Luella Mama Key Chain Purse

A touch of gold hardware upon splashes of lush red copper racer watersnake, and you have yourself a hot clutch/wallet. Not precisely sure if this chain purse is designated to be a wallet or a clutch or a whatever, but if you own the Luella Mama Key Chain Purse I would not hide it inside of your handbag. This is a hot mama bag, the color is radiating and such an attention grabber, especially on this exotic, and the gold key chain on front adds a playful touch. There a pouch pocket smack dab in the front is not taking away from the purse, but adds a nice touch. Inside you will find black lining and a section for cards, coins and notes. 8.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″, toss this babe right in your hand, and you have a winner. Through Net-A-Porter for $535.

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