Vintage ChanelDear ShopBop,

Please continue tempting us with Vintage Chanel pieces. Despite the fact that we have placed ourselves on a self-inflicted shopping ban, our fingers are miraculously attempting to click on the add to cart button, though someone continues to beat us to it. Some other savvy shopper on the internet has fingers faster than ours and continues to out-click us to a glorious Vintage Chanel Bag.

We, along with many of our readers, would like to ask that you continue to replenish your Chanel collection on ShopBop. Even if we can not afford vintage Chanel bags, at least we can oogle them.

♥ The Purse Blog Team

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  • zaali

    Yes Megs- Very well written “lettre d’amour”… Would love to oogle them all the time…

  • zaali

    Have u checked…They have vintage Chanel bags too…I oogle and oogle but cannot buy right now…:( sniff sniff…

  • Alana

    Love it!!!

  • Lil Nhi

    Does the malleries site sell the true authentic chanel?

  • Merve

    Guys the best place to get vintage chanel bags suits and jewellry is in an actual shop in Paris. The stuff they have is amazing however no site. Im on the look out for it and will post if they decide to go online.

  • zaali

    Merve…Wow…What is its name? …There are a few vintage stores on Rue de la Pompe in Paris where they sell runway and vintage designer accessories…Is it that one?

  • Bagloveralways

    Yes…more vintage chanel pls!!!

  • Merve

    Hey Zaali, Vintage Chanel shop is in Marche Opus or 89-101 Rue de la Pompe like u said. My mum bought amazing belts and jackets from Opus.

  • d_deleon

    It’s great that they have vintage chanel on shopbop, but they go so quick!! darn :(
    Thanks for the post!

  • automated slim

    please educate me – what year is the starting point for a bag to be considered Vintage?


  • Alice

    I’m not sure really, i would like to know this too. I think its when the bag is no longer available in shops? I bought a bag online and in their catagories it states Aug 09 bags so they are only a month old… take a look:

    or…. maybe Vintage are secondhand? not sure :(

  • Joyce

    vintage chanel = <3 (fb)

  • Adrienne Zedella

    here i am (fb)

  • Cally

    Love vintage?
    Love Chanel?