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Chloe PaddingtonNowadays, fashion advertising comes out before the product even hits the shelves. So too with Chloe’s Paddington beauty. Waiting lists for accessories that haven’t left the factory also is now as common as putting a pair of shoes on layaway. The Chloe Paddington has definitely superseded all those other bags which were once the it-bag. Balenciaga Lariat, the Fendi Baguette, or Gucci’s Jackie bag – they caused a stir in their day, but were somewhat accessible – even if you had to pull a some magic to get one. Not so for Chloe. This bag has sold out before a single one has made it to the boutique’s shelves.

Due to the exceptionally high demand for this item, I suggest you don’t even start obsessing about this bag – unless you want to engage in absurd Ebay bidding wars over a genuine specimen with Paddington fanatics, of course. Apparently, each of the 8000 Paddingtons produced for Spring/Summer ’05 has been accounted for for months now.

It is undoubtedly the perfect bag for girls who like the worn-in, slouchy look. The practicality of the padlock on the 14″ handbag is questionable, it adds extra weight to an already pretty heavy bag. The zips on both sides are quite thick and not that easy to operate, especially when you’re carrying it on your shoulder. But if Kate Bosworth can do it, you can too. Try your luck at Net-A-Porter for a pre-order. The ETA on the Chloe bags is still up in thin air, but more bags are expect in June/July.

December 2006 Paddington Update!

For those of you who are still after the popular and timeless Chloe Paddington, I have good news for you. Net-A-Porter has the Paddies available in many colors for immediate shipping for both Europe- and US-based customers!

Following colors are available:

chloe paddington in black chloe paddington in red
chloe paddington in nutmeg chloe paddington in sand
chloe paddington in tan chloe paddington in tobacco

September 2007 Update

The Chloe Paddington is still a very popular pick, it hasn’t lost much of its initial inertia from back in 2005 when we first reported in this bag. Following colors/styles are now available:

Chloe Paddington in Nutmeg:
Chloe Paddington Nutmeg

Chloe Metallic Paddington:
Chloe Paddington Metallic

Sand Leather Chloe Paddington:
Chloe Paddington Sand

Black leather Paddington w/ colored hardware:
Chloe Paddington in Black

Black leather Paddington w/ gold hardware:
Chloe Paddington Black with Gold Hardware

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  • r

    hi, if you take a chloe or any bag to the retail store, they cant determine, the authencity of the bag. just know if youre getting a bag for 100 or a really cheap price like 300, theyre not authentic. you cant even tell by the leather, because chloe has italian leather, and calfskin. and theyre all handmade, so they want all look the same.

  • r

    i have 2 tan color authentic chloe paddington handbags, both authentic, if anyone is interested, please contact me on here, or let me know if you want my email. and its not true that you can only get authentic chloes from net a porter. theres a lot of italian dealers out there, with the real thing/ thanks

    • Lucinda

      Hi there im wanting a cheap authentic Chloe Paddington bag pref in dark brown do you know where I could get one from?



    • stacey

      hi there are you still selling any authentic chloe bags i have had 3 now but none have been the real thing! thanks

    • moya

      Are you bags still available?

  • ncadle

    please tell me where i can find the chloe paddington bag in a bronze color. i dont even care if it is fake. my cousin was carrying the authentic one in bronze and paid 1,500 for it. i have searched the internet and cannot find one real or fake in the bronze. nancy

  • r

    hi, natasha, that sounds bad, email me at asap, i can help you out, thanks

  • r

    natasha do you have an email address

  • nattynoo

    Straightfromthecatwalk on ebay has written a guide on how to spot fake Chloe Paddingtons – it’s really useful – saved me making a huge mistake! Does anyone know of any Italian Dealers i can contact?

  • shannon

    Hi. I want to sell authentic Chloe’s and Fendi spy bags on ebay. No fakes. I found and supplier but don’t know forsure if they are the real deal. The spy bag looks great but I just want to make sure I am selling a real fendi spy if I am going to charge a bundle. Does anyone know of a true supplier as cheap as possible for an authentic Fendi spy or chloe paddington? Please help, I’m a broke stay at home mom and don’t want to be waisting my money on fakes. Plus, I want to have a good rep on ebay and keep my 100% positive feedback. Thanks

  • Chiara

    Does anyone know which shades of blue authentic Chloe bags come in? I know the new season carries sky blue, but are there any other shades? Does anyone have any?

  • Dida

    Hello everyone,
    I just wanted to let everyone know that 99% of designer purses on e-bay and the internet are fakes !!! They are 100% authentic grade fakes being represented as the real deal !!!

    Be careful girls and please don’t spend too much even on a good fake. is a website selling fakes as authentic.Please ask and I would love to help anyone out !

    We have been in this business for 2 years.We will be opening our own website called .Our purses are 100% authentic GRADE as you see on e-bay but we WILL NOT unlike other mislead people into thinking they are authentic !!!

    Please understand you can never buy a REAL designer purse at even 50% off !!!! So a Fendi or Chloe that retails for $1300 can NEVER be authentic if it is offered at $700 and less.Also be careful of sellers trying to retail the authentic replicas for the retail price which is a greater scam where the buyer pays almost full price for a good replica.

    THere are reciepts “fake reciepts” being offered for these bags everywhere.So please if you want to buy an authentic bag go to an authorised online dealer as or buy from a boutique.Otherwise find a seller that is honest and describes the product as it is.

    Our site will be up in 2 weeks 100% authentic grade as you see on e-bay and other websites .We will have many photos of our products so the buyer can know exactly what they are buying.

    The only reason other represent these as AUTHENTIC is that they are EXACT REPLICAS and the buyer can never know that they are fakes because they are amazing and the factory we deal with buys th original model and produces an exact same.There are always minor differences and these differences can be spotted by authorised dealers who have worked with authentic products for their whole life.

    So the buyer will not know the difference unless they take it for inspection at the store by the MANAGER!!!

    for instance the serial number on the real Chloe the numbers should be bigger in font size and they should be covering the whole leather tab where as on these great fakes they don’t coer a larde amount of the leather and the numbers are smaller.

    Also you may sometime spot glue on some places where the lock is and you will never find this on a real bag…

    So pleae be careful before buying anything online!!

    Please fell free to ask anything.I wish everyone the best !
    Thanks :-)

    • c

      don’t buy from website, i bought one at the end of last year, and it was faulty! the handle came off of the bag the first time i used it!!!! i was absolutly gutted and they would not give me a refund or a exchange for a non faulty bag! all they did was send me some metal ware that my local shoe repair shop could not repair it with! they had to use different metal ware that doesn’t match the rest of the bag!!! so upset, looking for another replica chole bag now but i’m so unsure where i can find a reputable dealer? any ideas? :smile: :smile:

      • fashion_elemnt

        if anybody would like an authentic chloe paddington in cream please let me know. The bag has been used lightly and was brought from louisaviaroma. £700 ono.

      • Kimmy Beattie

        Hi, is this cream paddington bag still available?

    • jackwaline

      I read your comment too late I just spent 325 bucks (i know its fake) at I of course have not gotten it yet and its too late to cancell. But im also looking for a Juicy White Jen psyco (sometimes called bridget?) I dont see juicy on your site do you know who has good fakes like yours and is offering juicy? Or can you get one. I look forward to your reply and WILL be buying from you Your site is great and the bags look good too and the review are good too.
      I will anxiously await your reply on the Juicy . THANKS FOR YOUR EXPERTICE!

  • SC

    I bought a bag from this website:, and haven’t received it yet but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. It claims to sell “seconds”. Bags with small defects on the inside stitching but still good quality, so sold at discount prices because the boutiques can’t. Anyone have any feedback on this?

  • kevin

    What do you know about I tried to get a Balenciaga motorcycle bag for my wife. It took a month, was a total beating. It arrived yesterday and I believe it is a fake.
    Any ideas?
    Thank You,

  • jennifer

    Has anyone dealt with v9 imports in canada?
    they have ‘buy it now’ chloe for 1399.00.
    i won two [a paddington and a kerala equestrian] at about 350.00 each… have i bought fakes? probably,right? please help. thanks.

  • Tanya

    Hi. i bought and recieved a hunter green fendi spy bag for 700$ from I am worried it is not real. Im thinking of returning it. Does anyone know this website? Also how to spot a fake spy bag? If anyone is selling this bag AUTHENTIC, i would be interested. Please email me at Thanks!

  • Angela

    I received my chloe paddington bag from over the weekend. It is beautiful, I was so pleased
    with the handbag. It was exactly what I hoped it would be.

  • dida

    Hi ,
    designerimports does not sell authentic bags.How can a bag that retails for over $1700 be authentic for a fraction of the price.If these people were selling real the designer brands would be out of business!
    I bought a bag from and they are beautiful so why waste my money on the same bags that are being sold as real by e-bay fraud sellers and other fraud sites.
    They also have the new Louis Vuitton shoper cabas and the YSL muse bag.

  • anne

    I also recently bought a chloe bag on ebay from a seller uk-shops for about $250. But after reading all the comments, it looks like I have purchased a fake chloe.

