Kate Spade Nikki Puff Clutch

Let’s all put our brains together and think about what this ‘clutch’ looks like/could be used for- I don’t think it is a practical clutch,
it is something else, but what? Why not all of you give input and we will choose a winner of the clutch description of the day!

I will still tell a little bit about this furry friend of ours. Of course it is made of ostrich feathers! The clutch has hidden two-toned handles (I sure don’t see them), leather trim on frame, a kiss-lock closure, and an inside pocket (that is if you can ever find the outside opening). For $395 (via Neiman Marcus) I would rather go find an ostrich and pluck it myself. All I would need is glue, my fingers, and a box like shape to glue it all to!

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Share Your Thoughts With Us

  • Swiffer duster?

  • Karen

    Err, I have this and love it a lot. However, mine’s the brown one. It comes in pink and blue too.

    Many people commented that the clutch looks like a feather duster (that’s because mine’s brown I guess) but I don’t care because I get as much compliments too.

    Pity it can’t carry much though.

  • Chev

    The brown’s much nicer cos the detailing could be seen more obviously than the black in the pic

  • Michele

    I think it’s kinda cute but it would be hard for me to spend $395 on a purse that looks like a cat toy I spent $2 on! She loves anything with those soft, wispy feathers. If I got it, it would have to be hidden from her for sure!

  • Julie

    I think it looks like a dust cleaner– you know those ones you use in the house. HA

  • Sulee

    It would go with that Balenciaga feather-trimmed cocktail dress that also looks like a duster. (Recently seen on Jennifer Connelly.)

  • billyjoe

    man people are so desperate

  • Suze

    I don’t have a traditional feather duster because the Swifter buster/duster/ whatever is more disposably efficient, so the only thing that immediately came to mind is a porcuppine whose spikes have wilted from this 100 degree humid heat that I’m engulfed in right now.

  • Jay

    It looks like a bedroom toy to me.

  • liyongshen

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  • Naggy

    It looks like someone lost their wild ponytail. (ipad)

  • KY

    Haha a swiffer duster in black (ipad)