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  • kindled

    I think Coach does best when their stuff is minimal and classy. None of these are doing it for me. They range from meh to really ugly.

  • tbestes

    Obvious Mulberry influence in some of these.

  • Brielle

    I love the studded Borough. I’m a fan of Mulberry so some of the others appeal to me. Several though are just too far outside the “Coach” box. Need to reign it back in.

  • Miles

    3 words…..ugly, uglier, ugliest

  • Generally, I don’t like what I’m seeing here. I only like the Borough bags.

  • Guest

    That’s one of the worst collections I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Biogirl

    I’m a newcomer to Coach and love the current classy styles. This fall 2014 collection, though–yuck! Totally disappointed and will not buy any of these Wild West costume bags.

  • Jeloi

    some are ugly and some are not!

  • Jeannie Shmina Greenwald

    I like it.

  • ReneeO

    oh dear!

  • Yazi

    This doesn’t look like Coach at all. Some of the bags are really strange and could even be called ugly.

  • BlairBear

    I think Coach men’s bags are great (unless they head into this territory as well). I think if they made the men’s bags with slightly more feminine details they would be in a better position. This just all seem overdone with too many elements. I think coach can do simple really well and they have great leathers so why all this stuff to distract

  • I want to believe so badly that this is an April Fools joke. Seriously… what in blazing thunder is going on here?

  • It looks like a Mulberry collection from the 00’s. Not pretty at all. Coach can do better!

  • laura

    What happened to Coach? These bags are ugly. They look like ugly Mulberry knockoffs. They need a new creative director, this one is going to ruin it

  • Aurora

    As a Coachie who has 20+ bags from the last 5 or so years, I have to say I hate this collection. Not a single bag appeals to me, which is unfortunate because I exclusively carry Coach and look forward to adding at least one bag each season. I do like the reintroduction of the horse and carriage logo that existed on older Madison collections, but the bags themselves are too busy and look like cheap Mulberry knockoffs.

    • anne-craig

      Same here … this very well may be the first season in years where I don’t add to my Coach cache … That said, I think that the Borough is one of the best designs from any house in years so I won’t say never until I get to see some of the new editions of that bag in-store.

  • Sonya

    I think this bag is ok, but I would be in no mad rush to purchase it. Quality of leather is awesome as expected, but style is :(.

  • Kathy Dowdle

    I have over 30 Coach bags. Some new, some that are almost 50 years old (pre-creed bags) and still beautiful! I was not enamored with those bags a few years ago that were completely covered with the Coach logo, but I didn’t hate them like I hate these! This makes me want to cry! I have bought bags at Target that I liked better than these! The convertible with the zipper on top and the turn-lock pocket on the front (that comes in multiple colors) is the only one I would consider buying! Please tell me that this is an April Fools Day Prank!

    • Atelieross.com

      Actually, this comment really did trigger my response for multiple reasons. Sorry, don’t take it personally. It’s just the things said were more comical than irritating. I did laugh, so it’s not the end of the world.

    • Topher929

      Kathy, those hardware-covered bags are SO SO SO Bonnie Cashin that it hurts. Here are examples of RK’s homage to them from a few years ago. I’ll admit that I don’t care for any of these pieces from the 60s, 00s, or now, but this true to the brand at its core.

      Those bags are just Stuart’s urban interpretation of this theme.

  • Phatty

    If this is a joke, it’s a very elaborate April Fool’s prank. Blecch!! This collection appears to “borrow” (and not even successfully) designs from Balenciaga’s City line, Mulberry’s Willow line, and a bunch of other Gucci bags. Such a shame too – Coach had a good start early this year with the Borough bags….

  • Jesse

    it’s a boho vintage steampunk hot mess but i guess the top handles on the lunch boxes look…….. comfortable

  • Babs

    Steampunk–LOL :) I had never heard the term!

    Anyway, a whole lot of unappealing bags–and, the kicker, these will be priced at $500+!