  • disgruntled

    The UK Ebay site is full of ads for fake bags of
    all desriptions – I would guess that fakes outnumber
    authentic bags by a factor of a thousand or so.

    I guess the bottom line is – if it looks too good
    to be true, then the odds are it IS too good to
    be true. If you are happy with a copy, then go
    to somewhere which makes it plain you are buying
    a copy, and doesn’t pretend they are selling
    the genuine article got from a top drawer

  • shannon

    i purchased a fake chloe bag without even realising. However my friend pointd it out as she has got a huge chloe bag collection!! anyway now shes pointed out the differences its sooo obvious mines fake. Since ive boughtan authentic one. I thought as long as i pay an expensive price im guaranted an original but no!!
    anyway theres loadsa differences and me and my friend have now written all the differences down and have decided to sell it on ebay. Access through seller – ‘vickyrulz’. If your unhappy with the info we’ll refund you. happy to say i wont be selling my fake bag on there!! No more fakes for moi!

    • Roxanne

      Shannon can you let me know the differences between a fake and real Chloe bag?

  • mimi

    Hi! Anyone know anything about the site

  • annie

    hiya am really wanting a chloe paddington bag. i cant afford to buy a actual real one but i wud like mirror image one. anybody know where

    x x x x

  • yana

    I just ordered a bag from Do you know if i can stop a payment. I did not get my bag yet.

  • r.t.

    I understand that most paddingtons sold online are replicas. It’s easy to tell when the price is $200-$300. However, I have a hard time deciding whether a paddington is real when the price tag is a lot higher.

    Does anybody know anything about websites that sell paddingtons for $1200-$1600 such as:

    What about sites that sell them for $700-$900, such as:

    If you know anything about the authenticity regarding these sites, could you please share it here?

  • tammy

    does anyone know if people make fake ysl muse bags yet? i just p[urchased one off ebay and was wondering if it was a mistake?

  • jessica

    does anyone know if sells authentic purses? They are selling the paddington for $799. I love this bag, but I don’t want to pay that much for something that isn’t authentic. Please let me know, Thanks.

  • Tasleema

    I bought a chloe paddington bag off the uk ebay site and I’m now convinced its fake. But I seem to be reading contradicting facts concerning realvs fake- that the real paddingtons DON’T have the serial number embossed on a leather tag inside the inner zipped pocket but then the font of the serial is slimmer in the real than the fakes. I’m so confused and sorry I ever bought it. I would really appreciate someone setting the facts straight- maybe if someone knows someone who works for a designer store or chloe could let me know; Thanks

  • Emma_D.

    I just bought a “used/like new” Chloe Paddington on eBay and the seller guarantees its authenticity. The photos looked legit but looks can be deceiving, too. I was wondering if she was telling the truth. I need your professional info. Please help! Thanks so much, Emma

  • sam

    i just received my chloe paddington from and it appears to be real. there is no serial number in the real ones, right? that is what the woman at Barneys assured me.

    can someone please clarify what the signs of real vs. fake are?

  • Tijana

    Hi – I am interested in purchasing a bag from Does anyone know if their products are authentic? Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

  • monica

    Can anyone tell me if this looks real and legit?? I think it is the only one out of like 10 i looked at that looks real..

  • kathie

    got a question about a website on designersimports, i was planning to order one of the burberry bags that i like, i was wonder if anybody know if they carry authentic bags?



  • Randy Towers

    Read the FAQ of Purse4Less. It’s obvious that they are selling fakes. By saying that they are not advertising products as new, they claim they are not violating copywrite laws when they sell the fakes. If you’re going to buy a fake, why would you spend hundreds of dollars? I’ve seen these knock-offs in Bangkok and other places for 25US, and they’re selling the same Vuitton bags at 500 and more.

  • Tina

    That was an interesting comment someone made about the real ones not having serial numbers in the pocket or not having them at all. What is the deal on that?? Does anyone know?? And also does anyone know for sure how to tell a real one from a fake one?? Thanks for the help :o)

  • Julie

    Tina, I have heard it both ways, that the real ones don’t have the serial number, that the real ones do have the number,,argh –so if you find out the truth please post your finds, this is crazy!!

  • Julie

    Oh and forgot to mention, one way I have found to “spot” a fake is to e-mail the seller and say the following: “hello, please tell me, if I win this bag I do plan to take it to the Chloe store in South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, 10 minutes from my home. That said, would you prefer I not bid on this item?” I get one of 3 responses, 1. No response at all; 2. Response that says “please do not bid on this item”; or 3. response that says “bid, yes!”. If I get either 1 or 2 I know it is a fake. I think that many of these sellers who list the bags as “authentic” are banking on the fact that the majority of gals may not live within driving distance of a Chloe store or just may be embarassed to go in and risk looking like a sucker.
    Just some random thoughts.

  • Tina

    Give me your email so we can chat. Because I am really confused as to which are real and which are fakes. I mean some are very obvious but others are really close that it is hard to tell. I would like to find a real one but finding one is the prob…UGH So maybe we can team up and find out the facts. That would help me out a great deal. I know the whole serial number thing has got tons of people confused and I just have to know the truth. Oh have you tried calling a place that sells real ones and asking them. I think that is our best bet :o) So give me your email and we could search together!! Talk to ya soon!! Thanks :o)

  • Julie

    Hey Tina,
    Try me at Meanwhile, check this out, I think this looks like a real one to me…E-bay item number:


  • Yaz

    Purses4less is a scam they took my money and I never received a bag if this happened to any body else please you can e-mail me at to se how we can stop them from doing it to other people.

  • Bitty

    I just purchased at Chloe Paddington and a Chloe Edith and thought I purchased authentic bags. By looking at the comments I am sure I have 2 fakes. Would someone please tell me how I can identify the fake ones.


  • I suggest you guys register on our forum, there is many helpful ladies who can identify your bags as real or fake.

  • Tina

    How do we do that Meg??

  • donna

    Hey everyone. I too just purchase a bag on ebay which I was CONVINCED was an authentic Chloe, though the word AUTHENTIC was not in the description, hmmm. I had checked the Chloe website and saw the exact bag shown – the cream with the brown edging. I just received the bag and it is so beautiful but now I am so wrapped up in finding out if it is the real deal or not that Im miserable! Anyway, seems like there is a lot of mis-information floating around as to what consitutes a fake, and Im finding it unsettling to see that people are now actually selling facts on ebay to detect fakes. So if anyone out there is knowledgable and has a heart, and would like to share some real facts on spotting fake Paddingtons…..Id love it if you could post your info so that others can benefit and not be taken advantage of! Thanks,D-

  • Julie


    How much did you pay, and do you mind giving us the item number so we can take a look?

  • Julie

    I am not an expert, although on Wed I did go to the Chloe boutique at South Coast Plaza in Orange County and spoke with a gal who works there who I know from when I used to buy a lot when she worked at Celine. The seller you bought that purse from also has another Paddington listed but at $1,500 or so, whereas you got this one for a few hundred. That alone seems fishy. Anyway, the gal at Chloe said that anyone selling on E-bay for less than maybe a hundred or so off retail is selling fakes. So you have to wonder why a seller would sell a bag for a few hundred when she could sell for much more. I also have read on this site that some sellers who sell authentic bags are now slipping phony bags to make some extra money. This may not help you out, but I think maybe you will draw your own conclusion.

  • Donna

    Hi Julie. Thanks so much for being kind enough to check it out for me. Unfortunately Im convinced now its a fake – or I should say a replica, as it is an extremely good copy of the bag. One dead giveaway that I did not realize until a few days after I received the bag was that the key hole on the lock is upside down. Chloe would not have let that bag into circulation. The item # is 6871397116. Donna

  • natalie

    i’m looking at this chole bag, but is it a fake?! please help b/c now im not sure if i should bid.

  • Becky

    I just bought a Pddington from ebay froma girl who said her boyfriend bought it for her and he said it was genuine.

    I don’t know and I’m not bothered – from her description she said is smelt beautiful of real leather that it was fantastically heavy, well sticked and brand new. She seemed very nice and has a genuine business – the bag was a one off sale.

    That’s all I want – if I spend £££££ on a real one then my dog will only chew it to bits – not sure what the household insurance would have to say!!

    I’d rather spend the on something else…perhaps another handbag or two!!!

  • Becky

    Should read ‘well stitched’ Freudian Slip ha ha!!!!

  • Julie

    I am no big expert, but the seller has 11 negs over the past 6 months and has made his/her feedback private. I would move on.




  • Claire

    I purchased a chloe paddington from ebay and no I’m worried it could be fake, could anyone give me there opinion please?

