Zagliani Metallic Python Clutch

Working with Python skin is not always easy, the scales can flake easily exposing the bare under color, which many times is black. Be careful with any exotic you own, especially python. Don’t throw the bag around, treat it gently, like you would any brand new handbag that you love and covet. Now, I am not saying it as fragile as brittle piece of glass, it surely holds its own, but that also depends on the designer. The design behind the Zagliani Metallic Python Clutch focuses on craftsmanship of the metallic silver python skin. The skin injected with silicone which helps it feel more luxurious and sturdier so that it is not as likely to contort. Yet the design still looks feminine and vintage inspired with the python feeling supple from the treatment. There is a soft pleat and a turn lock closure. The inside is lined in lush suede. 13″W X 6½”H X 4½”D. Because of the intricate detailing and treatment of the skin (injected by a dermatologist nonetheless!), the price is completely justifiable. Exclusively at Saks online for $1400.


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