  • pixiegirlie

    I guess I’m odd girl out I really like this collection and think its the best ive seen from coach in a long time. The pebbled leather, the studs, and the top handle bag reminds me of the ps1. I definitely see the mulberry influence in the smaller bags.

    • nurin

      U r not alone, I believe coach is re branding and will be good if e give the new designer an outlet of expression through the latest trendy fashion…

  • Atelieross.com

    I think many people here wouldnt have known about mulberry bags had the blogger not mentioned the Directors history there. Especially people who own Target Brand bags and 30+ year old coach bags. Mulberry is a Fashion House, and i think in that grand scheme of things it makes more sense to appeal to a more fashion forward clientele, like a mulberry customer that will spend upwards of $1000.00 on a bag rather than a dying breed of customer that is stuck in a time where $300 fabric monogram bags were the IT thing. If you dont like the new aesthic then go buy a Michael Michael Kors bag and stop complaining :) Fashion is about fantasy and expression, there is no set in stone idea that something has to be a certain way. many fashion houses are finding success with new young designers: Balenciaga (wang), Dior (simons) Loewe (JW Anderson) the list goes on. Im actually very pleased with this collection, there seems to be something here for most any woman or man. Its a playful yet sophisticated collection of timeless yet on trend pieces. I cant wait to buy the more minimal looking flap satchel!

    • Kathy Dowdle

      Like I said, I have both old AND new Coach bags, and I stated that I was NOT enamored of those the wall to wall monogram bags. So surely you weren’t directing your comments to me. :) Sorry, to irritate you, but his is like the Emperor’s new clothes! Just because it says Coach, and they will carry a larger price tag, does not make the bags attractive or fashion forward. And stating my opinion is not complaining. In fact I assumed that the blogger was expecting us to give our opinions, or they would not have posted the photos in the first place.

      • MIZZVAT

        Yes, Kathy, I agree. Just because it’s “fashion-forward” doesn’t mean you can jack up the price and make me like it. I too have both old and now Coach bags (one of my recent purchases was the Borough) and I think this new line is crap. Hopefully they are showing the more aggressive pieces here and will have more that appeals to a broader audience or Coach will continue to have financial trouble in the US IMO.

      • Kathy Dowdle

        I love the Borough bags!

    • nurin

      good that you mention, I believe classy is evolving..enough said..:) change is constant..:)

  • Edia

    I love these! I also love how all the Coach-Fans are crying right now. Sweet sweet tears of disbelieve and ignorance <3

    • Topher929

      Having been around Coach for over 5 years and seeing the decline they’ve experienced – how tons of women my age have given up on it… this is exactly how I feel!!! Those tchotchke bags at the end are not my taste, but… they’re so reminiscent of Bonnie Cashin. Stuart knows what he’s doing… now they just have to get the word out and CHANGE PERCEPTIONS. Goodbye, Poppy. Goodbye, Parker. Goodbye, signature. YOU WON’T BE MISSED.

    • tashalv


  • shueaddict

    I am off to the US for 3 weeks in the summer and I was rather looking forwarrd to seeing Coach for real – the white Borough bags in particular (in Europe it is not really that well known). But the new collection is pretty underwhelming. I see a little painted Prada influence, a little PS1 here and there … but the Mulberry lookalikes clasps are horrid.

  • Melissatrv

    Actually I am liking some of these items. FINALLY Coach is using some embellishment and not that plain jane blah bags they have had out for the past couple of years. My only worry is that they will be too big or too small. The satchels with turn locks on the front remind me of the Madison Audreys from a couple years ago as the shape is similar

    • tashalv


  • Lissa

    ugh awful

  • Biogirl

    Maybe this was an April Fool’s joke?

  • Charletta Carter-Brown

    It seemed like Coach was going in the right direction with clean lines and classic details but this is hideous!!! I won’t have to worry about being tempted to purchase anything from that collection.

  • S

    Go home Coach you’re drunk.

  • ECooper

    Wow! the past 2 years or so have been great, minimal, and classic.I wonder what happened. These are completely different than expected. It seems like when Coach gets ahead it can’t help but junk their purses up.