  • Donna

    Becky, I thought long and hard about your comment and I agree with you. Meaning, if anyone has the cash to pay for a Paddington bag from Chloe, then that is superb. However, if someone wants the look and cannot afford the $1500 for the real thing, then a great replica is nothing to be ashamed of. Problem is when people selling the bags say its “Authentic” and try to fool the consumer. I love my bag, thought about returning it because I realize it is not a true Chloe bag, however, can I afford the real thing? Nope. Not with a house and kids! So, ladies, beware that when the seller says its AUTHENTIC – 95% of them are playing on words – its authentically replicated. Fact is a seller will not sell a bag for 1/5 less than asking when supply and demand dictates that they could sell the bag for more than its worth and people would buy it because they are so scarse. Law of economics. I learned the hard way but in the end, Im a slave to fashion but I dont have the pocket for it. Food for thought……..I found a link to a forum from Ebay discussing fake Paddington bags. I wish I would’ve seen this weeks ago!

  • trisha

    Hi, i can not afford a real chloe bag, nor do i want to spend the time and effort to get one of the real rare bags. I’ve decided that I want a replica. I really like the style of the chloe bags, so if anyone knows of a good replica site, that would be great. This way, at least i know I’m not getting ripped off….

  • Amelia

    just received a bag I bought on Ebay. It is a chloe Silverado Python bag and I don’t know if it is fake or not. It is a beautiful bag and I paid £390 so it better be real!!! I only have till tonight to decide to send it back as I am paying by escrow on HOW CAN I TELL? the serial number is there on the leather tag inside the inner pocket and I know that in real ones this is also there but someone said it is bigger?? ANY HELP? Should I return it and get my money back?

  • Donna

    If the seller can not authenticate the bag by means of furnishing the receipt from an authorized dealer (and even then I believe it can be questionable) then I can say there is a greater chance than not that you have a fake. Read my post – law of economics…..what you really have to determine is if it really means a lot to you to have a real Chloe Silverado or a good replica. A full price at an authorized dealer will guarantee an authentic Chloe bag. A deal is usually synonimous with a replica or a bad fake.

  • rebecca

    Like some people out there I just bought a Chloe Paddington from Ebay-then started to panic (ws it real or fake). So I suggest you do what I did-BEFORE YOU BUY THE BAG NOT AFTER. Go to a store where they sell original genuine bags. Have a good look at the bags and look for marks that only the REAL bags will have. If you are in doubt ask a sales clerk. As for the paddington, what you need to look for is
    1)the padlock should have a strip of leather the same colour as the bag with Chloe embossed on it
    2)the key for the lock should have Chloe on it
    3)the C shaped buckles (they don’t fully meet) should have Chloe embossed on them-look on the top as well as the bottom- it will be on one side only
    4)there should be 2 pockets on the outside of the bag
    5)there is a mobile/cell phone pouch on the inside of the bag
    6)there is another pocket on the inside with a zip
    NB: there is NO serial number in the pockets(I checked the bag in the store 5 times-and then got my boyfriend to look just to make sure)
    7)there are little feet on the end of the bag
    Thats all i can think of for now. My advice, think carefully before you buy. Find out that if you get a bag and its a fake can you return it to the seller. Hope this helps.

  • staci

    There are a lot of different things that you can look for in a fake paddington. Although I have heard of one person buying a paddington from a high-end department store, and the serial number not being stamped on the leather tag on the inside of the zippered pocket, all paddington’s should have serial numbers (she took it back to the store and had them send it out to be stamped). The other paddington’s that I have seen in person in stores, DO have serial numbers. If they don’t, ask the sales associate about it. The mousse and the chocolate both have 10 digit serial numbers (which face different ways. For example, if you hold the chocolate tag at the seam the numbers will be right-side up, but if you hold the mousse serial tag by the seam, the numbers will be upside down). The numbers on the summer ’06 collection are small 10 digit numbers from whta I have seen. That is just what I have noticed by looking at real paddingtons.

    The best way to pick out a fake on ebay is by looking at the padlock. It should not be a shiny bright gold color. Real paddington’s have a darker bronze padlock (except the silver ones). Look at and to see the acutal color of the lock.

    Also, look at the key insert on the bottom of the lock. It should be pointing down (not up, as seen in most fakes). So if you insert the key, the “chloe” stamp on the key should face sideways. The lock insert is a dead giveaway for a fake. I’ve only seen very few fakes with the insert facing the correct way.

    I’m not an expert on paddingtons by any means, but I have seen the real and fake ones IRL.

    Hope this helps a little.

  • tania

    HI I purchased a “fendi spy bag” from ebay,im not sure how to tell if the bag is real or fake. can someone please tell me how to tell, since i have no clue I totally regret buying it now. thanks.

  • Ellie


    The reviewers on Yahoo! state that the bags from are not real. Amazing that they can charge that much for a fake bag ….

  • jill

    i purchased a chanel bag from can anyone tell me whether or not this website sells fake or real bags please? thanks so much!

  • Momof4

    REBECCA, I wish I had found purseblog yesterday. I just won a Chloe Paddington from the same seller on eBay The auction says “authentic”, but now I’m really having my doubts.

    DONNA, thanks for listing the eBay forum, I wish I had seen it yesterday also.

    Can anyone tell from the pictures if this is a Authentic Chloe Paddington? The seller has 100% positive feedback and has sold about a dozen or so in the last month.

    Any comments would be so much appreicated!

  • Monica Z

    Has anyone had experience buying from I’m interested in perhaps purchasing a Louis Vuitton, but the prices seem too good to be true which makes me very skeptical. Are the bags authentic? Just curious.

    Thanks. Monica

  • Momof4

    Hi gals, I contacted the seller on eBay and pointed out the things I leared from you which indicate the purse is fake.

    Although she advertises the bag as being 100% authentic, she said it was ok if I did not buy the purse. I also see that she no longer sells them on eBay.

    Now I’m afraid to buy a bag on eBay. I really want a Chloe and can’t see paying $1,600 for one, but it seems they’re all fake on eBay.

    For that matter, I hesitate to buy a Gucci or Fendi on eBay as well.

    Can anyone recommend reputable sellers who sell “AUTHENTIC” bags on eBay?

  • Tiffany

    I have found two reputable sellers on Ebay that sell authentic paddingtons hgbags, ellebeebags and rjc. I hope this helps.

  • Christina

    Almost every Paddington I’ve seen on eBay is fake. Almost every Paddington I’ve seen on any website outside of Neiman, Saks, and Bloomingdales has been fake. The easiest way to tell a real Paddington from a fake is to simply look at the Chloe website and look at the bags that people are hustling as authentic online. The real Paddingtons have this sort of cracked, aged leather look to them (as most authentic hand-crafted leathers do). The bags that I am seeing on eBay and other place have a super polished leather look– REAL Paddingtons don’t have this super polished look! If you can’t afford the real thing, and don’t mind buying the replica then buy it but don’t ever think that you are going to get a brand new $1700.00 bag for $300.00. In fact, you shouldn’t spend more than $200.00 on a replica because it costs them just under that amount to make the bag in China. I hope that helps everyone.

  • Alexa

    Hi everyone,
    the Paddi-Fakes on Ebay are so !”§$§. I would like to $§%”! every Fake-Seller because it is %$§” to sell (really obvious) Fakes for high price.

    It took me very long time to get all informations how to separate a real one of a fake and at last I decided not to buy from Ebay, I prefered to spend a lot of money and finally bought an Original in a shop. It is so wonderfull, the quality amazing. You can see and feel the difference at once.
    I would never spend a cent on a fake!!!

  • jennifer

    Hi Tracy….
    I also baying bag fom pursess4less….already 6 week i still not get my bag.I spend USD 800.
    did you know where in texas?because I live in texas too….meybe i can check…

  • Jaclyn

    hi everyone coul you pleeese tell me if this is authentic off ebay? i just won it but just read the blog now im worried…
    the sellers name is mashu-15 from sydney australia please help me i beg

  • kate

    ahh im going crazy here im desprerate to buy a chloe paddington off ebay as i can’t afford the really thing but i don’t want a fake. could some one please give me a definitive list of what to look for to see if its fake?

  • Donna

    Hi Kate. Please read all of the postings on this website before you buy. They are very helpful. More than likely, I have learned that the affordable bag you will buy on Ebay will not be a real Chloe Paddington. So look for a bag that is a good replica, which means that it is so close to the real thing that it is hard to tell it from the original. Im very happy with my bag and it is not a true Paddington. Other than the key hole on the lock being upside down, I did not sacrafice quality….maybe one stitch overlaps another? Should these differences cost you $1200 extra dollars??? You will have to decide. Anyway, I posted a great ebay forum that describes what to look for when purchasing a Paddington. It is in my April 26th posting. Good Luck!

  • Helen

    Hi everyone, does anybody have a clue about this website, they sell LV, Chloe, Hermes. I have a feeling that they’re selling fakes, any clue?

  • Joann

    I read an article yesterday stating that purse4less sales fake!!! i was pissed because i had given them $300.00/ Chloe Paddington on layaway… i emailed them saying i wanted my money back, i got a respond saying that they never forced me to buy from them and that they won’t give me a refund… i should’ve know that it was too good to be true!!! i’m so mad!!! the purse is $695, i would rather put in another 700 and get the real deal!!! THEY NEED TO BE STOP!!! what can we do, someone HELP

  • d7

    okay…there are lots of responses about purses, but how about the wallets? i bought an “authentic” black wallet (not the one w/ the lock) but it has a serial number on the inside (4 digits) stamped into the leather. its very soft leather..has brass studs and a silver zipper. can anyone give me any tips on how to tell if its authentic??? thanks!

