Chloe Bay Metallic Wallet
Chloe Bay Metallic Wallet

Chloe bags have a following that is a force to be reckoned with. One of my favorite aspects of Chloe is that when they design one bag, they take it to every hobo, satchel, clutch, and tote in every color possible so that their customers can find exactly what they are looking for. The Chloe Bay Bag was a huge hit (even with Britney Spears!), and remains to be one of the house favorites after the Paddington. While I always liked the Bay, the bag was just not 100% for me. But with the introduction of the Chloe Bay Metallic Wallet, I have found my match. This metallic gold wallet is perfect to carry all of your credit card needs and double as a clutch at night. The metallic leather has a subtle sheen to it, it is my favorite ‘kind’ of metallic, not too in your face and not too subtle. There is a gold signature plaque on the front and a zip fastening section when you open the wallet and credit card slots on either side. These larger wallets are my obsession lately, mostly because if I am on the go I just grab my large wallet and head out! Buy through Net A Porter for $550.

rachel bilson chloe bag I think it is finally safe for any siblings of the Chloe Paddington. No one wants to live in the shadow, and that includes handbags within their own families. I love my Paddington, but I am ready to love again from the house of Chloe. A new and modern bag, the Chloe Anoushka Bag is different and stands out. Some may find it to look sloppy, but I find it artistic with a bit of a punk edge. The glossy leather is paired with silver hardware, while the focal point of the bag are the two separate zip fastenings secured together with an oversized ring on the front. It appears as if the bag criss-crosses across itself, which is such a definitively chic touch. One of my other favorite parts of the bag is the knotted shoulder strap. It is subtle yet catches the eye and draws you in. This bag is perfect for the big city gal who is always up with the styles and always pulling off casual chic effortlessly (like Rachel Bilson!). Buy through Net A Porter for $1,560. (more…)

Chloe Transitions Color Block Bag
Chloe Transitions Color Block Bag

It seems Saks decided to go big for spring, whereby bringing in every new ‘it’ bag that is now impossible to find or get on a list for. First they stocked the Prada Fairy Bag which was snatched up so quick, that it was no longer available after two days of being on the website. And now, the Chloe Transitions Color Block Bag has made a bold statement at Saks, also reaching its pre-order quota. This Chloe Bag features a multicolor block with all around pleating and a brown lambskin backdrop. Right when I saw this bag on Saks I found it alluring. Different, funky, but a great statement bag. My handbag collection is made up of many ‘safe’ bags, but I love an attention-grabber. This is precisely what this bag does. There is a removable shoulder strap and gold tone hardware. The framed top sports a turn-lock gold-tone closure. Measurements are large; 13 2/5″H x 15″W x 3 1/10″D. Highly expensive, but completely unique, this bag seems to have made a name for itself already. I would love to see it person, try it on, and decide if it is show-stopping enough to take on the huge price tag. The bag costs $3,575 and was previously available for pre-order at Saks. Check back with Saks and check your local Chloe boutique for availability.

chloe saskia bag
Chloe Saskia Bags

About three years ago one of the biggest “it” bag frenzies took over the handbag world. Do you remember which bag it was? The Chloe Paddington of course. Vlad and I were lucky enough to track down our very own Chloe Paddington in Munich, Germany in the summer of 2005. We spent over 13 hours driving that day to pick up the bag. The hype was so high surrounding the bag and I was in shock that we got our hands on one. Any boutique I walked into looked at me as if I had a golden ticket. Really, we struck “it” bag gold that summer. I do not forsee Chloe creating as large a buzz anytime in the near future, but I do see that their new bag could be a huge hit. The Chloe Saski Bag has the ability to attract a lot of attention towards itself, as it is a handbag that shows a similar Paddington appeal. The glossy leather is off-sett with lucite handles and front pockets. There is an Edith feel about the tote version, very easy for everyday wear with a removable shoulder strap. Right now Net A Porter is carrying a turquoise and taupe tote version. While the tote sports beautiful colors, it is the satchel that may take the spotlight. The Chloe Saskia Satchel will be put up tomorrow on Net A Porter and has the ability to be a bit hit. It is very reminiscent of the Paddington, but adds lucite handles, no padlock, and easy-access front flap pockets. Net A Porter will be carrying the above black, red, white, and tan smaller versions tomorrow. We were lucky enough to have them share the bag with us prior to its debut on NAP, so you all can be on the lookout for their release tomorrow. Buy the tote in either turquoise or taupe through Net A Porter for $2,005. We will bring you more news on the smaller satchel version tomorrow!

