chloe nancy clutch
Chloe Nancy Clutch

Ok, so maybe you are quite tired of hearing about how my traveling has taken a toll on me. Because really, I am lucky to get to travel so often and to so many amazing places. But really, I am beat! At least I slept until a quite normal hour EST today and I feel like I will get back on track sooner this trip than the last. What I realized in Spain was the lack of women who carried clutches. We went out at night a bit, and still, no clutches. Style is different around the globe, but women you all need to realize how great a clutch can be! Chloe bags are actually quite a hit in many European countries, including Germany where I travel to often, but I did not see many in Spain. The color theme of what many people wear is dark; blacks, grays, browns. So really, I totally looked like a tourist with my yellow pants on day number 1. If you want dark, you can have it, but you must have at least one great clutch in your collection, it is imperative! Ever since I saw the Chloe Nancy Clutch I have had a crush on it. The black glossy leather is perfectly paired with the gold hardware on this fold-over-clutch with perspex handles. There is that modern touch paired with the simplistic everyday design. The inside is lined with nude leather (YA Chloe for not lining this with the usual fabric!) and sports an internal pocket. This is a ubiquitous versatile clutch. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,405.

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  • pjh

    Chloe bags continue to not impress me. I have not been a fan of Chloe bags since the Paddington essentially defined the it bag. Since then, to cash in on the market’s direction they have put out a bunch of bags that are shapeless and temporary. In two years, will this clutch be anything more than a past trend? Like pogs? Furbies?

  • Cat

    Welcome back! :grin:

  • mette

    I have this same disgust about Chloe bags as the first commentator. IMO this bag looks really worn out for starters. Wouldn´t take it even handed me free.

    • mcmm04

      give me a break ‘mette’. i’m so sure that you would not take this bag if someone handed it to you for free. its a beautiful bag, and actually quite unique

  • suzana

    The problem with Chloe bags is that when the Paddington came out it was quite hard to get. Then Chloe made the bag easy to get. After that they made so many hideous versions of the Paddington and disastrous wannabe the next it bags, it made me keep my Paddington and Edith bag stored in a closet never to be used agian.

  • savvy gal @ savvymode

    There is one similar by Michael Kor for half the price but I do like this clutch though…

  • Maria

    I like this clutch.
    I am not a big fan of the paddington, although i use my baby paddy when i go out.
    It is important to bear in mind that Chloe’s bags are made of extremely good leather, are quite sturdy and good quality for money. Some of the newer designs, like the Heloise, are TDF.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice – like it! (fb)