonne

      I agree with you on the pricing issue but disagree about Coach’s customer base being made up of teenage girls. It isn’t. Sorry.

      • chanelle

        regardless, those customers used to spending $200 on a bag won’t easily adjust to a $495 price tag

      • Deb

        Coach customers are not used to spending $200 on bags unless if they shop at the outlet. Just an FYI.

      • Shavonne

        There are a LOT of Coach customers who will pay $500 for a Coach bag. I love the brand, would want to work for them. However I understand what Coach is trying to do: pushing the Coach outlet shoppers to stay in Coach outlet while trying to raise exclusivity by no longer sending Full price items to its outlet stores and getting rid of PCE. Now the bottom line emerges: You either get on board with the new price point or move on. I like the range of $350-$400 for a Coach bag with tax included. My favorite items from the Fall 2014 collection is the Crosby in Violet, the Madison Phone Zip wallet, and the Rivet Folio.

      • Firefly

        Exactly !!

  • Stina Sias

    these are gross but I’m really excited for the metallic and cartoon inspired bags you recently posted about

    • Petra Pan

      Never heard a bag described as gross…. Interesting adjective.

      • Stina Sias

        What can I say I’m an English teacher ;)

  • Melinda

    While I’m not totally thrilled with the offerings, I am pleased to be getting more than the “same old/same old”. I had gotten really tired of another rehash of styles we had been seeing of late. Coach designs had been getting exceedingly tired and rather pedestrian. I will at least be watching what they are offering now.

  • Kimberly Sun

    Dislike. Despite being leather the design looks cheap IMHO. Also not feeling the way the fringe is cut. Not even comparable to the Gucci fringe.

  • AshleyG

    *Kanye voice* I’ma let Vevers finish but Krackoff had the BEST COLLECTIONS EVER.

    • Petra Pan

      This is why no one listens to Kanye….

  • WhosThatBag

    Yes, please! As a long time Coach fan, I’m glad it doesn’t “look like Coach”. Along side bags of varying price points, my Coach bags have held up as well as the others (if not better in some cases) so the price is what it is. The Dakota cross body and the Edie shoulder bag both get thumbs up. Do I love everything I see here, no. I’m also a diehard Bottega fan and I didn’t love every single piece in their collection this season, either. I say keep doing what you’re doing, Stuart!

  • FashionableLena

    I went to Bloomingdale’s over the weekend and saw these. Not a fan. The leather didn’t seem to warrant the price, and this was too thematic even for a Texan gal like me. Good luck to them.

  • John


    The end

  • I love the new vibe. Its such a cool, street type look compared to their old bags. The Rhyder is doing it for me – especially in the metallic!

  • Liliane

    It doesn’t look like Coach, which in consideration of some of the collections in the past few years might be a welcome change. (I personally consider it one!) But those prices…not acceptable. For such high prices, I’d rather go put the money towards a Balenciaga, which many of these mimic in their hardware and shape. If the price point was lower, I think this would be much more successful. But, for me, I can’t see myself spending that much on a Coach bag (at least, not now or in the near future) as I still don’t consider it a high-end luxury brand.

  • Brandy

    I really like the new bags because they don’t look like the “mom” stuff from before. This is edgier and is appealing to exactly who they want it to appeal to, 20s to early 30s with an edgy style. I think they won’t appeal to the people that are used to the “mom bags”. The Edie is kinda momish, but I love all the other bags.

  • Shavonne

    I saw the collection at my local mall in Okc and the bag that caught my eye is the Crosby carryall which isn’t even featured here unfortunately. This bag has the more classic Coach lines with a unique shape and nice hardware. I ordered one from Bloomingdale’s the same day.
    I think the Rhyder 33 is nice but the 24 is way too small for the price. The leathers feel light but have nice colorway. I think Stuart Vevers is trying to bring some street style edge to Coach in order to invigorate the customer base a bit, bring in some young ones.

  • ET

    I really love the fringe flap crossbody (pictured above) – it’d be beautiful in a nice tan color. Just NEVER at that price point. Over $700? That’s absurd. If Coach wants to start raising its prices, it should do it gradually. If I’m considering dropping $800 on that, I might as well save it and put it towards my more expensive bag goals.

    That said, I can only hope I manage to find that fringe bag on super sale…because I really do like it. And I honestly don’t think the new collection is all that bad in terms of style…I do find it more exciting and vibrant than previous collections. I can’t speak to the quality though because I haven’t handled the bags myself.

  • ebuypursesaaaa.com

    I prefer Gucci bamboo fringe flap bag. I love the bamboo handle, it is more special.