  • cathy

    guys try Chloe Bahrain, go to the Chloe website and loo for Bahrain MAnama, they sell authentic paddingtons for a good deal since in the middle east not many people buy suchthings.

    I got my cream paddington autmn/fall 2005 from there for $1267 USD

    Also, beware even the real ones like mines the CHLOE MADE IN ITALY is sort of disappearing I contacted CHLOE in Paris and they told me that such light colors , the stamp seems to be very light and can fade I will be sending my bag to get it re stamped.

    Also even real authentic bag, the lock and key may start peeling. Chloe is aware od this problem and the 2006 hardware area also lighter and doesnt peel as easily, but really when i carry my bag , people can just tell its authentic it litterally collapses when you put it down and its so soft =)

  • ch

    Hi to all the Chloe followers. There are ways to buy on eBay without getting ripped off. But you have to research EVERYTHING! KNOW your seller. FIRST and foremost get to know the seller. Most of the sellers that are mypoupette qualified DO NOT sell fakes and they go out and beyond selling Louis Vuitton into other high price bags. If the seller ha (private) feedback don’t go there, if they don’t have a ton of pictures showing you every nock and cranny ask for them. A reputible seller will happily give you all the pictures you want. LOOK at the feedback that has been left for them. Any negative feedback? What was it? Find it and see if it had anything to do with the authenticity of the bag. Some things just jump right out at you, but I have to admit that the Chloe is very easy to imitate. One thing to look for is in the handles. In the underside of the replicas there is a space that has been plugged with a ball of leather to fill up the space in the handle where the handle begins. Chloe doesn’t do that, it is not plugged with anything. Alot of fakes have thread that is not the right colour for the bag. Alot of fake bags are not the same size as the real chloe bag. Well I hoped I helped a little bit. If anyone would like to email a question I will try to help. I have two Chloe bags, a paddy and a paddy messenger. But my most favorite bag is Louis Vuitton. I can answer anything about that. Take care!

  • Sasha

    Purse4less is DEFINITELY selling fakes… I am sharing this with you from first hand experience. The purses are actually shipped from China, if I recall correctly and upon inspection I noticed the bags were not real. The dust bag had excess pieces of leather in it. The LV authencity tag had a typo on it. The 7 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality is a lie. They will only exchange it. For another fake bag of course… Don’t get me wrong, the bags were excellent replicas but I don’t do replicas and if I did I would not pay that much for one. So now I am stuck with a fake $750 exchange bag that has yet to be delivered. Oh joy !!!

    I typically only buy my bags from NM or Saks but for some reason I went against my better judgement. Learn from my mistake ladies. Check out the business on the BBB website before placing an order. Purse4less is actually on there with an “F” rating.

  • Sarah

    My boyfriend bought me a “Chloe Paddington Bag” from Ebay and I’ve never been so excited as I was when I came home and it was there waiting for me. However…my excitement and joy was very short lived as when I began to inspect my new prized possession (as you do when you get something new) I was in no doubt it was a fake! I should have known for the price he payed but the seller claimed the bag had brass hardware when actually it was silver metal painted gold! the material that forms the handles on the inside was clearly visible and the writing on the dustbag was wonky! I feel quite sorry for the seller actually, she said it was an unwanted anniversary gift from her boyfriend (no wonder it was unwanted!) anyway, thought I’d pass on my little story and tell people not to buy from ebay! I will one day eventually have my Chloe Paddington bag, when I’ve saved up! haha!

  • s tung

    bags from are probably fake.
    I bought an authentic Prada bag and took it to Prada on Sloane Street, to have it checked.
    I was told it was a very good fake!!

  • TRAC


  • juma

    hi just wanted to find out if anyone has bought anything from cos they claim to sell authentic bags but i am sceptical bout that, pls help me before i make a wrong move.

  • Cynthia

    I would like to be a reseller where can I find good AUTHENTIC handbags for cheap?

  • Teresa

    Has anybody purchased LV bag from
    I purchased one but realized it’s a fake. I have been tried to get my refund fro 3 weeks now.

  • tina

    I also wanna know about SACBELLE.COM…. they said all real….
    is it true? does anyone know about it???? I am thinking to buy a LV bag there

  • monica

    i can’t afford a real chloe bag but does anyone know anywhere where i can find one that looks real?

  • cecilia

    I have purchased a balenciag bag recently from and realised it was fake. I have also ordered a bag from and now have doubt about it. Has anyone heard of

  • Kama

    Hello.I bought Fendi handbag from Are bags from really fake?

  • Kama

    Hello.I bought Fendi handbag from Are bags from really fake? Please help!!!!

  • Kama

    How can they(designersimports) write:”All designers items are guaranteed authentic” on site? If handbags are fake then they are stupid having company adress on site, because they break law.

  • donna

    Hi Ladies. Ive been reading the threads about quality control on the Paddys. I had some thoughts – and fears. #1: Ive been reading about how the locks are pealing and the stitches arent so straight and some girls found their Paddys with marks coming straight out of NM or SFA or Chloe NYC, etc. So if quality is not properly controlled, then the counterfeiters are having a feild day with making the bags because theyre performing like the real thing. Also, who is making the bags for Chloe? same people making for counterfeiters? And yet another thought on quality control: when demand exceeds supply, quality suffers. Is Chloe going to turn away a seconds bag because of a stitching problem, a small blemish when the waiting list is a mile high? And finally, what if some of these counterfeit bags are getting into SFA, NM etc by way of returns? Do the SA’s really know the bag intimately like Chloe’s SA’S? If not, wouldnt it be possible that someone could buy a counterfeit bag previously returned with a different receipt, switched tags and not know it? Like flooding the market with counterfeit 100’s? Yikes, I can go on. Post your thougths please!

  • janet

    Donna you’re scaring the hell out of me. I jsut purchased two bags from Neniman marcus one is a tan with a strap and the other whiskey without. I just received the whiskey today and it didn’t have any tags except one that was left in the box. There was a gammet missing also. When I called NM I asked them why tags were not on the bag and the authenticity card wasn’t there. I also asked them if they sell bags that are returned by customers…to which they said no. Since they do not have anymore left in stock they will offer me a 10% discount off the whiskey bag if I chose to keep it or pay to have the gammet replaced. Tom I receive the tan one with the shoulder strap. I can’t wait to see what condition that one is in. I wonder if you are correct and the replicas have made it into Nm and other stores. How can you tell? If this is the case, why not buy a cheaper model off of EBAY, at least you’ll know its a fake. Any advice? Thanks

  • donna

    Unfortunately, Janet, I dont know if my fears are true or not, only that its a valid concern. The only way to be absolutely certain to buy a real bag is by getting it directly from Chloe – and waiting on that long list. Counterfieters know that most of us gals are impatent and that Chloe’s quality control stinks. Bad mix. Hopefully with the prices Chloe charges for their bags, they will eventually be more conscious of their quailty control – like LV – so it will become all that more difficult to replicate their bags – CHLOE ARE YOU LISTENING! Good luck!

  • Tran

    Hi there..i just want everyone to know that sells fake bags. I sent them an email, and this is what i got back…
    “Dear Tran,

    Our bags are authentic grade replica not authentic and they are the exact same
    bags that are advertised on e-bay and other sites as authentic and sold for
    hundreds more.We do accept bank wires and international money orders as
    well.Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    Kind regards,

    Hope it helps!! x x x

  • cyndi

    Can anyone tell me what they know about Bluefly? I purchased a Paddington from them for 20% off of retail price and it truly appears to be 100% authentic! Does anyone else have experience with Bluefly? Thanks!

  • Ange

    Hi Tran,

    Bagaholics actually admit up front that they sell Grade A fakes, NOT the real bags….it is on their site and also at the begining of this comment page… I think they are doing the right thing. There are people that cannot afford to buy the designer bags @ $1500 each… but they are getting ripped off by other sites and sellers who lie and sell fakes as authentics for $800+…

    So go Bagaholics for being honest about it..

  • Dani

    Bluefly for the most part can be authentic, but…..I’ve heard stories of their return policy and quality control, it seems as though they may accept returns of items that are fakes and not realize it then re-sell to another customer…..check out . It’s a different paddington blog through this group and there are some posts about bluefly….

  • Ladler

    I am an eBay seller, and had a client give me 3 Chloe bags. ALL REAL. I priced them to sell, and they sold for more than the retail price. I NEVER sell fakes on eBay. I sell Leiber, Chanel, Chloe and they are all authentic, but they are also all gently used. So, when I price, I price to SELL for my customer. Not every seller on eBay is a rip off!!

  • Dena

    I would love to own a authentic Paddington but change bags so frequently that I just can’t afford to invest the money into the ‘real thing’. Can anyone tell me where to find a real good look alike? I even saw that you can rent the ‘real thing’ but I like switching bags so this wouldn’t be an option for me.

