Judith Leiber Violin Minaudiere

Many people don’t know a lot about me, even my friends. Many don’t assume that I could ever be a good cook, but amazingly I actually am (it’s just the cleaning up after that I’m not fond of). Along with being a good cook, I used to be musically inclined. My mom was big on all of us playing some sort of instrument, so we all started with piano quite young. Don’t tell my teacher, but I never actually read the music. I just played by memory. And then in grade school I became part of an Orchestra and started playing the string bass and violin. Amazing also eh? I bet most of you didn’t even know that about me! (Well duh!). So for any of the other musically inclined ladies who love a clutch that makes a statement and has a lot of bling, Judith Leiber is the designer for you. The Judith Leiber Violin Minaudiere is a violin look alike clutch with a golden frame and made with perfectly colored Austrian crystals. I actually would just love the matching pill box, although it is not sold-separate. This novelty closes with a push-lock closure and measures 3 1/2″H x 7 1/2″W x 2 1/5″D. Ornate bling on the verge of gaudiness in my eyes- but still able to be pulled off for a night out or a red carpet event this clutch is available through Bergdorf Goodman for $3,895.

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  • mel

    is that supposed to be a purse b/c its ugly ive seen monkeys make a better fashion someone call the fashion police and fast i think someone just broke the fashion purse law big time!!!! i give this a .5

  • lagabbergirl

    Um, no not a big fan of anything Judith Leiber. Sorry Judy. But, I do like crystals on my cell phone! Oh, but yes, the pillbox is cuter than the purse.

  • danielle

    This such a cool purse some people just dont know wat good fashion is.

  • Violins shadow THE PEAR


    • Haute

      Shut up! Those tacky ass fruit bags are not fashionable at all. It has nothing to do with young people not appreciating them…they’re fugly as pieces of crap. End of story! :twisted:

  • Olichka

    I think i am pretty young and in my few years as an adult i have managed to collect 8 Judith Leiber bags. All my bags are crystalized, some new and some vintage. Some of us young people do know glamour when we see it. To the idiot who said that this bag is ugly and thinks a monkey can make a better one, well then go ahead and make it(oops i meant your monkey). What have you made thats so great. Do you even realize the man hours it takes to make a bag like this? I imagine you don’t. Have some respect!!! Just because you don’t like music does’t mean there isn’t another Leiber bag you may see and Love. Do everyone a favor and actually hold a Leiber bag in your hand and examine it. Then, come back and say what you said. And if you do, you will only prove my point that you are too blind to see past a shape you don’t like. You are a young fool who has a lot of growing up to do. You make the rest of us young women look like fools. Also, just a little FYI for you, Judith Leiber Bags are displayed in museums, did you know that? They are actually considered a work of art. Do yourself a favor and learn how to express yourself without calling something ugly, because the only thing ugly is your mouth.
    P.S. No need to reply, i will never read it. I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.

  • Another Judith

    This is just beautiful! I certainly agree with Olichka that Judith Leiber bags are works of art. I’ve never had the honor of owning one, but I’ve been an admirer of her artwork for several years.

  • tessa

    OMG the little violin minaudiere is adorable.I play the violin in an orchestra and i think that little “purse” is sooo cute!!!! I WANT 1!!!!!!!!!!lol :)

  • Naggy

    Wow, I used to be a violinist, but I hate this. (ipad)