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  • I’m a Dior girl but there’s something about the reissue that I like!

  • Samantha

    why are the fabric bags so expensive? Seems way over priced for the material used.

  • The minaudieres are beautiful. I also quite like the camera bag in oxblood.

  • TexasST

    I love the Bavarian theme!! Sad to say but much better than the Dallas-Paris items and I am a Texan that wanted to love them.

  • Veit Bui

    omg that braided top handle boy bag. TO DIE FOR. so beautiful it hurts.

  • AAAA

    I can’t believe they are doing those Girl bags again. Ick.

  • Manolos21

    I’ve been on a serious Chanel kick lately (I may or may not have purchased two jumbos, a reissue, and a WOC in the last two months)… but every time I see that Girl Bag, I want to cry, and not out of joy. :)

    • shopper

      When I see that bag I wonder, “has anyone actually BOUGHT one??!”
      Way too silly.

  • Stephanie

    Over $3,000 for felt and fabric bags?? LOLOLOL

    • shopper

      Totally!!!! I predict record profits this year!!!

      • Leah

        Tu es optimiste!…..hahahahaha

    • geenak

      It isn’t like leather really costs that much. The felt is probably costs more.

    • Jackie Lever


  • Cara M

    The price on the fabric bags, I mean… Absurd.

  • shueaddict

    #19 ‘the felt girl ‘ is a rather unfortunate name for a rather unfortunate bag.

  • Unapologetic

    Not really impressed at all. Those LV Artsy top handle bags I would walk down the runway…….straight to a dumpster. I thought it was funky on the LV. Reminds me of those woven African baskets from the farmers market.

  • Jennifer

    Slide 32… the small Alligator bag…is that a new take on the PTT?

  • et

    the felt bags look like sophisticated elementary school art projects……

  • Newyorking

    Overpriced. What is innovative about these bags? Nothing other than the double C’s that people pay premium for. Same styles, dull colors, even the embroidery is not that great. Why do people like Chanel so much?

  • Sofia

    Pretty bags, ridiculous prices. I wonder how high Chanel prices will go before people stop buying.

    • Maya


    • Mary

      Yes! Of course! The way jobs go down in France right now….

    • Jerri R

      Now LV has caught on about the price-raising game. They are dead-set on making them unaffordable for the working class people.

  • chanel wool 2.55 flap bag $3800 price is high

    http://www.dobesthb.com more price and handbags

  • seres

    No 32: the Chanel Small Alligator Shopping bag is to die for.
    …The price would probably do it :)

  • I am a Chanel devotee and I tend to find everything they make beautiful. The girl bag though? NO! And I have to say that I would not pay 3 or 4K $ for a felt bag! NO.
    Let us wait for the Fall 2015 collection and see.

  • Carriek

    It’s crazy to spend 3 grands on a bag that’s made with fabric…I think chanel just drove me crazy lol

  • Immodest Goddess

    The only thing I have to say is that I feel personally insulted that atrociously designed bag is labelled “girl”.

  • Cali Collector

    This may be one of the sadest collections from Chanel I’ve ever seen. Most look like craft projects and that girl bag needs to go away and never come back. The only ones worth mentioning are the uber expensive ones like the lizard boy. Come on Chanel.. You’re CHANEL!!

  • theresa

    These prices are insane and only for the wealthy who don’t blink at the price tags because it does not impact them at all…INSANE!

  • Chanel addict

    I already bought the green in size small from Neiman Abt a month ago #21 ! The picture here doesn’t do the bag justice .. It is so pretty in person, dark green with green calf hair ! Beautiful, couldn’t resist it ! I’m curious hw the red looks in person as well

    • Wilma

      #21 is a beautiful bag–good choice.

      • Chanel addict

        Thank you ! It is the unique dark green that one can’t resist + it’s a boy bag :)

  • Imgoingbroke

    I’m crazy about Chanel and I purchase frequently, but I just can’t bring myself to like the boy bags, I don’t know what it is, but I’m not digging them. I love the alligator flap bag though.

  • Joyll

    Hmmmmm my faves are the quilted girl bag & the suede backpacks! I might actually get that backpack as a good one lasts for years. Also loving the top handle boy bags as well as the blue shopper tote! There’s a lot to love but I understand with the artsy designs being more of an individualised or acquired taste so I get it….

    • Wilma

      Backpacks remind me of the rucksacks my mother used as a child in Austria

  • Scottsdale Kim

    Whenever I see a collection like this I think of people buying to have the latest and greatest to in turn place in the “what was I thinking pile” to be dropped off for consignment a couple of years later.

  • Wilma

    The embroidered felt bags exude so much individuality and fun! I especially like #15–the Austrian themed bag–it is just delightful.
    The shape of the Boy Bag adds interesting masculine muscle to the classic flap and it lends itself well to the Teutonic theme of this collection. In my mind, #39 is brilliant; the combination of materials and color equals a bag that says “Boy Meets Alps”

  • adguru

    Yodelayhee..hoo boy, what are they thinking?!?! And why won’t that Girl bag go away? But loving the new backpack, camera bag and flap bag… and that lizard Boy and camera style are stunning.

    Stickin’ with my classics though…. When Chanel starts to be gimmicky instead of elegant it loses the ethos of the brand IMHO

  • BagHag57

    I burst into a big smile when I scrolled down and saw the suede lederhosen backpack!! Kinda brilliant; fun, but understated without cuckoo-clocks and edelweiss pinned on an overly embroidered quilted felt thing…I’d buy that backpack and start yodeling down 5th Avenue without a qualm!

  • Dwightinha

    Never thought I’d find a Chanel bag unattractive, but none of these “moved” me. The prices are extreme for felt and fabric.

  • Karen Arakelian

    good to see hand done work on a lot of the bags especially the vanity bag — felting is beautiful

  • snowwhitecandy

    These bags look so awful! I scroll in disgust, wondering why I used to be such a fan of the brand in the past! I still am, but only buy classic & classy pieces. *shudder*

  • Vicky

    I like some of the felt flap, but I hate the price.

  • jesse

    blue felt bag with charms goes for $10k saw it at nordstroms

  • jesse

    theirs a bigger boy bag with top handle 12x10x4 that goes for $6,400.

  • Jerri R

    I like how some of them do not have the prominent in-your-face logos.

  • Anna

    Hello I found this bag online I don’t know if it is fake or not.
    Could you please help me?