chloe saskia tote
Chloe Saskia Tote

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Chloe Plexi Leather Clutch

Even though we have only officially lived in South Florida for a few days, the fashionable come out in multitudes everyday. This is the land of dressing up to go get groceries. This morning Vlad and I took the dog for a walk, and if anyone drove by and saw my outfit they would have literally fallen over laughing. Striped pants, purple sandals, and a black vest (on top of my old shirt of course). I realized that there needs to be a little more effort going into my everyday wear, even if it is just to pump gas. Miami especially is the land of glitz, glamour, and barely there clothing. To add a modern and edgy appeal to my outfits, a clutch like the Chloe Plexi Leather Clutch will pop out with its shimmering silver metallic leather and frame body. This clutch would work perfectly in South Beach, as Deco Drive is the place to be when you are fabulous, stylish, or sight-seeing. The closure is made with lucite and finishes off the art-deco appeal. I find this handbag to be a refreshing Chloe handbag, as many of their bags are not nearly as edgy. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,720.

Chloe Bay Bag
Chloe Bay Bag

Chloe bags have created a large following because of their casual style and sturdy leathers. After the Chloe Paddington created a huge buzz; amassing long wait lists, high eBay prices, and exorbitant knock-offs, Chloe realized they hand landed in the handbag world. Chloe continues to produce new bags each season that wow their followers, though none other have become as large of hits as the Paddington. The Chloe Bay Bag has garnered attention as being a modern classic, attracting celebrity exposure such as Britney Spears. Net-A-Porter is now carrying both a bronze metallic and rich purple version of the larger Bay tote. The leather is heavy, yet the style is simple and classic. Buy the purple at Net A Porter for $1780 and the bronze at Net A Porter for $2185.

Chloe Bay Patent Hobo
Chloe Bay Patent Hobo

This is a stunning Chloe handbag, minus the whole heavy leather ordeal. I was never a huge fan of the Bay bag, especially in the larger versions, because it is just too heavy. I already own two Paddington bags that are used rarely because of the weight issue. But this bag I can handle, I think. The Chloe Bay Patent Hobo is drenched in the most beautiful hue of purple, which they deem violet, in a more compact Bay shape. The dimensions on this version are 12″W X 13″H X 4″D which are much smaller and more manageable than their Bay satchel or bag. This is a great throw over your shoulder and get on the go bag. The leather is a grained patent lambskin, but I have seen it in the store and it is not hugely over-powering. The 8″ shoulder drop makes the bag hand nicely on your arm and the shape is not too bulky that you have to hold your arm up in the air while carrying the bag. There is of course the pull accents that the Bay bag is known for and a large outside zip pocket for easy access. My problem with many Chloe bags is the inside lining, which is always just cotton. I hate to pay nearly $2k for a handbag and have it lined in simple cotton. But I like this bag, so I can look past that. So the cotton lining issue aside, the only other issue you may face is that this bag is still heavier than many that are the same size. Chloe implements such sturdy leather it is hard to get past the weight issue. But the issue should not be much of an issue when the bag is much smaller. Overall, this is my favorite Chloe Bay Bag yet! Pre-order at Saks for $1760.

chloe maya bag

I have not been super impressed with any of the Chloe handbags released as of late. They look the same as all the others, they are ridiculously heavy, and really just not that appealing to the eye. It would be one thing if they looked great and were heavy to lug around, but that is not quite the case. Now Chloe has geared up and is ready for Spring and Summer. With the new season comes new handbags, and Chloe has released the Chloe Maya Bags which come in fresh bursts of color, turquoise and violet. The look on these bags are different than most of the Chloe bags I have seen; sporting a modern vibe with quirky accents and additions. First, we have the turquoise Chloe Maya Large Shoulder Bag which is true to its name, in that its dimensions are ridiculously large (Width 15.5″, Handle Drop 10.5″, Height 15.5″, Depth 6.5″). Chloe leather is known to be thick and heavy and they did not seem to change that for these handbags. There is an adjustable canvas strap across the top and two front zip fastenings. Then we have the Chloe Maya Shoulder Bag which is also very large (meaning also very heavy). This bag sports an east/west style, with a width of 18″, and there is a zipped pocket on the front and open pouch at the back. The east/west version is a tad more expensive than the large version. $1405 via NAP and $1540 via NAP. Overall, I am not wowed. The sizes are enormous and will surely lead to tendinitis, as did the Paddington for many of its wearers, but at least it is a different look!

