Giuseppe Zanotti Red Sequin Clutch

Do any of you guys watch Dexter? I’m utterly obsessed with it. I can’t recap it because it’s not at all fashioned-related, but if I could, I would. Also, I would marry Dexter and I wouldn’t be nearly as annoying and self-righteous as that a-hole Rita. Ahem.

I also really love the aesthetic that they have for their advertising and promotional materials – a bit minimalist, a bit comic book, a bit blood-spattered macabre – and when I saw the Giuseppe Zanotti Red Sequin Clutch, I couldn’t help but be reminded of America’s favorite serial killer.

For the uninitiated, Dexter is a killer than only kills other killers, and his day job is as a blood spatter analyst at the Miami Metro police department. The red-on-white, scattered visual that this sequin clutch creates remind me a lot of the blood spatter pictures that you see throughout the the series, although I’m sure that that probably wasn’t the inspiration for this clutch.

It’s merely a coincidence, but it makes me like this clutch a lot more than I probably would otherwise. It would be the perfect thing to wear to a Dexter-themed party, were you to have hundreds of extra dollars sitting around to spend on your themed outfit. Buy through BlueFly for $712.

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