Lambertson Truex Gallery Twisted Texture Clutch

Hip Hip Hooray! Viewer’s Choice Monday is back and ready to go!! Unfortunately, many of the bags I was asked to talk about, don’t have much info to go along with them. For starters Wendy asked for the feature of Labertson Truex because “they have some very simple clean styles, unusual these days”. Wendy, you are right- I completely agree. Many of the bags made by LT are simple, sturdy, and sexy. Those 3 S’s are a triple threat. I opted to feature the Lambertson Truex Gallery Twisted Texture Clutch which adds a bit of lines and texture, but still looks simple and clean. The gallery twisted textured bags are “made in a variety of cavallino patterns, trimmed in our fall color palette of Italian Chighaille.” The size of this cutie is H:5.5″ W:10.5″ D:2″. I love the stripped texturized pattern on this clutch- reminds me of a couch my grandma had that I completely loved. A little bit of a 70’s feel for quite the cute clutch. Either I have lost my ability to read price tags (which could possibly be true with my awful shopping habits), or there is absolutely no pricing involved with this bag. Venture over to Lambertson Truex and try to find some pricing for yourself!


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