The heat wave is making its way across the US and everyone continuing to bring out their summer whites. A white hot Chanel summer is the most fashionable way to integrate white. From a white J12 Watch, to Limited Edition white nail polish, to the highly loved and respected Chanel 2.55 in white patent, Chanel is bringing you every white hot item your heart desires. A white 2.55 is a dream for me, but I am rocking a white Hermes Kelly Longue this summer.

What white hot accessories are you carrying or wanting this summer?

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  • Sara

    I adore the white 2.55!!!!

  • Alana

    So jealous of your Hermes bag! I’ve been wearing white jeans for summer

  • 19yearslater

    Sorry, but I can’t imagine spending Chanel-worthy amount of money on a 2.55 that has the handle on the wrong side.

  • michaelstjames

    love the J12 watch and the 2.55, but i don’t wear white!

  • monica

    I tried to buy a white caviar bag in spring but my SA advised me against it since it is so not practical she said they get dirt too fast not worth 2695.oo. Best bet is black. Plus summer is only another month then comes fall might as well buy black or red.

  • Adam

    I use to not be that much into chanel but I am liking some of their pieces. sunglasses are cute but i think i would tire easy of them. Love the makeup. I am going to have to get my hands on that white nail colour. I always wnated to know why they call it nail colour instead of polish?

  • Merve

    I would really love a chanel white handbag, so far i make do with a white balenciaga city, but since im quite overprotective of my chanel bags if i get a white one i might just watch it sitting in my cupboard. Once I asked a girlfriend why she owned sooo many pairs of heels/wedges etc when she rarely wore high heels and she replied that she liked knowing she owned them and knowing that they were all sat nicely in her cupboard in their boxes. So on that note i might buy one and be happy in the knowledge that i have it.

  • mette

    Chanel make-ups are lovely, the colors especially. Oh, I´d wish to have a suit by Chanel. Btw, took a look to the link referred, and am so amused by the trio of the 2 B´s and E.L. They do indeed look funny, no wonder they were pictured all the time. I just can´t get over my dislike of Posh with her head down, bad posture all the time. Sorry.

  • Jahpson

    LMAO @ 19yearslater

    I agree.

    I have the white jumbo in caviar that I ahve been rocking all summer. love love love it!


    Love this white hot chanel ceramic watch

  • Hien

    I believe most people are scared to purchase a white bag because they’re scared of getting it dirty. But I’m sure if anyone were to spend that amounts on a Chanel bag you would pay close attention to it and keep it clean! Plus it would be a waste just to have it sitting in its dust bag right? I own a white 2.55 in caviar with gold hardware. I absolutely love it and not only do I rock mine in the summer but occasionally I would also rock it throughout the year. LOVE IT!

  • Adrienne Zedella

    just checking things out (fb)

  • sharmistha

    Love the white 2.55…flauting a pair of white mules this summer….its comfy and chic.

  • ChanelAngel

    Can anyone that owns a white Chanel Lambskin- did your white bags get dirty within say the 1st 6 months or so? I’m contemplating a white with silver hardware but I’m so scared it’d get stains on it. I’ve already got a black & blue Vintage Chanel.