Prada Flat Ruched Clutch

The craze for the Prada Gaufre has hardly died down and we all know the craze to be in style will never leave. What about the oversized clutch craze? Are you in or out? The Prada Gaufre Clutch features the world-loved ruched supple lambskin leather alongside puckered stitching done by hand. There is a magnetic closure and flirty lavender satin lining on the inside along with a zip pocket. But do you realize how large this clutch is?

Now jump below to see the real size of this clutch, it may make you say ” :shock: ”

Prada Flat Ruched Clutch

Wowzers. Measuring 11 1/5″H x 15 1/5″W, this is a clutch to be reckoned with. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1290.

Fab or Drab?

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  • Plain_Jane_Too

    Looks like a laptop container. I can buy a much cheaper protective bag to put my laptop in. :wink:

    • spencernovy

      FAB, classic shape, timeless. For someone who is tall.

    • a rip off fake bags

      I think everyone is trying to look for great bargains and authenticity when it comes to designer handbags and ebay is not the place often getting ripped off. Another site that claims their bags are authentic is don’t waste your time or money they are fake and they don’t like dealing with returns.


      • Priscilla

        Have you already had first hand experience w/ I just came across it and was interested because there were bags there that I couldn’t find at the store.. Did you buy a fake and was unable to return??

      • crazie

        Bags are fake. I have NOT receive back my refund after 3 months.

      • Jenn

        Did you ever get your refund? I have tried to email them in the last three days and they have yet to reply? Did you ever get a return address from them?

      • Amanda

        I’m interested aswell, what was your experience?

      • laura

        How did you determine that the bags are fake? What are you basing that on? I just wnated to know because I was interested in the site as well.

      • Monika

        I have had personal experience with and they ARE fakes. THey claimthat their baga are real, btu the plastic smell hits you beforeyou open the box. They are from CHILA rip off artists :twisted: . I returned my bag a MONTh ago and have yet to recieve a refund. I don’t know where else to turn. DO NOT buy from these people—unless you LIKE expensive bad fakes :)

      • hazgan

        Did you ever get your money back? I ordered some last week but given all the comments I am now trying to cancel my order.

      • Seana

        I have purchased a few bags from citivogue, of course they are fake – but some of them are very convincing. I have a bunch of designer bags and mix in the fake ones as I can. It works for bags I havent committed to or just want to carry occasionally. Few are the wiser. I had one that missed a tag and they gave me a prompt return of 20%, but haven’t tried to return one. That might be a different story! I try to stay away from bags that are to detailed and could show poor workmanship.

      • hazgan

        I had just ordered some bags from citivogue but given all the comments I am trying to cancel. How can you tell they are fake? Is there somewhere you can take the bags to find out whether they are fake or not?

      • Latricia

        The bags are fake and I’ve been trying to get the return address for three days. I’ve sent about six or seven emails requesting the address and now they won’t even respond. The last email I received they offered me a 20% discount to keep the bag because they paid a high price too.

      • Aylin

        Did you get the return address? Because i am in the same situation here. I appreciated if you send me any information what happened at the end.

      • Shinichi

        I have cannceled the order right after the payment around the begining of September. They told me they would refund. However, they haven’t until today. Now, they do not respond.

      • Esther

        I wish I had read this before I place my order. They have agreed to cancel my payment but money still went through. I am trying hard to get Jennifer from citivogue to reply my mail but she only did when I said “maybe I will stick with my order” till I asked her to confirm her bags are not Chinese made AAA products. Now I am stucked with a possibility of losing USD720. Hopefully she will give me my money back as promised ASAP. Otherwise I will need to think of a way to warn other customers.

      • Jess

        I placed and ordered and tried to cancel also and they sent it anyway. I’ve sent them repeated emails, to different email addresses and never got a response. There is an address listed one this blog, is that the real one? Has anyone ever gotten their money back?

      • Alexandra

        I think you should be happy you got anything at all. I placed a $680 order for 2 handbags in May which they said were out of stock after they took my money and now they won’t even answer my e-mails.

