Chloe Heloise Small HoboI’m not sure about the Chloe Heloise Small Hobo. Like, I’m just really, really not sure. Let’s hash it out: the braiding on the handle is, in my opinion, genius. The thick braiding gives the bag heft while still retaining a sort of girlishness, like a thick elementary-school plait. I also can’t get enough of the tiny, tiny pocket on the front of the hobo. What is it for? A penny, à la penny loafers? I don’t know, but the fact is, it is there. And some haters will say it serves no purpose and therefore it’s stupid to have there, but I think it’s cute.

Now, on the bad side: there’s something off about the flaps (pleats?) on the front of the hobo, and the bottom of the bag also has flaps that make it look too heavy. Also, the cream and blue color options are just not quite right- it’s like Chloe was a shade off. Even though I like a few details, the fact that the color and overall shape are wrong just makes the whole bag seem icky. Next time, Chloe, keep the good deets but get your colors right. Buy through Saks for $995.

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  • Mandy

    I am not a fan of this bag, but wanted to comment on the tiny pockets thing specifically. Having always been a pockets lover, I am suddenl obsessed with the proliferation of tiny pockets on bags. I love the MJ Softy Tobo’s little pocket. I love this little pocket! I have no idea why, but I’ll find something to put in there!

  • Kimberley

    I actually love the neutral color and the pleated handle. This shape by any designer is usually quite dull, but I think the pocket is gorgeous. Just like this season’s oversized modal tees with tiny pockets you would never fit anything in. They should have left the heavier middle pleat out, and just had a row of softer, subtle pleats for balance. Love the price point for Chloe.

  • Julie

    Trying a bit too hard to NOT look like Miu Miu coffer in my opinion.

  • Rashida

    The purse’s handle is cute but the rest of the bad is lacking really ugly the pockets don’t make sense.. The puse is really dull and not worth the money.

  • BongoBing

    I love the purses handle, but not the overall look. I really don’t like the shape. I prefer to buy purses online, but only when I do extensive product research on many different search engines and websites.

  • elizabeth

    oh my goodness i love this bag it is absolutly beautiful and somthing you could wear everyday.


  • Shivadiva

    I loooove this small Heloise – and the dust colour is tdf :o)

  • Melanie

    I love this bag. I saw someone the other day wearing it at Nordstrom. It is fab! Very girlish, light and feminine. A departure from the chunky heaviness of the other Heloise bags. This color is great too. Definitely an everyday bag!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    nice (fb)

  • debheem

    I love this bag – have been lusting over it for a year, they finally came out with it in Mocha!