  • Jennifer

    No words.

  • anorthwind

    Wow! So shocked to read some of these comments! I think this is the best, freshest collection yet! The brand really felt like it was in a design bubble the last few years, and these break out of it. It feels very Coach, very American, and very relevant to what is going on in the accessories handbag world right now. I thought his was a breath of fresh air for the brand and the design! My favorite it the black and ocher yellow satchel with the feather!

    • duh

      Whattup Coach!

    • tashalv


    • lesitylisa

      Tassel is out, saddle bag shape is out, stud/grommet is out (plus, they
      look really cheap and ugly on these bags), bejeweled embroidery is loud
      and out, color blocking is out and the shearing bag is not
      designed correctly (They look like an old fat dog or an over-filled down comforter). I guess somebody is trying to collect all the successful trends from the past decade and put them all together to create these “bags”.
      Even if they only cost 39.99 max at Macys, I highly suspect that they will end up on the clearance table.

      • Nishi Hundan

        You know what else is out? Stupid ugly women.

  • anorthwind

    I thought this was the best collection yet! So fresh and different from the minimalistic junk they’ve been stuck doing these past years. Love the black with yellow ochre bag! If you want minimalistic and ‘classy’ check out Reed Krakoff or Michael Kors, or the other 20 brands out there following that vein of aesthetic. Props to Vevers for doing a great job for making this brand fashion forward while honoring the Coach heritage.

  • fallenfar

    Too much goin’ on. The chain or the fringe. Pick one and go with it.

    • Worked in a ladies shoe company for a few minutes. The styles were largely MOR, knocking off Brown, SAS, etc. On bad years, our designer pulled out the Gucci and fringe. Buyers punished us.

  • Anjie

    What in the world is Coach doing? I do not like any of them…..

  • whitney

    you don’t need to tell me that the designer hails from mulberry formerly because a good chunk (esp in beginning) is like a mash up of the two, the horse and carriage logo on top of the turn lock style or incorporated a few pics later.

    there are some pieces that are nice, don’t get me wrong

    but majority of them is horrible, why else is mulberry and loewe the way they were (hint: not tons of sales that’s for sure)

  • GoBears95

    Love this collection! Finally something not meh.

  • miss m

    Some of them are not bad but fashion forward, trendy or not, $1,000 or $30.00 doesn’t matter UGLY IS UGLY! some of these are hideous.

  • MrMotivations

    A distinct lack of class and elegance. I prefer them traditional and stogy, and hey, I’m a guy, but a guy who owns company stock. Buy on the dips….

  • MrMotivations

    Inelegant, un-classy. (Does one believe the women of China will buy these?) Of course that’s just my opinion, and I’m some guy (who owns some Coach stock…) So, as sales decline, buy stock on the dip…

  • Bjorn

    All made in China and have always been made China…No thanks!

  • javelina 5

    These bags are awful!! What is Coach doing? I’ve been buying Coach bags for years, and can’t believe the total change in the fall line. I have four Phoebes, which is my all-time favorite bag and was hoping some new Phoebe colors would be in the fall line-up. Does this mean that Coach has gotten rid of the Phoebe bag so soon? I was also hoping to buy a basic Borough bag, not one with weird embellishments. So disappointed in Coach. Their designer has got to go because Coach is going to lose very loyal customers. :(

  • Lion

    pukefest, all these bags are knock off of other brands and cobbled together, never a winning formula! Lawsuits coming Coach’s way!!

  • Sashanjlatindiva

    I luv this new line. I just feel that people here aren’t kin to style change. And I also think people think at least with Coach. That a bag must always have the Coach logo everywhere on the bag. If their paying $350 and up! Even when they pay 90% off of that in the outlets!!! Get with it boring women who can’t handle change, times are changing and so does fashion. Working women want more fashion forward purses! Not one purse to serve 100x purpose! So if you can’t handle it well wait for next years Summer 2015 handbags. No one is making non of you Short mind women buy anything you don’t like

  • soonergirl

    My mom bought me my first Coach bags when I was in high school – mid
    90s. She and I each had respectable collections. We both moved away from
    Coach as they transitioned into loud prints and oversized hardware.
    Recently, as they began making more bags that matched the classy,
    understated elegance and clean lines of their classic collections, we
    both came back.

