lulu guinness heart clutch
Lulu Guinness ‘My Heart Belongs to You’ Clutch

With so many serious and stressful issues we deal with in the world, it is always a plus to have a little fun. Lulu Guinness is all abut adding quirky humor to many of her bags. A favorite of mine, especially to whip out on Valentine’s Day, is the Lulu Guinness ‘My Heart Belongs to You’ Clutch. It is poking fun at the way many of us move from man to man, from Bert to Alec to Jack, ending up at *you* of course. And clearly, once you have moved to that new ‘you’ there is no one else that your heart belongs too. The purse is designed with satin and embroidered with the names on the front. On the inside there is red lining and a hand mirror. This clutch helps us all lighten up a little. I do think that if you pull it out your date may be a little wary of your commitment issues, but really, who didn’t have those at one point or another in their dating life. Buy through Lulu Guinness for about $100.

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  • mette

    The price is cheap and that´s about all I have to say.

  • william

    It looks like something someone with bad taste would store pencils in.. to use this as a clutch would be simply atrocious.

  • Otter

    Ick. Her line is OVER.

  • Stl

    Cheap? I think it’s expensive for a polyester pencil case. :evil:

  • GeorgiaT

    Silly and tacky.

  • Allie

    umm ew…? who would carry around something so cheap and tacky? i could find a pencil case from cvs thats better! its 100 dollars too expensive.

  • Jelita78

    ahahahhhaa.. oh this is soo funny..
    who would ever thought of making this prints! hahahaa (ipad)