  • joanna

    i have just bought a chloe paddington from selfridges department store (uk). it was £799 and really worth the money. there is no point buying a off ebay cos they are nearly all fakes i am sure. there is no way someome would sell a genuine paddington for a fraction of the price. it is too good to be true!! i would invest in a real one from either or a chloe retailer. if you get bored you can sell it on anyway!! a real paddington is very good quality and this will show when compared with a fake!!

  • erin

    hi.. just wondering if anyone had purchased from bagaholics, i know the bags aren’t real chloe, but are they trustworthy? did you receive the bag? i would love real chloe but i’m a college student!

  • Esme

    hi, can someone please help me, i want to confrim that i have purchased an orignal chloe… i can email the pics of it… my email

    thanks XX

  • del

    hi , i’ve just purchased a bag from bagaholics and hopefully it will arrive in 3 05 days. I’ll let you know how it goes. i know they are replicas but their pictures do look like the real thing, with that worn in leather look. if they prove to be exact copies ( i have inspected the real one very closely) i will probably purchase others from them. at the end of the day with them it would appear you are paying for a well made bag in quality leather by crafts people for a more realistic price.

  • Sarah

    I am head over heel IN LOVE with the Paddington bag(I love it in white). However I don’t think I will be able to afford it in at least another 20 years. BUT–The good new is while I was “window shopping-ing” last week, I came upon this site , they have a non-designer version of the paddington for sale. Well that day I ended up NOT window shopping-ing – for once! Now I am saving up some money for my next one – In brown!

  • vivian

    Glad this site exists. I purchased a Paddington off eBay and was completely scammed. I brought my bag to Bloomingdales here in NYC and although the fake is a good fake, it’s still a fake. The screws in the inside aren’t capped/covered. The TAG says “orange” instead of “noir” – bastard couldn’t even fake a proper tag. There is no embossed “Chloe” in the inside leather – there was no pic of it on the eBay posting. The side buckles don’t have “Chloe” stamped on there.

    I am not thrilled as I could buy a fake on the streets here in NYC for $50, but I spent about $300. Of course, the seller isn’t responding to any of my emails. I would like to return but why would criminals help anyone out. Time to leave negative feedback. Argh.

  • Signe

    Does anybody know if the real Chloé Paddington comes in a dark brown(chocolate colour)??. What is THE best way to spot a fake from a real one?

  • Lily

    This message is for del, i was wondering if you received your Paddington already?
    The bags at look very good and i’m thinking to order one. So how does the Paddington look like, is it really the next best thing to the real one?

  • Del

    Message for Lily, I haven’t revieved my bag yet, but I’m not worried as i Have been tracking its journey on the internet, its a service that bagaholics provide and the customer is given a tracking number. it is all logged at each port of call and tracked from departure until arrival. I have just seen that it has just cleared customs so any time now. when it arrives i will post comment. personally I actually suspect that this bag is the one that is sold on as real on many discount sites for 300-400 pounds but i will let you know more as soon as i recieve it.
    oh and message for Signe, I have seen the dark chocalate paddington in LIberties in Oxford st, london

  • Del

    Message for Del ,
    My bag has just arrived. It looks just as it does on the website. The bag is heavy, the zip is silver , brass else where with chole stamped. In fact it looks exactly like my friends bag bought as real at a discount at 300 pounds which I nearly bought!. In my bag the leather is soft and crackly and the bag collapses when its put down, plus it has canvas lining. the stiching is perfect and the lock ( comment 79) points down with the chloe logo on the the side of the key pointing sideways.I have inspected it closely, the only thing I can see is that the underside of the handle is packed with a ball of leather ( but heys its a fake, comment 98) but who is going to peer under there. comment 25 is very true.further the service, email communiation, delivery was excellent.
    Personally I think very few people have the real bag but carry this authentic graded material,replica bag instead passed on for real for hundreds of pounds. It cost me just 114 pounds inc p&p and you shouldn’t pay more than that for a replica because , that way you can save up for the real thing but still feed your habit. Only buy the real one from chloe direct and never pay more than 100 pounds( 200 dollars) for a replica or expect to get a real buy for any amount of discount no matter how small.
    next time I am going to buy a not so well known designer bag from the website as it will be difficult for it to be spotted.

  • Del

    message for Lily,
    correction Lily, the handle on my bag is not packed with a ball of leather but is in fact fully piped throughout the handle as it should be. actually i am finding it hard to believe my replica isn’t real (smile).looking back on some of the comments about chole’s quality control though i think my replica is finished to a very high standard.

  • Signe

    Hi Del,
    Thank you for your answer. It is just because I bought one on Ebay before reading all this info. And I am not too sure it is a real one I bought. I have not yet received the bag, because they are holding it up in customs at the moment. And in Denmark you have to pay 25% in taxes on such items if you import them. So all in all is is becoming an expensive “fake” bag. I have been looking at lots of pictures to check whether or not it is real, but I just can not find out. The bag is in chocolate-color. Does anyone know where I can see a picture of a real Chloe Paddington in chocolate?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Signe
    This is “my” new Chloé Paddington bag. Could someone please tell me if it real or not??

  • Del

    Message for Signe,
    Hi,I’ve just looked at your website.Sorry But I don’t think it is fact i know its it with the net-a-porter site and you will see that the studs on the front of the bag are further apart , the ones that surround the handles. this is the same difference on my replica bag compared to the real bags. plus the bag looks just like the one i just purchased , package etc.authentic graded bags are sold on as the real bags.even though the replica leather is calf skin,soft and crinkly , it still isn’t that deep worn in leather that is on the real chloe, still lovely though and will still as the real thing

  • Signe

    Message for Del,
    Thank you for your answer. I think your are right. How much did you pay for your replica ? I was told over and over that the bag was an authentic Chloé by the seller, so I think it is a lot of money to pay, when I also have to add the taxes which I have to pay for the bag. That will be a minimum 30% more on top the the price I paid.

  • Del

    message for signe,
    hi, i paid 114 pounds including postage and package from China to the uk.the bag it self was 189 US dollars. previous comments by me may help 124,130/1. the site i bought my mine one from has a lovely dark brown took about 7 days to arrive.emails were answered speedily for any concerns that i had before i actually purchased.
    hope that helps

  • Lauren

    Can anyone please tell me if they have ordered from this website or if they are really selling authentic designer items?

    I really want to order a Chloe Mini Paddington from this site. All their products appear to be real. Thanks :)

  • Ester

    I had purchase a balenciaga from and they are authentic, I love my bag and I will recommend to buy from them, the only problem is that you need to wait for seven days to receive your merchandise.

  • Andrew

    Hi there,

    ive just purchased a Chloe Paddington bag from the internet for my girlfriends birthday and now im pretty depressed cause i think its gonna be a fake 8( i got it from! has anyone had any bags from this place ? think its too late now though coz the money has been taken! dont know if should let on its a fake or not….she loves her handbags after all and if it looks the part then….£180 seems an awful lot tho and its taking 28 days to deliver!

    thanks for anyones help. 8-)

  • Jess

    Hi, i read most of the comments posted above but all of them seem to say dfferent things about designersimports. Could you please tell me if the bags are authentic? I’m going to purchase a fendi bag in less then a week so please let me know by comment or e-mail me.

    Thank you.

  • Del

    message for Jess,
    Hi, I don’t know about the Fendi bag but i looked at the whisky chloe which looks just like my replica whisky bag. you can easily compare it with net a porta . i paid 200 dollars for mine which was knowingly sold as a replica. i use it as my yard stick now to authenticate a web site.

  • Jess

    Thanks alot del! :)


  • liz

    i just purchased a cused hloe on ebay it looks real! it slouches the leather is so soft, the hard wear is the right color and the ingraving of chloe is all where it should be. there is a serial number inside the bag in the form of
    xx-xx-xx it looks real to me but the only thing i am wonder is where the key inserts are the circle part of the key insert is on the bottom rather then on the top..someone help me does this mean its fake???

  • Dawn sold me a fake Chanel bag. It took months but I finally got recourse through the credit cared company. Beware.

  • Angie


  • Maria

    Has anybody bought fro the pictures are not great, but the explanation they give for the reduced price makes sense… I’m confused…

    Thanks for helping me!

  • Maria

    Sorry – it is…

  • Del

    message for Maria,

    I personally have not purchased from bagarama and cannot comment on their authenticity,However I suggest you read previous comments left from other users and I assure you that you will find the answer. The clues are there Maria .

  • Maria


  • Carolyn Rawlings

    To: RB, I would be very wary of a seller who keeps feedback private. Also, they only been a member on eBay since Sept. 12, 2006 and they’re in the United Kingdom no less. They don’t accept Pay Pal and they don’t list the bag as “Authentic”. It’s your decision, I just don’t deal with UK sellers or sellers with private feedback. The “No Paypal” would also be a deal breaker for me. Everything the seller has listed also comes with the “Authentic grade” bags from
    Be sure and let us know what happens with this sale.