    There is none of that here. These fall bags feel trendy and, IMO, look
    inexpensive. If for some reason I wanted a bag in this vein I would go
    to Target/Marshalls/TJ Maxx and get one for < $50 and wouldn't feel
    guilty for tiring of it after a week.

    After adding 7 Coach bags in the last year or so, it's time to start shopping other brands.

  • golden

    That last photo….ewww!

  • tashalv


  • When they first told me about this in the store I said what the the blazes no no no! When Poppy first came out I said oh cool those are cute then they took it too far over the top and kiddish.. When I see a 5 year old carrying a sling and its not made for her I knew I wasnt purchasing anymore.. Then the revamped this fall and spring and finally this Spring I am attracted to something.. but this sheepskin bag no no no and no! its ugly and hideous and I am sorry poor sheep had to die for this.. really how will a PURSE keep you warm.. :-(

  • Amanda

    I know that a lot of the product here is extremely different than what Coach has produced in the last few years. Don’t forget that this collection was shown on a runway- and it was the first time Coach has presented at NY Fashion week. I think what we are seeing is a small taste of the new- and they wanted to make a splash, and start a dialogue. It seems from the sheer volume of comments, either for or against, that they’ve accomplished that! I don’t think that this collection will reflect ALL of the new product, but there are elements that will show up on some of the more classic styles that they will continue to produce. I personally can’t wait to see what is to come. Reed Krakoff has cemented his place in Coach history for sure, but the last few years felt like we were just seeing the same shapes…but in new colours every few months. It looks like we will see much more elevated styles from Stuart, and I can’t wait for that. I also say to hang in there. For the ones who love the Coach classics, I doubt the company will abandon you in favour of trend only styles. I anticipate that they will work to establish a little bit of both!

  • Ttex

    Looks like they see rich biker chicks as their future marketing niche. Not sure that is a good strategy

  • Iz

    What is up w/ all the studs…. and hardwares?!??! Last year’s collection was WAY better looking than this year’s. The company is still struggling obviously, trying to target a different consumer group and shifting its image. Feels like it is… trying a little too hard. Lots of Balenciaga or Mulberry look-a-likes :(

  • Sherry Hendricks Anderson

    Can we just hope for NO MORE SIGNATURE??!! I really like this new line, as I have not been excited about Coach offerings in about 4 years…can’t wait to see what they do with spring 2015!

  • Lisa

    If this is really the direction the company is going, i will have to find a new brand. I think these are horrible and nothing like the classy look of coach that I have come to love.

  • Zee

    These are just the “runway” bags. More of the “classic” style bags will be included in the madison line. I like the purple bag. Change is good.

  • I’m confused. Where the bags from the ads? They ARE classy looking. I don’t mind the embossed bags and minimal designed bags but the bejeweled – yikes.

  • Guest

    I think this collection is totally fashion forward. This reinvention of Coach has been a long time coming. May not do well in middle America where some of these other comments may be from. I think these bags will take off in urban areas and of course Europe & Asia where it all begins. I love the Americana/ European style to then. And great price points!!!! Good luck Coach

  • linda

    do they have pictures of the bag

  • Barbara Jaffee Green

    Love this bag with the fringe and feel lucky that I was able to get one in black – can’t wait to put my things in it. LOVE FRINGE!

  • guest

    I love the new direction they are going. I love mulberry and you can see the subtle influence there. :)

  • Tracy Matlock

    Is this a joke!!!!???? These are awful!!!! I want my COACH back!!! Who are they going to sell this too? Not the regulars like me who have been collecting traditional COACH bags for 25 years!!! Boo!