Chloe Large Edith Satchel

Last night was a semi-electric scare for me. Most of the world is experiencing this unbelievable heat wave and I went to an apartment that was 95 degrees with no electric last night. First I wanted to cry, then I chilled out a bit and sat there looking at my toes and realizing I needed a pedicure, and 4 hours later the power was back on. YAY! This ordeal warrants a new bag (so kidding, but that would be nice).

Chloe has been striking gold in the world on handbags, first with the Paddington then with the Edith. The next version on the block is the Chloe Large Edith Satchel. This version of the Edith is a satchel style in lush chamois leather. Silver metal hardware and top handles finishing off the main additions to this beauty. My favorite parts are the drawstring gussets, the slouchy and roomy shape, and the thick tonal topstitching. Other features are the already known side buckled details, leather tassel pull tab, and a front buckled strap. Overall this beauty measures 7 1/2″H x 15″W x 7″D. I love it. Available via Saks for $1430.

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  • Gail in DC

    I just threw up in my mouth after seeing the Target knock off of this glorious bag. I can see masses of girls trading in their fake Louis’s for this and wearing it with Abercrombie logo tees, grommeted belts and flip flops. I’m goint to be sick again…

  • Karly

    This is a really cute bag!!.. :-) two thumbs up

  • Kristin

    Gail–Who cares if girls have fake designer bags? Did it ever occur to you that not everyone can afford $1000 for a freaking BAG? Maybe they just got brains and realized they’d rather pay 25 bucks and have $975 inside the bag! Oh, God, how utterly sickening of them!!!

    Idiot. Get over yourself. I just threw up in my mouth after thinking about what a materialistic, snotty bitch you must be. BAAARFFFF!!!

  • Odie

    Right on Kristin!!!
    I for one would never pay full price for brands other than COACH. Gucci, Louis and the like are all made of viynl with 10 cents worth of real leather on them. Anyone with at least one working brain cell would know better than to pay thousands of dollars for that. It’s a cute bag but im not trying to put some body elses kids through college just to carry it.

  • Rose

    Kristin & Odie – Aside from the fact that fakers STEAL the hard work of the designers (who employ other hard working tax paying citizens), exploit people for 10 cents an hour in sweat shops under disgusting working conditions to put out goods that look like crap so that idiots can purchase them and parade around in something hidious that shows they simply have absolutely no class, fund terrorist organizations and other organized crime….I guess I can see your point. IMO, if you can’t afford it, buy a nicely made no name brand, not a cheap knockoff!

  • Davina

    lol @ kristin :)
    Gail u make me sick too, who do u think you are?
    To Rose – im not even gonna bother cause u make me sick too.
    Now to the bag – i Love it!!

  • Naggy

    Too mediocre for my taste. (ipad)