chloe maya bag1

An aside, if any of this does not make sense or there are huge errors, blame it on my 6 hour jet lag and lack of sleep

chloe paddington

1. Black Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Sand leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
2. Sand Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Sand leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
3. Nutmeg Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Nutmeg leather Paddington bag with gold hardware and large padlock.
4. Black Paddington bag WAS: $1,540 NOW: $924
Black leather Paddington bag with brass colored hardware and a large padlock.

The Paddington craze has simmered, but if you recall, in its prime, the quest to find a Chloe Paddington was as hard as finding treasures from the sunken Titanic. Good news for those of you who still love the Paddington; Net A Porter has their stock of Paddington’s marked 40% OFF. The colors left include two metallics, and sand, nutmeg, and two black styles with different hardware. Make sure you snatch your Paddington before they are gone!

chloe metallic paddington

Left. Metallic Paddington bag WAS: $1,850 NOW: $1,110
Metallic mouse leather Paddington bag with silver hardware and large white matte padlock.

Right. Metallic Paddington bag WAS: $1,850 NOW: $1,110
Metallic taupe leather Paddington bag with silver hardware and large padlock.

jimmy choo rio clutch

Posting has been light because Vlad and I are in New York City right now. We have been meeting with some fabulous designers (who you will all get to ‘meet’ soon!) and doing some major shopping. We will have great things to show you soon!!!

Spending Halloween in NYC is something else. We have seen a plethora of working folks on Wall Street in costume, and some people appeared to be in costume but it is most likely their everyday garb. Tonight we will be heading down to the East Village to check out the Halloween parade, which I hear is amazing and just like a scene out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video.

So as posting will remain light today, we will bring you two fabulous Halloween colored bags. If I had it my way, I would opt for a stunning Hermes Kelly in Orange Swift. Yet the Chloe Heloise Quilted Bag brings you a splash of orange for the festivities and the Jimmy Choo Rio Clutch brings the needed black. Honestly, orange is a color that you will see all around for spring, so grab yourself some orange! And black is always in, no matter how hot gray is, black will never go out. Buy the Orange Chloe Heloise Bag at NAP for $1225 and the Black Jimmy Choo Rio at NAP for $1395.

What are you all doing for Halloween?? :twisted:

Chloe Beata Patent Shoulder Bag

This handbag is so manly it is making my estrogen run and hide. Seriously, I understand that Chloe wants to sport the chunky hardware and thick leather look, but everything about this handbag screams out brute-force-man. Feast your eyes on the testosterone filled Chloe Beata Patent Shoulder Bag, which looks as if it belongs in a male society before it belongs on the arm of a fashionable woman. The leather is thick, hideous, and a horrid shade of mahogany (which needs to stick to furniture rather than coloring of a handbag). And even worse, the leather is patent, giving off a gleam that will attract any passerby attention and also force them to stare at this bag. The inside out straps only further go to show that this bag is a disaster. I am just so turned off by this bag. After looking at it, I feel as if I need to go into my bathroom and put on layers of pretty pink nail polish and lip stick. And for the price, there are tons of spa treatments I would prefer to keep me looking young and beautiful. Via NAP for $1740.

chloe patent leather bay bag

Just as the Chloe Bay Bag began to warm up to me, Chloe releases in in a fresh new look. But is this look appealing or is it too stark? The Chloe Patent Leather Bay Bag sports white patent leather with contrast green zipper detailing. The color combination makes me feel like this would be in a tennis ad with Maria Sharapova. The rest of the bag is like the other Bay bags, sporting a large zip compartment on top, a double zip fastening compartment on each side, and canvas lining. It is fresh, and clean, but is it the right look? Via Net A Porter for $2100.

So, Fab or Drab?