chloe riva satchel
Chloe Riva Satchel

I continue to live my life as if there are at least 40 hours in a day. I plan for 40 hours and when I realize there are only 24 I am left feeling tired, over-worked, and behind. Mostly behind. After the whirlwind of a trip in Spain I got back to the States only to pack up and move! Not far, just about 6 miles away (meaning about 1 mile to the beach!). Moving is such a pain, but the whole cleaning out and having a fresh start is always welcomed. We have been decorating our new place, putting in new furniture, and putting things away. I have been super inspired, but the inspiration is slowly dying down as I am getting tired of the four flights of stairs (we are in a tall condo). And the lack of inspiration means I need a little break. I think many designers hit this wall too; feeling without any insight or new idea. What they should do when this happens is put down the sketch pad and step away. Though it looks as if the designers behind the Chloe Riva Satchel did not do this, as this handbag looks like every ounce of creativity went out the door just as the bag was beginning to be designed. This handbag is just so blah, which I get as I feel this way from time to time too. The thought that went into this bag looks minimal, which probably means the designers were uninspired and struggled to come up with this design, and it shows. The rectangular-structured shape is supposed to give the handbag a modern touch, but it just looks simple and boring. And then there is the top handles which look very cheap. I must say I find this designer handbag just about as dull as cheap steak knife. Only difference is this bag is expensive, $1595 via Saks.

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  • lauren

    even the handle of the clutch part looks uneven! it looks cheaply made. I don’t know what some designers are thinking. Price increases but downsize in quality? Oh my.

  • pjh

    It looks like it should be in the sales been at Marshall’s, next to Victoria Beckham’s denim line. I’m sorry, the Chole thing is just dying. Do we even know who the designer is anymore? There is no singular vision, just an attempt to provide luxury to the masses. Turns out, it’s just crap.

  • Claier

    I totally agree that the bad doesn’t look great in photos, but when I saw a red one “in real life”, it really appealed to me! The leather is beautiful, soft and slouchy, and the bag just seemed really simple and modern. :wink:

  • amanda

    I would possibly like it better if it came in a bright color combo. Maybe something with orange or fuchsia.. Grey though? ICK.

  • tiffanystar

    OMG this bag is depressing!!

  • J.W

    I disagree! The design is clean and minimal, which is not a bad thing. If it looks depressing it is probably because the grey colour and that the pic does not do the leather and the shape justice. It has a geometrical, clean almost 80’ies look, which looks well put together I think.

  • sari_luna

    I totally need to see this bag IRL, I agree that it only looks sad because of its color. I wasn’t sure about this at first, but after reading all the comments, I agree. I guess I’ll have some second thoughts once I see it in a more vibrant color and in real life. So far, eh on the color. It looks kind of… yuck. :sad:

  • Adrienne Zedella

    this is rather cute (fb)

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