When I look through the Chloe bags that we have covered on Purse Blog, I re-realize why I like this brand. The bags are funky, edgy, chunky, with a touch of modern. Yes, the leather can be unbelievably heavy, and yes, the bags can be pricey. Yet the urban touch of the bags really draws me in.

And right when I ran into the Chloe Joan Shoulder Bag, I fell in love. The relaxed everyday shape of the Joan gives off a casual feel. This is a bag I could easily see on Blake Lively (can’t wait for Gossip Girls!!). It is not the most memorable bag, or the most innovative, but it gets the job done with a check plus. The tri-colored leather body, grey, green, and black, is held together with a large gold-tone clasp to fasten and studded belt tab around the top. Dimensions are not given on the shoulder strap, but if it were long and could allow ample slouch, I would be all over this bag. Buy through Net A Porter for $1,515.

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  • Graciella

    I loved this bag when I saw it at net-a-porter, but I was rather dissapointed when I saw it irl in the store the other day. It’s not as nice as you would expect – just like many other Chloé bags I’ve seen irl lately, the finishing isn’t all that great (i.e. seams et all are bad quality). I was also very dissapointed by the cyndi and pearl. Too bad really, since the colours are just perfect.

  • I like the pic of it, but I wonder how the shape would look being carried on the shoulder…
    The tri color leather’s beautiful. Love the combo.

  • Too bad to hear Graciella! I would love to see it in person too and see what I think

  • Graciella

    ^usually when I fall for a bag I’ve only seen online it turnes out to be a dissapointment and vice versa. I didn’t like most bags I now own when I first saw them on the internet, but they turned out to be lovely irl. It’s like that 9 out of 10 times with Prada for me. That’s why I really need to go and check out Hermes before I start saving up like mad :mrgreen:

  • lula_bernie

    I like the look of this bag, but in terms of functionality, I think I would have to get a purse organizer to use it or not carry as much as I do normally.

    I also love that greys are back for fall in accessories. A few years ago, I could not find a grey handbag I liked to save my life!

  • Oliana

    It looks very similar to Victor & Rolfe’s “I am fine” bag. It is worth checking it out and see how similar the two models are. One wonders who copied whom…

  • Melissa

    I really don’t like this bag and I don’t want to go and see it in a store… My mind is not going to change : I’m sure. In one word : no creativity, no fun! :mrgreen: Wake up Chloé ! Please!

  • madd4bagz

    I saw the bag in two different colors a few months ago and was surprised that it was on the floor. I have a couple of Chloe bags and for the most part, there are some that I like better than others, however this one should go straight to the clearance rack in hopes that someone who wants it bad enough will purchase it. I can honestly say that the pictures give it more justice than in person…

  • cheynee

    ive seen the said bag in takashimaya singapore and i just love it, the only problem is its bag’s weight, its quite heavy, but design wise, its really edgy. im thinking of buying one.

  • Kimberley

    I just got this bag for Christmas in the cream-tan-grey combo and I love it! It looks great with a suit and there’s a sneaky compartment where the zip is making it very practical when you’re running around town. Not the most beautiful bag I’ve ever laid eyes on but it’s found a special place amongst my collection!

  • Mila

    I really love this style of shoulder bag. If I have money I will purchase one.I just couldn’t justify why I have to pay to this price.The color is gorgoeous.

  • Leila

    The leather on this bag is ultra smooth and so soft. You can still find it in the Honey color (Honey at the top, beige in the middle and taupe at the bottom) for less than half retail at the Chloe outlet store, at Woodbury Common.

  • Adrienne Zedella

    not crazy about this (fb)