  • Carolyn Rawlings

    To RB: I checked out the bag you were interested in and I see that it only had 1 bid when it ended. Are you the winning bidder for $130.00 in UK cash? I think it would be about twice that much in U S currency.

  • empress

    I always bought what I thought was the authentic designers bags(chloe’s prada’s, fendi’s to name a few) from my aunt who deals in designer leather goods here in Lagos Nigeria, for the full retail price, now looking at, its obvious she buys from them and sell them as aunthentic , hmmmmm! well now I am intending to go into business of buying directly from bagaholics myself, but I wont be selling them off as the real deal, I would make a fair profit allright , but would never rip anyone off, just so unfair.

  • Carolyn Rawlings

    To Empress: One would think that a family member in the business of selling handbags would be honest with other family members and close friends about what they were buying. Selling authentic “grade” as genuine authentic to the general public is deceitful but I certainly wouldn’t expect it from a family member. I am a very well pleased customer and gladly recommend them to anyone who doesn’t mind purchasing a grade A replica. Only the very trained eye would ever know the difference. These bags come with all the bells and whistles as the originals, meaning that they come with authentic looking dust bags, care booklets, brass markings and logos.

  • uri

    Hi, so from all the reweiws it seems that designer-imports sells fakes but! i was wondering are the fakes good? can you tell the difference and is it worth the money? cuz honestly i don’t care if its a fake as long as NO ONE can tell. Thank you!

  • Carolyn Rawlings

    To Uri:
    If you want to buy a good fake, by all means check out I’ve purchased 2 from them. I’m thrilled with the first one which is a Chole Paddington in the popular whiskey color and I’m tracking the arrival of my second one which is the Gucci 85th Anniversary Limited Edition medium Boston bag.

  • Izzy

    I’ve been lusting after the Paddington for AGES but the price tag was sadly beyond my means – imagine my utter joy and disbelief when I saw the tobacco brown version on netaporter on Friday at £397!!

    Typical of my luck, when logging on to buy it on Saturday, it had sold out… Arggghh! However, I then spotted the gold bowler version for £445 (still available – get ’em while you can) as the ‘Fall Treat’ so I’ve snapped it up and can barely contain my excitement. It looks like netaporter update regularly so it’s worth checking it out daily for bargains.

  • katrina

    hi im really interested in buying a paddington in cream and found a website called and was wondering if anyone knew if they where fake or not

  • valerie

    are paddingtons on and real or fake??? please let me know if you know!!! thank you`~~~~~

  • Charlotte

    Hi, I recently bought a Chloe Paddington bag from ebay which came with a receipt from Hong Kong. The lady I bought it from assures me that it’s real but I’m not sure as I’ve never owned a Chloe bag before and want to check that I have not been ripped off! One thing I have been told to look out for is the keyhole on the padlock. Is it true that the padlock can determine whether or not the bag is fake by which way round the keyhole is? i.e. if the key is pointing down away from the Chloe inscription on the front of the padlock is it real and vice versa? I’d be really grateful for any comments on this. Thanks

  • Del

    message for charlotte,
    in my own opinion bag from fine website looks like a bad fake, there are better replicas on the market

  • james

    hi, girlfriend would love a chloe paddington handbag. seen some for sale on ebay for £100 -£200. Are the handbags usually very expensive? and are the ones on ebay for these prices fakes?

    Appreicate any help!!

    Many thanks.

  • greta

    to james:
    I was thinking of buying a paddington bag from ebay as well but then decided against it and went to harvey nichols to get one.
    1. retail price around 800 pds… why would someone sell an “authentic new” bag for 100 on ebay? those are fakes , definitely fakes!
    2. you dont really have any guarantee of authenticity and there are really good replicas out there.
    3.”used” could be a tactic to sell and furthermore even an used wouldnt go as low as 100.
    I recommend, highly recommend, to buy it off a known retail store! Chloe, Harrods,Harvey Nichols (those I know I’ve been to in London at least)
    or buy one from net-a-porter, official online supplier of Chloe!

  • Joe


    Could you please take a look of the following link and let me know you think if it’s real?

    But so far, I haven’t see an authentic one with this color. Or maybe I am wrong?

  • claire davies

    Hi everyone – just won this matching set for £700 on ebay (Used but still in good condition)

    yo Item number 250047158519

    What do you think?
    Real or fake???

  • Del

    message for Joe,

    bag looks just like my replica, it cost a hundred. if you look in the handle and there is a ball of leather which is showing then its definitely a fake. Plus the real one does come in that colour.
    hope that helps

  • Del

    message for Joe,

    bag looks just like my replica, it cost a hundred. if you look in the handle and there is a ball of leather which is showing then its definitely not real. Plus the real one does come in that colour.
    hope that helps

  • greta

    me two posts in two days..bad me :P

    Just wanted to point out that Harvey Nichols has some paddy bags in yellow and grey/blue for 495!
    I think that’s a bargain and at least you’ll be sure that it’s authentic!

    (the seller claire’s bought from has the same one for 795 buy price)

    just to prove that buying off the net isnt always the best solution!

  • Joe

    message for Del,
    Thank you!! but could you please explain a little bit more to me? or if you don’t mind, could you please send me some pictures of your and showing me how does the “ball of leather” actually look like so that I can prevent paying thousand and turn out getting replica? my email address is

  • claire davies

    OH NO… OH NO… OH NO…. I have bought a fake for £700 – One of the C’s is facing backwards!!! I am sick!

  • del

    message for joe,
    sorry i don’t have facilities to send pictures yet. However, if you look on the underside of the handles, the opening appears to be plugged by a ball of leather, which in fact pipes the inner tube of the handles. the real bags do not have this .i can just about see this on your picture, the 4th small one with the rt handle nearest to you. i hope this helps

  • Joe

    message for Claire Davies,
    That listing is under Paypal’s $1000 protection, that means if it’s really fake, you may get reimbursed for at most US $1000. If you need more info for that, I can send you the links. Sorry to hear that but you may work with the seller for the refund first.

  • alexia

    message for clair:
    did you notice the postage was 699 and the item 1 pd? And that the seller describes the postage being high as the item is heavy..That to me seems fishy but it may be that the seller and you had agreed to a private sale.
    But stil the protection only covers up to 500.
    Anyway you should get at least that money back but try before negociating with the seller.

  • dana

    hi, really want to get a chloe silverado, does anyone know if the following ebay listings are authentic?? i don’t really know what to look out for!


  • frankie

    hey all,i was just wondering whether anyone knows where i would be able to purchase a chloe paddington in any colour but preferably tan, dark chcolate or balck for below the rrp of £795?? i have rang harvey nicks after reading pos #172 but found that it was still £795!! please help!!

  • greta

    weird, got mine (mustard) at harvey nichols for 495.. maybe end of season stock? sry cant help anymore, I do remember that net a porter had a aubergine coloured one for 400 not so long ago as a autumn sale.

  • lauren

    Just acquired a hermes blue jean bag. Wanted to get authentication. The only thing it does not have is a number on the lock and it has a shiney brown liner with hermes all over it..any thoughts

  • Jen

    Someone must have been reading my mind about
    WWW UNIQUEMODA.COM!!! They were NO DOUBT selling FAKE bags too. I paid $500 for a gucci moon bag and had it for about a year or so. When I sent to Gucci to repair, it was sent back to me b/c it did not have Gucci factory parts on it!!! That was Gucci’s nice way of telling me my handbag was fake. So I called uniquemoda who explained that while I couldn’t get a refund,they would repair the bag. So I sent it to the address they provided. After waiting several weeks, I called their 1800# . It was disconnected and so was their website!!! I then looked up their address on mapquest and it turned out to be a UPS mailbox in NY!!! I called the UPS location and spoke to an employee regarding my bag that I sent. She informed me that numerous court judements were being mailed to the box and all of its contents were seized by authorities/lawyers. I got lawyer’s name and contacted him. He could only tell me that they were going to court for selling fake Chloe bags. I’m assuming that the rest of their stuff was not real either. So needless to say, I never got the bag back or my $$$.
    Sucks Huh!!

  • karen pressman

    Message for valerie,
    My daughter has just received chloe paddington bag from imports and we have spent HOURS trying to decide if its genuine or not! It cost a fortune so please let us know if you find out if they are fakes!!

  • kirsty

    So confused, really want a Chloe Paddington but can’t afford a real one so will have to go for a relica just don’t know where the best place is to go. I was thinking of saving up and getting a genuine one how, does anyone know the cheapest I will get one for. Hope someone can help.

  • kirsty

    Just found this site, saying they are genuine designer bags can anyone confirm this for me, it is candy shop Couture.

  • MIL

    My bf just bought me a chloe paddington bag on
    Does anyone know if they sell real bags or not? He paid $900 and I don’t want him to get ripped off. =(

  • cclia

    I tried to understand what you meant by the “ball of leather” you mentioned above but still don’t get it. Is it possible for you to send a picture of it (my email add is And really, is the bag close to the authentic one? The pictures posted in the begaholic website sure look close though. I just want to make sure that the replica is not a rip off .. =(
    Thanks for your help and time

  • Fiona

    The last few websites people have metioned are selling Paddington bags from 299$ to 600$ how can you think these are the real thing? If you are happy with a fake these sites are great but for the real thing buy from authorised retailers, if it means waiting, then wait.