      • Christine

        I also returned a handbag, back in November, and Citivogue continues to avoid refunding my money. Did you actually get your money back?

  • Joan

    way big except for someone who owns SOOO many bags they have one per day

  • Dania (fendihunter)

    If it were half the size, it would be very nice. I’d love it in red!

  • Cheryl

    It looks like a cushion I’d use for my back in my office. :lol:

  • luce

    drab! i literally gasped when i saw the full size picture…i am all about the oversized clutch, i think they’re adorable! but THIS is just tooo much….blah.

  • william

    I’m all for oversized clutches, but one of that size is simply absurd.

    And it really does look like an expensive seat cushion.

  • sandy

    gasp gasp gasp! :shock:
    it’s HUGE!
    half of that would be just fine!

  • Daisy

    LOL Wowzers is correct, it’s so HUGE you could put an Olsen twin in there, if not both! :shock:

    • Human Pudding

      HAHAHA Olsen twin… LOVES IT! *wipes laughter tears from eyes*

  • Katie Hart

    OMG I thought it as really nice until I saw how big it was!!!

    • eunice

      Same here!!! I love the texture and everything, but man, it’s HUGE! My eyes literally went like this: :shock:

  • Margarita

    FAB but its waayyyyy too big. Maybe half the size and it’d be perfect. It seems unproportional… :???:

  • Lisa

    More than a laptop container, it looks like a ‘laptop’ that sat outside in 100 degree heat for a few hours, LOL

  • Hannah

    totally defeats the purpose of a “clutch” it looks more like it should be called a “binder.”

  • suzannah

    haha, it’s bigger than my laptop :eek:

  • merve

    i was thinking of red too until i saw that it could cover my whole person and i would be peeking out from behind this huge red wall.

  • Lizzyq

    Love it! But then I’m tall. And agreed it would be awesome in red but sheesh HATE that darn logo!

  • ML

    i love the bag exept its HUGE it would be really pretty if it was like smaller :grin:

  • Gwen

    :grin: GORGEOUS, but how much is it? Can someone find out and get back to me? :?: It would mean alot. Thanks, by the way love the blog! Huge fan! :mrgreen:

  • Alicia

    :shock: :!: OH MY!!! that is one large clutch! I think i’m more of an ‘over the shoulder’ type of girl. lol

  • Hannah

    Uhh. That totally doesnt fit the name of ‘clutch’.


  • fashionista

    :lol: :mad: :sad: :!: :?: DRAB.DRAB,DRAB,DRAB,DRAB,DRAB. :mrgreen: :neutral: :twisted: :arrow: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :evil: :grin: :idea: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :cry:

  • Milly Anderson

    FAB!!!! And I seen it in VOgue.

  • faby

    :!: :!: :!: :razz: :???: :smile: :shock: :cool: :razz: its cool :mrgreen: :shock: :smile: :???: :cool: :grin: :oops: :razz: :roll: :wink: :eek: :lol: :!:

  • Phil

    The leather looks really soft; too big for clutching; :shock: :shock:

  • ashley


  • amelia

    clutch on steroids :lol:

  • Graciella

    I quite like it, though it would have been nice if it had a shoulder strap

  • boogerhead


  • Marlene

    THANK YOU! My girlfriend & I were just about to place an order w/ Citivogue. We,too, were in awe of the prices,now we know why!

  • Lisa


  • reina

    I am also looking for return address for Citivogue. Does anyone have it???

  • James D

    11/9/07–Citivogue is not honest nor do they follow their own return policy. They do not give 100% refund w/c is going against what the website company policy says.

    They do not follow the company policy of a 24 hours 7 day response if you are wanting a REFUND –so far I have been getting a 3 wks to get any response.

    Note: The Website has “No return address” for items to be sent in order for a refunded. No “1-800 phone number to call” —just a email address.