  • Sandi

    MAJOR MISSTEP. This new line will not sell well. There is not a SINGLE ITEM in this new collection I desire. And I typically buy 6-8 bags, wallets and accessories each year. The bags are over styled, pricey, and frankly, poorly executed copies of luxury brand designs from 15 years ago. Coach needs to go back to the marketing and designs that put them back on top these past few years. Disappointed that they raised prices, discontinued coupons, and alienated their core customers.Get rid of Vevers, fast.

    • Kim

      Ohmygoodness…I could not agree more. Not a single bag in this lineup appeals to me! I used to be a big Coach fan and was starting to come back to the brand because I liked the Borough bag so much…SO disappointed! (I hope someone at Coach is trolling forums like these to keep a pulse on public opinion.)

  • Megan

    People are missing the point of these bags. They’re not suppose to “look like Coach,” they’re suppose to look like a re-invention of themselves. The problem lies in the fact that people can’t get past the signature “C’s” that so many customers have grown tired of. That’s the “14 year old customer.” Many customers are grown up & want to see more high-fashion leather goods. There is nothing wrong with the prices. They aren’t trying to be Balenciaga or Gucci. Most leather bags from those companies are 4 digits, these are much more moderate in price and much more accessible to most people, while still remaining fashionable.

  • I1ST5XS

    After anxiously waiting for this new Coach line up, what a huge disappointment … I’m really sad about this. Coach has always been my go to brand for a quality and stylish leather handbag. I really wish that Coach would get back on track. I can’t find any bags that I like, even in the more expensive designer lines.

  • Deathkitty27

    I am a huge Coach fan. I have amassed a large collection in the six or so years since I moved up to what I always called “grown up purses” ( since I was hitting my late 20 ‘ s I decided it was time). As a background FYI I am a punk, I have tattoos, piercings and colored hair so I am not the traditional Coach shopper, but I am a sucker for a great handbag & fashion in general. I have an eclectic collection with classic bags and more modern styles and across multiple price points. I have no problem dropping cash on a bag that I consider beautiful & worth it (I do stay under four figures because that would be out of my budget & my husband would kill me :) ). I have to admit that lately I hadn’t been as pleased with what I had been finding in my local stores and had not really made any purchases outside of a gorgeous teal Borough bag (I normally get four to six bags a year). I was invited to the preview party for the new collection and had high hopes since Vevers has such a reputation. I actually went in not expecting to make a purchase, just wanted to see what was new & enjoy the free nosh & booze. I am not a fan of Western wear so not all the pieces are to my liking, but I do appreciate the “American” styling he is working in to the collection. I am used to current coach pricing but these are a little higher than usual. I actually really do love the Rhyder line, especially the larger metallic & teal bags with the graphite hardware and I think the feathers are cute. I actually purchased a bag from the line that’s not shown here, the metallic messenger in what they call bronze but is actually a gorgeous aubergine and I adore it. I understand why some people say it doesn’t look like Coach because it doesn’t, especially the IMHO boring repetitive styles of late. But I will give it a few seasons to see where it goes and what other changes come about. I am looking forward to the spring line because or the collaboration with Gary Basemen who I have loved for years, I am absolutely getting that tote if nothing else. I say if you are a Coach lover just give it a little more time before dumping them all together.

  • greycatNJ

    I am a 50 year old woman and have many Coach bags…I am appalled at the new designer’s collection. I agree with the comment below – the good news is I will save money as there is not one bag in this collection that I would even consider buying, and the prices are laughable for the design and quality. Colors are off for fall, and the designs look like a mid level brand you would see at Macy’s. Definitely geared towards the younger crowd…I am now buying from Reed Krakoff stores. Just can’t compare the design styles. As far as a fringe bag, look at Tory Burch’s which at almost half the price just screams class and taste, not “I’m a western girl from 1980!” What a bummer. I predict dire times for Coach – sell your stock if you have any. The leaders at Coach have missed the mark selecting this new designer. Check out the spring Coach fashion show – the clothing is hideous. It appears he is designing for twenty something Japanese women… what is with the little gremlin on the sweaters? I never would have guessed this as Coach merchandise. Definitely not worth the prices. Every time I walk by a Coach store, it is empty. I am not kidding. Coach better do something fast, as there are many other premier designers that women of a certain means will like. Just can’t compare the quality and styling with other high end bags. I am embarrassed for Coach…

  • loyalcustomer

    I have been a loyal coach customer and grew up with coach bags. Their quality has gone down significantly. My most recent purchase made at a coach store while traveling was a defective bag. Instead of a repair or replacement i got a letter and a credit that was much less than the replacement value of my bag. I bought coach bags because I didn’t think poor quality was an issue and coach stood behind its products. I was wrong in both cases. I will never again buy these coach bags.