  • danielle

    loads of people at my school have fake ones! does it do your head in that youve paid all that money for someone to rip it off with a market copy!?

  • Mrs. Smith

    I have purchased a CD bag recently from and realised it was fake. I have also ordered a bag from and now have doubt about it. Has anyone heard of

  • Mr. Brown

    I got my Prada handbag from and now wonder if it is authentic, can any one help me and let me know if these web site sell fakes!!!

  • Gals, I’ve updated the blog post with links to available Paddingtons at Net-A-Porter, check them out!

  • denise

    Hi all. I really need your help! I bought a Chocolate Paddington on ebay – the internal zip is not silver – should it be? Did i buy a fake? Please please advise – thanks

  • danielle

    I’ve bought bags from and they’re good quality replicas. But truly if you want the real thing then you’d go to a retailer such as net-a-porter, neiman marcus, etc and pay the full price. And if you cannot afford then a replica is the way to go.

  • Terria

    Hi I recentley purchased a chloe paddington large pocket front bag from has anyone every purchased from them before. I’ve been waiting a week for my bag and have not received it. wanted to know if I got scamed or not and if anyone has received merchandise from them before.

  • toni

    Does anyone know the authenticity of Chloe bags sold at a modest (-20%) discount on websites like Bluefly or thanks!

  • Bag Boy

    Hi Toni,

    I just want to let you know – trust me I have the inside scoop – the Chloe bags on are 100% real :o) Please buy with confidence!

  • toni

    Hi Bag Boy… thanks for your commentary. By the way, how do you come by your inside scoop?

  • alexia seems suspicious …

    1. way to many on sale bags.. whole chloe range on sale ? even the rarest items?

    2. their about us doesnt say where they’re located, what their company’s details are etc..
    “do you have a retail outlet” “no we only deal online to be as fast as possible…”

    3.They have written that there are in no way affiliated with the brands or anything at all. (how do they get their huge stock of sale items then? – from retail shops? second hand? they raided the bag factories? they’re fake?

  • alexia = definitely fake

    again no company details but mostly .. 50$ for a chloe paddington? are they out of their minds? or more likely they’re selling fakes.

  • alexia

    they sell replicas.. sry I thought you asked if they sold authentic bags.
    they do stipulate they sell designer bags 100% exact = A grade replicas ( I saw a pic of a black paddington and it was stamped in gold on the lock .. A-grade replica? *doubts*)
    also I dont see why they wouldnt send you the bag.. seems odd.. >_> god I hate online shopping sometimes

  • martinique


  • infinit

    i want to buy a Bvlgari ring from from japan.

    they said, the ring is authentic! in germany i would pay 900 euro, at 500 euro.
    so it seems unbelieveable.
    can somebody help?

  • buket

    please help me!ıhave ahomework but ı can’t do it because ı haven’t got any information about Chloe and the designer of Chloe?please give me the pages and informations about them.thanks.

  • Andrea

    I have already got a black paddy but I don’t know whether I should get a whisky paddy with strap or a mulberry emmy in tan. Is two paddingtons silly or should I get the Mulberry. I love them both but need help to choose. thanks

  • Meggie

    Does any one know if sells authentic bags. Im thinking about ordering a fendi, but defiantly want it to be 100% authentic.

  • Peter


    I’ve just recently bought a Chloe Paddington in Cream off ebay for $895.00 US and after looking on site, I’m worried it maybe a fake. Maybe Should of bought off Net-A-Porter for $1350-$1500.00. I’ve still have time to return and put a claim through paypal for return of my money. this is the attached ebay site If anyone can let me know if this is a fake or real

  • Arfah

    DO NOT ORDER FROM IMPORTS BOUTIQUE!!! we ordered a chloe paddington and it looks like a fake. Now when we try to contact them, they will not return our calls or emails. Screwed

  • karen

    hi how do i find out if my chloe bag is real.
    i have read all the comments about buying chloe bags from e bay but the seller seemed genuine she also put her address on the parcel. its compleat with tags and serial number .

  • adele
    • Re


  • meaganjayne

    Hello paddington lovers…
    I have a tip for all of you. if you want a paddington, buy it from an authorised site or a boutique. there is no point scoping out whether the one you really want on ebay is fake, because 99.9% of the time…it is.
    I know the bags are very expensive, but what is the point of buying a fake for nearly the same price? Just save up a little extra money and buy a real one.
    i detest fake designer, and dont see why anyone would support the industry.
    well thats my 2 cents.
    hope everyone has a nice day :)

  • Linda

    Does anyone know if vogueland sells authentic Paddy’s or is it really a case of if it’s too good to be true then it usually is!

  • llauz

    hey evry 1 i just got a brown chloe bag and i love it .

  • Louise

    Has any heard of chloe bags in ‘deerskin’? I am interested in one but I have never heard of them in deerskin before is this an indication that it’s a fake?
    Hope somebody can help me!
    Thanks Louise.

  • Louise

    Please help me :)!

  • sameena khan

    I purchased a chloe bag from love5season which claim to be authentic but having read all the comments I am really unsure as to whether I bought the genuine article, can anybody offer any advice? Is love5season authentic?

  • Del

    I’ve been following this website for a while and I can’t believe that some people still don’t understand that if you want a genuine bag it must be bought at net-a-porter.Sorry but its true and Adele FEB 1ST, that bag is unfortunately a fake.

  • Poonam

    I dont buying a ‘good fake’ does anyone where i can get one for a cheap price?

  • kelly

    hey is the bags from fake?

  • blake

    What about for authentic bags? Has anyone bought from them?

  • Cholet

    I am thinking of ordering from Bagaholics, I can only see feedback from one person on here. Has anyone else ordered from them and have any more feedback? Good or bad?

  • michelle

    is designer imports legit

  • michelle

    about to buy the fendi spy pleaseeee someone let me know if the bags are real

  • donna

    Hi, I just stumbled upon this site, I have a Fendi bag that I need information on. I have a “clean out business” and I will start selling things on e-bay. I want to be a responsible seller with an 100% rating. One of the things I obtained is a Fendi bag/bucket type with a wallet inside it. It comes with a very large dustbag, and some yellow fendi price tags with the actual price cut off the bottom. If it is a repro, I would like to list it like that as not to mis-represent the product, but then again, if it is authentic,,,listing it as a “buy it now” for $50.00 will be a great buy for someone and an unhappy ending for me…ANy sites to go on? any helpful information…

  • I have just purchased a Marc Jacobs padded Blake bag from this site and it looks genuine but can anybody help me with confirming this? Is the lining supposed to be plain (as with the Chloe Paddingons)? Is there supposed to be a serial number, if so where? There has been plenty of insinuation that this site sells fake bags, but are all bags fake? If this bag is fake do I have any legal rights in getting my money back?

  • Sorry, the site I am referring to above is

  • linda

    Bagaholics has fake bags my aunt made a purchase for 1200.00.Had it checked in nordstrom fake

  • Nell

    Designers Imports bags are FAKE.

    I have returned mine and am awaiting my money back.

    How do we stop this illegal practice of advertising fake bags as genuine? The BBB will oly do so if they get sufficient complaints. I am from the UK and don’t know US law – any ideas?

  • Tiffany

    I have been successful in finding authentic bags at a huge discount at Saks Distribution Warehouse as well as both in Maryland. You can call them to see their availability. I purchased 3 authentic bags from and 1 from Saks Distribution Warehouse for 50-70% off retail.

  • Sara
  • Lisa

    I went into saks in chicago, and the girl who worked there said I could get the chloe paddington much cheaper at I ordered it, and it looks exactly like the real deal. And since she told me to buy it there, I think they are real.

  • SZQ

    I recently purchased a Chloe Paddington from the website and am very happy with my purchase. It is a beautiful bag that is very accurate. I have checked it against all of the ‘chloe authentication’ checklists and can’t find any discrepancies. Of course it’s not real, but only i know that! :grin: These are all the same bags that designersimports and other such websites are selling for 3 times the amount – I paid $194 for mine with shipping and didn’t have to pay any customs taxes. I am going to order a balenciaga motorcycle bag from them next. :smile:

  • michelle

    are the bags at really authentic?thank you.

    • Re


  • SZQ

    No, Michelle – the bags at aren’t authentic. I have seen the same exact bags at other sites like bagaholics and voguebags for 1/3 of the price. Really if you want an authentic you need to buy it from NAP or neiman marcus(or other dept store). Otherwise you are just paying way too much for a good replica

  • sara

    I’ve bought a bag from Bagadellic – Chloe paddington in red, it is beautiful and LOOKS authentic

    • AtAloss

      hi there

      how long did you bag take to arrive, as i have ordered one and it has been 3 weeks now and still nothing

  • sara

    Hey Everyone…
    Has anyone ever ordered from I know they arent authentic but just wondering about the quality…

    • Cholet

      I ordered a Chloe Paddington from bagaholics and am very happy with my purchase. I know they are fake but the quality of the leather is fabulous, very soft. I paid 200 euro and am entirely satisfied. delivery took nearly three weeks, and they are delivered from China.