    I have sent back a item. I had follow their broken- english instruction on returning the item & its been going into 4 months now & I yet have no REFUND.

    I urge everyone to void any purchase from them unless –you want to lose you earn dollars.

  • san

    does anyone know of anyone to contact in order to report citivogue – i returned my bag but have yet had no money refunded. never buying from a website again. wish i had known before!!!

  • san

    return add for anyone interested for citivogue is :-

    POST CODE: 510000
    TEL:0086-137 25202225 (Necessary on the package)

    • Trudy

      The Chinese address says it all for me. Thanks for posting and informing.

      Re eBay fake designer bags, where DO they buy all of those bags? There are 1000’s of them for sale everyday.

      How does Prada, for example, sell their unsolds after the season is over? I noticed that there are Italian exporters selling “Authentic Prada with Tags” in lots of 50, claiming that they are an official seller of Prada inventory. True?

    • Sara

      :sad: Hello,

      Just wanted to confirm that this is the main return address for Did you ever get your money back? How did you pay? I wish I would have seen these comments prior to my purchase! Goodness, can’t trust anything can you.


  • babydiva5

    wow talk about an over sized clutch. :eek:

  • Talie

    Please do not order anything from this company. I ordered a Tiffany Bracelet. I have had the bracelet all of 3 weeks and the links are coming out as well as it is beginning to tarnish. I have sent several emails and I have not received any reply. :mad: I can recommend they have an actual number that you can call and speak with a live person. I also ordered a Louis Bag and it is authentic. I think that we should all get together and band CITIVOGUE! THEY ARE A RIPP 0FF

    • Erin

      How do you know the Verezia site is for real, I was thinking of ordering but I am so leary. I just dont get how they sell them for so cheap!

    • Maxine


      I am thinking of ordering an LV from and wondered how you know your bag is real. Which one did you order and what was your imperfection?



  • Usha

    Thanx for the warning!!! I was going to order some bags from Citivogue. Now I know better :smile:

  • This websight is bogus. They do NOT have a phone number nor contact information!!!! I found 2 phone numbers from them and both numbers are disconnected!!!!! I took the bag to the Louis Vuitton store and it took them 2 minutes to tell me the bag was a fake!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!! Everything is wrong with my bag. No serial number, the stichings are 5 and it should be 6, the handle is not genuine leather, the pattern is completely wrong and it came with the handle extender which costs $150 alone at the LV store. There is no way they would have thrown in in for free. Sorry but DO NOT BUY!!!


  • bee kay is fake along with any other websites that claim to sell “discount authentic” LV bags… they do not exist. Unfortunately, i fell victim to, i had my reservations about it and bought from them before doing any research and everything i have read about them now makes sense. However, they charged my credit card and shipped my item so fast (less than 24 hours after order), which i found to be rather suspicious because i have ordered from authentic stores before it they ship in at least 1-2 days after ordering. I guess wanted to make sure and charge before i changed my mind, of which i did but it was too late to stop payment on the charges.

    It is a $315.00 mistake i will definitely never repeat. Next time i will just save money and pay full price for the real deal. i am pretty sure i’m not getting a refund from them. There are only two real websites for LV… and – same company.

    Be careful. i learned the hard way…you get what you pay for.

    Hints on how to tell is fake:
    1.The photos of the bags advertised are not what you will receive in the mail. probably photos from

    2. They charge and ship your item almost immediately

    3. They do not respond to customer emails(at least not as fast as they charge your credit card and ship your item)

    4. Their reviews have a perfect score. Try posting a negative review, they will not show it. I don’t care how good your products are; no business gets a perfect score.

  • brig

    Thanks for the heads up on the verezia website! I wanted a bag from them, but not anymore. I’ve sent them several emails asking about their products with no response. Does anybody know anything about the nespanza website? They claim to sell authentic louis vuitton bags, but I don’t think so. I purchased an Alma bag from them and sent it back. It raised too many red flags, I haven’t been issued a refund yet! We’ll see.

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    looks like a pillow to me