  • truffs

    hey i have just sat here and read through this entire thread ***PHEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW*** , well im desperate for a paddington bag i cant afford a real one ( ive 3 kids to feed and i dont think they would find a chloe bag too tasty) ive been searching the net for quite some time and i ordered a paddington bag in a sky blue colour and with shipping has cost me £80 i dont care if all the details are precise i know its fake , its just the style of the bag i like , but seeing all your fake spotting ideas when i get the bag i shall examine it and if its a damn good replica i shall post the address of where i bought it and let you all share the wealth, im not going to post it before i get the bag as i dont want anyone buying one and it being hideous and blaming me- i’ll be the fall guy as all i want is a ‘chloe like’ bag and i’ll be happy either way with my purchase

  • vicky lane

    i love the chloe bags i have a real one i paid 1150 euro for mine in brown thomas and it is worth every cent i am weak for it i was looking for one all the time and couldnt believe it when i saw it in brown thomas i bought it straight away. i have a mock one aswell that i got in new york it looks completely the same but it is just not as nice as the real one

  • Robert

    Chloe paddington and edith

    only £150 – even offer money back guarantee

    • AtAloss


    • Laura

      Hmmmmm too. Poor customer service and the bag was nothing like a chloe paddington. cheap and nasty. im sorry but what a waste of money. i’d rather walk around with a carrier bag!

  • Jenni

    Please someone help me!!!
    My boyfriend but me a Chloe bag from Ebay, its described at Limited Edition Brown Nubuck with the diamante padlock! Did Chloe ever make a suede bag matching this description, the seller insists its authentic!!!

    Thanks, Jenni

  • Steph

    Hi, has anyone used They are certainly very clear that their bags are not genuine but do claim they are excellent replicas. I don’t care if it is real or not but if it’s a good replica and good quality leather I’d be prepared to pay £150. Has anyone used them that can comment on the quality of their bags Chloe bags? Thanks.

  • AtAloss

    i purchased a paddy from Bagadellic well I sent them my money but still have not recieved the bag they are now not answering my emails and there website is down i add all those things up and come to that not only are the bags fake but they seem to be as well.

  • WH

    I bought 2 Chloe paddingtons a couple of weeks ago (black and creme), but when I got them they were fake. Great fakes, but still not what I was paying for. I had asked a hundred questions before I bought them and had the guy send me tons of pics. When I got them they were not the same as the pictures and did not have a serial number in them. He admitted that they were fake and that he lied, but he won’t give me a refund until I send back the bags. I don’t trust him at all to refund after he gets his money.

    So now I need to find someone who wants a good knock-off. I don’t want to try to sell them to anyone that wants a real one. I just want to get some of my money back so I can go buy the real things. If you anyone knows how I can sell these honesty please email me :

  • Kristinguyen

    The is really authentic and brand new ?. I saw one time yahoo web site show it got 5 stars compare with nordstrom and neiman marcus when it’s on sale for good deal. Please help :?:

  • betty

    I think i got scammmm..
    i bought a bag from ebay. chloe paddington (small one) i’ve got the reciept and everything but…it doesnt have a serial number attached stitched inside the zip pocket. should all authentic chloe bags have that?

    im gona cry….it was almost400dollars

    can someone explain this please

  • smokey145

    What would people say the market is like for replica chloe bags? are they much in demand?

  • smokey145

    :neutral: anyone?

  • Lisa

    Bought a Cream Chloe Paddington Bag from Bagadellic. It took about 2 weeks to arrive but it looks like the real thing.

  • Nora

    Hi, i used I had to wait nearly 3 weeks because the bag i wanted was out of stock but it was well worth the wait. I can beleive how authenitc the bag looks. Worth every penny :o)

    • kim

      Hi, is the bag nice as I have just ordered one still waiting after 10 days

      have you any pics of yours


  • Gigi

    Hi everyone, please help me with this chloe paddington query!…can anyone tell me if the embossed ‘chloe’ on the side of the key should be on the left or right side??

  • Sharon Farnworth

    Bought a Chloe Paddington Camel Bag from
    Originally I got no receipt for my purchase and became very worried as to where my money had gone because i had not heard anything for 2 days.
    I then got an email confirming the order and delivery.
    The bag then arrived only 2 days later. I have bought off a few sites before – however i found this very fast delivery?

    Anyway the Paddington Bag was exactly as described and shown, I knew it was a fake (stated all over their site), but i bet you couldn’t tell.

  • Diandian Xiao

    ahh I’m like 15 so I cannot afford the real deal…but the best place to get them is not neiman,saks BUT They have better selection in my seems dislike the neiman bags and have exclusive chloe boutique for all your fashion needs…and they are definitely real because they are/were linked from the official website

  • Diandian Xiao

    please excuse my typos…im a bit tired

  • Mericor

    Please people. if you want the real deal and dont want to spend time trying to find out if it’s fake or genuine, why not just buy from the authorised dealers? Im sure the chloe website has links to authorised resellers. net-a-porter sells the real deal. just save up the cash and buy it from there. you might be lucky to find it on sale! if you cannot afford it, please by all means buy off ebay or those other dodgy bag websites, plus please do not whinge that what you got is a fake. of course it’s a fake. do you honestly think you can get a real genuine designer bag which retails for thousands of $ for a few hundred $? it’s common sense. of course you can’t. you get what you pay for!

  • Jemma Newell

    IF you want a bag that isn’t going to cost you £1,000’s go to bagadellic. They got all types of Chloe bags and at great price too. I bought the edith bag off there and I’m going to buy the paddington next month when i can afford it xx

  • Katja

    Can you please help me, I want to know if bags on are authentic?
    Hoping for an answer.
    Best Regards

  • Sarah

    does anyone know what colour the lining should be in a black paddington?

  • Re


  • Laura

    Any news on if sells the real deal or not?

  • Kin

    has chloe come up with paddingtons with diamond studded locks? i saw one in a picture n i loved it but before purchasing one i wanted to know if the brand has actually come up with these studded padlocks? plz help…

  • BagLady

    DO NOT buy bags from bagaholics. They sell imitation bags, but the quality is not worth 200 bucks. It is not even real leather. Don’t believe the photos either. The product sucks. I just got a bag from there and it is really bad. They dont even have a return address. They suck. DONT BUY from there! :evil:

    • Del

      do not agree, they are vey good

  • Laura

    You could always to to New York.
    A friend of mine was there for a weekend and got a really good bag on Canal Street for $15.00.

    I know it was a fake but the bag was a really good deal for $15.00

    Just a thought for those of you who don’t mind if it is not the real thing but looks okay

  • jun

    Thanks.. can i not pay even though i bid on it? I guess i bid without even thinking.. then only realise it might be fake.. I love that design.. but i dun like replica.. can anyone suggest a place where i can buy a similar bag.. i much prefer designer inspired bag than a replica.. Thanks a lot..

  • jun

    Hey Megs,

    can u please tell me how to tell a real and a fake one.. Thanks.. because the seller claims that it’s real.. i’m going to reply her saying that i know it’s a fake one and i doesn’t want it.. but i’ve to give her evidence for that.. thanks..

  • shazza

    Luxury items perpetuate the whole “I am better than you” exclusive tag club. Wonder? who is ripping who off? Maybe the fake makers are getting their own back on the fat cats that pay a pittance for the labour that makes their 1,000 dollar leather vessels stamped with some obscure label. Its a crime to dupe consumers into believing a bag will make them happy. Pity people who can’t really afford to be in the club and clock up huge debts – why not buy a fake and get a piece of the action. Why should nice things only be available to a chosen priveleged few.

    You are buying a myth.
    The world is sick with consumerism.


    • Another Fad

      Because they FALL APART! Wake up! You have to pay for quality! You have to pay for designer label items! You get put in prison for ripping off people who are being told they’re buying the real thing and designers who take years to build their designs! Are you really so naive that you think those who produce fakes pay their workers more and actually offer them a better way of life…MAN ARE U DUMB! And it’s not consumerism…it’s called CAPITALISM! Don’t like it…go live in a Communist country, like Cuba or China…see if you’re happier there!

  • Adrienne

    I’m tempted to buy a Chloe Paddington from but not sure whether it’s the real deal. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks :smile:

  • Kate

    Does anyone know anything about They seem to be selling authentic Paddingtons for $400. Thanks!

  • zoey parr

    I’ve just bought a chloe bag off They had an offer on which gave a free purse. They are replicas, but it states that in the description. The quality is very good, not like the bad ones on ebay

  • Miks07_lim

    can you please check this one if this fake?

  • Miks07_lim    

    check this bag if its fake

  • Is there a certain way I should be storing the Paddington in order to preserve it and retain its shape?

  • nix

    8 years later and I still find this bag hideous.